Why Bernie Will Support Hillary. Why We Must Vote Trump.


Like many Sanders supporters, I have thrown my heart and soul into his campaign. I have blogged, phone banked, donated, posted, and emailed for Bernie. Quite aside from the time and effort, like most I am emotionally invested in Sanders for president. I am unalterably opposed to Hillary Clinton and am firmly in the Bernie or Bust camp.

All of my comrades in the Bernie or Bust camp are going to be very disappointed if Bernie does not win the Democratic nomination. Many are going to be disappointed in Bernie when he supports Hillary if she is the nominee. Most would rather see Bernie run as an independent in November if he doesn’t win the nomination in Philadelphia. Many have pledged to write-in Sanders even if he supports Clinton.

We all need to get on the same page.

First, we all need to understand exactly what is going on and why.

Bernie entered the Democratic primaries pledged to support whomever won the nomination. There was little likelihood that Bernie would be anywhere as successful as he has been. Nor did we expect questionable conduct by the Clinton campaign involving vote irregularities in many states.

Even so, Bernie made a promise.

If Hillary wins the nomination, many, such as yours truly, have implored him to renege on that commitment and to opt for an independent or third party run in the general election against Hillary Clinton. It is a safe bet that such a move is not going to happen.

Were I advising Bernie, and aware that his sense of honor and propriety forbade him from going back on his word, I would counsel him to use his considerable leverage to accomplish several goals which would work to help our political revolution.

Bernie can insist on major portions of his positions in the primaries be incorporated into the Democratic platform and force Hillary to run on those positions. Bernie can demand a veto on appointments to the DNC and its leadership. And Bernie can demand a role in appointments to fill vacancies to the Supreme Court.

That said, Bernie will be a minor player in the Senate during a Hillary Clinton administration. Bernie will continue organizing the political revolution, but will be in Clinton’s shadow for the duration of her tenure in office.

Quite a different scenario will emerge if Hillary is defeated by Donald Trump. Bernie’s role in the party and as the leader of its progressive wing will be profoundly more important.

Bernie will be the new leader of the party. His firebrand political organizing will be geared to winning the midterm elections in 2018 and in building the progressive control of the party toward the 2020 elections. The political revolution will be alive and well. And Bernie will be in charge.

Trump (or Hillary or Bernie) will fail to get any meaningful or controversial legislation through the divided Congress. The Republicans will continue to hold the House and the Democrats will retake control of the Senate. Whomever is president will be considered a failure and will be very unpopular heading into the 2018 and 2020 elections.

And that fact is critical, because winning control of statehouses in 2018 and 2020 is the key to Control of the House of Representatives through the year 2030.

Congressional districts are reapportioned every ten years, after the taking of the US Census. In 2010 the Republicans successfully won enough statehouses to control reapportionment. Through a process known as gerrymandering, they stacked the deck in their favor, crafting a majority of safe districts for Republicans across the country. The result has been that Republicans have more Members of Congress even though Republicans received fewer total votes than did Democrats.

In 2020 reapportionment will occur again, following the Census. If Democrats do not win back a majority of statehouses, the Republicans will be able to repeat in 2020 what they did in 2010: control the House for another ten years.

If Hillary is elected in 2016, Democrats can kiss the House goodbye until 2030.

Consider: She will be a failed unpopular president because of gridlock in Washington. That gridlock will be even more pronounced than Obama has been experiencing. Her current disapproval ratings will look positively benign compared to the levels to which they will dive once in office.

An unpopular president has almost no down ballot coattails to help state and local Democrats. Republicans will sweep local races as they did in 2010.

Even with the popular incumbent president Barack Obama in 2014, Democrats were unable to win the House. Under Hillary in 2018 we will do much worse. Same with the 2020 campaign, especially if Hillary is seeking re-election. It will be a Republican landslide.

The exact opposite result will occur if Donald Trump is elected in 2016. He, too, would accomplish nothing, and would be even more unpopular than he is currently.

Democrats would sweep in 2018 and in 2020. We would control reapportionment and control the House through 2030.

And most importantly, it would be accomplished under Bernie’s leadership with the revolution proceeding ahead at full speed. Progressives at all levels of government will be elected because of Bernie. Millennials will grow into positions of authority and influence in government, business, and society.

America will fundamentally change!

