Liberal Idiots Who Think Trump is a Fascist


Many liberals check their minds at the door when anyone yells “Fascist.” Such knee jerk reactions are typical of rednecks and right wingnuts, who typically need only hear “socialism” to bring them into lock-step opposition to the most benign social program or safety net.

But the Pavlovian response seems in full bloom with the more intellectually challenged of our Democratic brothers and sisters,

Most people couldn’t define fascism if you handed them an encyclopedia. According to that well known fascist, Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator, fascism is the merger of corporate and government power. By Mussolini’s standard, America is already a fascist state. The less than informed seem to think fascism is blowhard rhetoric and stiff-arm salutes.

Most who oppose Trump haven’t a clue as to his actual positions on anything. Most opinions about Trump have been carefully crafted by media talking heads and political pundits. Ironically, the very same talking heads and pollsters without clue one as to how or why Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee. To be fair, they were equally clueless about Bernie Sanders.

The very same people who decry Trump’s message on illegal immigration are seemingly content with Obama deporting more undocumented people than any president in history.

Those who are up in arms over Trump’s politically incorrect comments about Muslims, seem oblivious to the fact that both Hillary and Obama have actually murdered Muslims.

The political establishment is thrilled that liberals can be as stupid as conservatives can be. And it serves the establishment’s interests to defeat Donald Trump. They cannot control him. They have no hook in him.

So they are circling the wagons around the candidate they can control and in whom they have very deep hooks: Hillary Clinton.

And they are counting on the liberal automatons to keep yelling ”Fascist!”



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10 thoughts on “Liberal Idiots Who Think Trump is a Fascist

  1. Bernie Sanders is an INFINITELY greater “danger to the world” that Donald Trump. WTF, does anyone study Human History anymore? Drop the marxist BS and get a clue. Trump is the ONLY candidate who even acknowledging the globalist plan and speaking against it.


    • What is marxism and what marxist positions or marxist analysis is Sanders putting forward?

      How is Sanders different from FDR?


  2. They also forget that Trump did not suggest banning ALL Muslims FOREVER. Other people are also concerned about the vetting process from Syria, especially after ISIS members confiscated printers and blank passports. Trump did not call ALL Mexicans rapists but did say some criminals were coming over the border.

    People may have valid concerns about immigration, such as more environmental damage from a growing population and possible unemployment problems as jobs are outsourced and workers are insourced. Those concerns are not racist, but some people play the race and hate cards to stir up opposition and protests.


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