HIllary Has No Intention of Appointing a Progressive to the Supreme Court


The establishment cannot control Bernie or Trump. They have hooks in neither. They cannot rely on either to play their games or follow the standard script. As Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, the establishment is circling the wagons around Hillary.

They bought-and-paid-for her and now hope to elect her.

To frighten the uninformed, the establishment propaganda machine is in full operation, attempting to convince the gullible that Trump is some kind of 1930’s fascist.Their desperation is matched only by the absurdity of their claims.

As for fascism, we already live in a fascist state. Fascism is the merger of corporate and government power, not blowhard rhetoric and hobnail boots.

The threat that Trump would be worse than Hillary is establishment propaganda. They are terrified of a Trump presidency as they are of a Sanders one. Neither will take their orders or be counted upon to act in their interests.

Neither is for sale.

Both are left of Hillary on trade, military interventionism, imperial neo-con foreign policy, and corporate welfare.

Hillary panders to various constituencies with rhetoric that sounds progressive and enlightened. She parrots Bernie Sanders on income inequality, on Wall Street reform, on reform of the criminal justice system, on education.

But she doesn’t mean a bit of it.

Hillary is beholden to Big Pharma and the insurance industry, so she opposes universal healthcare.

She is beholden to Wall Street banks and investment firms, so she vacillates on Wall Street reform.

She is bought-and-paid for by the private prison industry and corrections unions, so she opposes ending the War on Drugs, legalizing pot, and banning private prisons.

The establishment talking points now are aimed at worrying voters that Trump will appoint right wing justices to the Supreme Court.

Voters should be much more concerned with whom Hillary would appoint.

Even our current president, who is significantly more liberal than is Hillary, has not made progressive appointments to the Supreme Court. His latest is a right of center Republican. Hillary’s can be expected to be no better.

While Hillary holds herself out to be some kind of progressive, her actual political agenda closely parallels W and Dick Cheney. She has demonstrated her support of neo-con foreign policy, military interventionism, trade agreements, and opposition to universal healthcare.

Given that Trump’s positions on each of these issues is much more progressive than is Hillary’s, it is logical to presume that his Supreme Court appointments would reflect his views, and that any appointments would be more progressive than Hillary’s would be.

And certainly no worse.




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