Defeating Hillary is key to achieving the goal. We need to remove her from control of the party and we need to prevent her from leading the party into oblivion in 2018 and 2020.

To accomplish those two ends, we must not throw away our votes nor stay home in protest. Writing-in Bernie serves no purpose whatsoever, except to assuage our consciences. Unless a write-in candidate declares that he or she is a write-in candidate, votes for that person are not even counted. Voting for Dr Jill Stein of the Greens or Clifford Roberts of the Humane party, or voting Libertarian or Peace and Freedom, etc, will accomplish little. Those parties are irrelevant the day the polls close.

The way to defeat Hillary is to vote for Donald Trump.

For those with reservations about voting for a neocon warmonger who supports military interventionism, regime change, and the bombing of civilians, Trump is a welcome respite. Aside from holding positions significantly more progressive than Hillary on those issues, he is also more progressive on trade, corporate control of government, universal healthcare, and the revolving door between government and industry.

The irony is that Donald Trump will help Bernie Sanders’ political revolution, even if unintentionally.



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29 thoughts on “Why Bernie Will Support Hillary. Why We Must Vote Trump.

  1. I think I follow your logic, however…. The wild-card in this entire scenario are Supreme Court nominations. Not that anyone has a clue whether he will follow through, but Trump’s list of ‘Probably Candidates’ for nomination are truly scary. More importantly, while Trump might only be a 4 year blip on the radar of history, those appointed to the bench will be around for decades, encouraging disasters like Citizens United and Worse.

    How do you account for Supreme Court Nominations, of which the next President is almost guaranteed several?


    • Let’s try to gain some perspective. Progressives would love to see progressives appointed to the Supreme Court. And were we to have any expectations that Hillary would make such appointments, this issue alone would decide the race. But the last three nominations made to the Court by Obama have not been progressive, and Obama is substantially more liberal than is Hillary. Merrick Garland, Obama’s most recent nomination is a right of center Republican.
      On trade there is no appreciable difference between Hillary and George W Bush. On foreign policy there is no appreciable difference between Hillary and Dick Cheney. Under the control of Wall Street Democrats, there is no appreciable difference between the Democratic party and the Republican party on Wall Street control of government, on the revolving door, on corporate welfare.
      Why would progressives expect Hillary to appoint a progressive to the Supreme Court?
      Because she says she’s a progressive? Hillary also says she is a moderate and a centrist.
      Because of her actions? Hillary has been a right of center politician for decades.
      Because we need to believe she is better than Trump? Trump is more progressive than Hillary on a host of issues, including military interventionism, trade, the revolving door, corporate welfare, Wall Street ownership of government.
      The best case scenario under Clinton is we get a corporatist sensitive to social issues. The worst case under Trump is we get a corporatist who is not.
      All that must be weighed against what a Hillary presidency would mean: Four or eight years of the same DNC style attacks on Bernie’s revolution, the loss of reapportionment in 2020, meaning GOP control of the House of Representatives through 2030, and the very high probability that Hillary will shove the TPP down our throats, after some minor changes.
      On the other hand, President Trump will mean that Bernie’s revolution continues unabated. It will mean that Democrats sweep elections in 2018 and 2020, assuring that Republicans are unable to gerrymander reapportionment after the 2020 Census. Democrats will control the House for a decade. The TPP will be rejected out of hand, and Trump will force the renogotiation or outright rejection of every other trade agreement.
      Put into perspective, the choice between Hillary and Trump could not be more clearly defined.


  2. What about SCOTUS? Did you miss the downright terrifying list that Trump released? Sorry, I cannot vote for him, ever, on the basis of that alone. I’ll give credit to your hypothesis that a republican POTUS at the helm would allow legislation to wiggle through; although I’m unconvinced that it will be anything other than regression not “progression.”


    • The only difference between a Trump appointed justice and a Clinton appointed justics is cosmetic i.e. “god? gays? guns?” The underlying corrupt system will remain.


  3. Bernie Sanders is an INFINITELY greater “danger to the world” that Donald Trump. WTF, does anyone study Human History anymore? Drop the marxist BS and get a clue. Trump is the ONLY candidate who even acknowledging the globalist plan and speaking against it.


    • Actually, Trump is much less of a war hawk than is Hillary. Even the New York Times (which endorsed her) said she was far more of a hawk than Trump or Cruz. In fact, Hillary’s position on military interventionism and foreign policy are much more in keeping with those of Dick Cheney than with Barack Obama.


  4. You have a theory – that if you elect a buffoon/tyrannical Republican to office you’ll succeed in moving American politics further left but I think you are mistaken. Of course I’m not going to succeed in convincing you otherwise, but I find it disgusting watching so much desire for anarchy from both parties. When this world goes to shit you’ll be the ones to blame.


    • That is not my theory. My theory is that if Hillary is defeated, Bernie’s revolution will prosper and grow. Further, if Hillary is defeated, Democrats will sweep the elections in 2018 and 2020, ensuring that Democrats will control reapportionment and deny Republicans the opportunity to gerrymander the House again, as they did in 2010. Further, whether Hillary or Trump is president, nothing of consequence or controversy will be enacted. The Republicans will control the House, the Democrats will retake the Senate. It will be gridlock.


  5. The problem is, four years of Trump might be too much for the world to take – although I’m not sure that four years of Clinton would be any better… BOTH are “establishment”, one bought by it, one PART of it, being the puppet master having kicked out the puppet… Trump might do his campaign as a boastful loudmouth, catering to the lowest level with his mostly senseless five-word-sentences and two-syllables-at-most vocabulary, but do you really think he is THAT much of an uneducated village idiot? That man is a SCAM-artist – and a successful one, currently scamming the entire USA! He is PART of the economic forces not hesitating to desolate the entire world for their personal profits.
    In reality, if Clinton – which is very, very likely – will be the “Democrat” candidate, there will be the “choice” between corporate interests and corporate interests, about as “democratic” as those ONE-party “elections” staged in allegedly “communist” systems.
    And the rest of the world only can watch in amazement what became of the “Motherland of Modern Democracy”… and DUCK.


    • I think the political establishment is terrified Trump will win. He will be perfectly happy blowing up their stranglehold on the government, just as he has delighted in crushing them in the Republican primaries. He is far from an idiot. He may be the most instinctively talented political figure in US history. His rhetoric plays to the disenfranchised and the marginalized. He has merely assembled sufficient numbers of them to win the Republican nomination. Clinton’s worst nightmare is a candidate like him who will attack her on everything under the Sun. The establishment has no other course of action than to paint Trump as an unstable madman with fascist leanings who hates women, Hispanics, and Muslims.

      Of the two, Hillary has murdered Muslims, while Trump has just said politically incorrect things about Muslims.


  6. I know for certain that I’m tired of the usual political expediency of candidates promising anything and then selling out and backsliding. I’m sure the Clintons only real interest is in themselves and whoever and whatever furthers their interests and bank accounts. I hope Bernie gets a voice in the platform if he is not the nominee, although that is more of a wish list than a binding statement. He will have little support in the Senate because of his views on socialism. My hope is that he will consider running as an independent, and that the energy he has generated will not dissipate if he loses. But too often enthusiasm for causes wanes as people get discouraged and move on. Will be watching and waiting. At the moment The Donald is looking as if might be a real possibility with all the crowds he is getting.


  7. I am Bernie or Bust. I am not sure I agree with your reasoning, but I do find it fascinating. As soon as Clinton announced her candidacy, I vowed never to vote for her under any circumstances. Her ties to Monsanto alone are damning enough; but the more I learn about her, the more disgusted I become. She has never been for women, unless they are wealthy. All my life I have been exhorted to vote for the Democrat because it would be a disaster if the Repubs won; and it has been. But in my elder years, I refuse to vote for the lesser of 2 evil, because that is still voting FOR evil. I’m done with that. I had planned to either not vote for the fist time in my life, or to vote Green as a protest vote. When Bernie agreed to run, I was ecstatic: here was no evil, but a principled, truly liberal man who reflected MY values.
    Trump is a buffoon. But I have been saying for many months now that I prefer him to Clinton. She is a career politician, with lots of connections, and she knows how to get things done…and I do not like what she gets done! Trump is used to being the boss, and will find himself frustrated when he realizes that he can do almost nothing without the agreement of hundreds of senators and congresspeople. He will be largely ineffectual, and, as you point out, he is more liberal than Clinton! I can’t bring myself to vote for either of them; and polls show that Trump will beat Clinton in a general election.
    doG help us.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I am heartened when I read your words. You are exactly the person to whom I write. You not only understand the problem, but you see the complexity of the solution. If there are enough people like you and me out there, we will defeat Hillary in November
      My analysis would apply regardless of whom is the Republican nominee. Bernie’s political revolution is too important to sacrifice it on the altar of short term political convenience. That we have to endure a Republican for a term is a very cheap price to pay to assure a fundamental change in the Democratic party. When you add the fact that Hillary, if elected, will almost assuredly guarantee that Democrats lose any chance of controlling reapportionment in 2020, and that if elected, Trump will almost assuredly guarantee that Democrats will hold the House of Representatives for a decade, the choice is a compelling one for electing Trump.


    • I will only be voting for pro Bernie Democrats down ballot. I will be voting against any down ballot Wall Street Democrats and Hillary supporters. My goal is to wrest control of the party from the conservative shills that have been running the party for decades.
      That same motivation leads me to vote to defeat Hillary, not merely to throw away my vote in protest. Voting for Trump is not a vote for the lesser of two evils,but is a vote to excise evil from control of the Democratic party.
      I respect Jill Stein of the Greens, just as I respect Clifton Roberts of the Humane party. But a vote for either would be a vote to assuage my conscience, not a strategic one in furtherance of Bernie’s revolution.

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  8. I understand that tRump is the lessor of the evils compared to SHILLary but I am DONE voting lessor of evils.
    I will vote for progress and that certainly is neither of the party’s choices…….Meaning I’ll vote Jill Stein or even write in Bernie. I will ONLY vote for pro-Bernie candidates down ticket. If the dems wanted to fuck with me/us Bernie supporters…….I’ll fuck back!


    • I, too, will only be voting for pro Bernie Democrats down ballot. I will be voting against any down ballot Wall Street Democrats and Hillary supporters. My goal is to wrest control of the party from the conservative shills that have been running the party for decades.
      That same motivation leads me to vote to defeat Hillary, not merely to throw away my vote in protest. Voting for Trump is not avote for the lesser of two evils,but is a vote to excise evil from control of the Democratic party,

      Liked by 1 person

  9. You know I greatly admire your work, but when you write about Trump I feel I’m living through an episode of “The Emperor Has No Clothes.” It’s not his contradictory and inconsistent positions. His dissolute character, his deeply hostile temperament, his lack of a moral compass — it’s out of the question. With your humane values, I can’t understand why you don’t see that this is a very cruel, intemperate person. But then as I say it feels like living through “The Emperor Has No Clothes.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • My analysis would apply regardless of whom is the Republican nominee. Bernie’s political revolution is too important to sacrifice it on the altar of short term political convenience. That we have to endure a Republican for a term is a very cheap price to pay to assure a fundamental change in the Democratic party. When you add the fact that Hillary, if elected, will almost assuredly guarantee that Democrats lose any chance of controlling reapportionment in 2020, and that if elected, Trump will almost assuredly guarantee that Democrats will hold the House of Representatives for a decade, the choice is a compelling one for electing Trump.


      • I understand taking the long view, but your answer rests on many “iffy” assumption on how this would evolve, and 4 years of Trump would be disastrous — too risky (unless we take the Marxist/Hegelian view of destruction as purgation). Guess if Bernie doesn’t make it I’ll have to emigrate — but where?!?


      • Nothing “iffy” about what Hillary will do to Bernie’s revolution if she is president. Nor anything iffy about how disastrously Democrats will do in 2018 if she is in office. Even under Obama, who was very popular in 2014, the Democrats could not win Congress, the Senate, or statehouses across the country. Clinton is a recipe for disaster for Democrats hoping to control reapportionment in 2020. We will have another decade of Republican control of the House.


    • I think we all get the fact that “The Emperor Has No Clothes” but you have to look at the presumptive “Queen” and see the long-term damage she WILL do. I’m just waking up to this, too, but I will hold my nose and vote Trump like all those Clinton supporters will hold their noses and vote for the “Corporate Queen.”


  10. My Republican sister turned Bernie supporter just convinced me of this very thing. She didn’t have all the reasoning, but she is a recent Bernie convert and has a clearer head about him than I do. (I’m all in.) She said that Clinton must be defeated, and that if we can’t vote for Bernie, the next best thing would be to make sure there is no second President Clinton. Thanks for helping me commit to my decision. I wasn’t thinking far enough ahead. We can’t lose all control for more than a decade.

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