If Hillary is Nominated I’m Voting Against Any Democrat Who Supported Her

no way in Hell

Not only will I be voting against Hillary, I will be voting against the hacks who supported her. Against the superdelegates, against the system, against Wall Street, Big Ag, Big Oil, Big Pharma, and the military-industrial complex.

I am not talking about voting against them in the primaries. The primaries will be over by the time the Democrats nominate their candidate. I’m talking about voting against incumbent conservative Democrats in November.

I will only be voting for pro Bernie Democrats down ballot. I will be voting against any down ballot Wall Street Democrats and Hillary supporters. My goal is to wrest control of the party from the conservative shills that have been running the party for decades.

I will not be throwing away my vote in protest. I will be voting and working to elect Donald Trump.

Voting for Trump is not a vote for the lesser of two evils, but is a vote to excise evil from control of the Democratic party.

I respect Jill Stein of the Greens, just as I respect Clifton Roberts of the Humane party. But a vote for either would be a vote to assuage my conscience, not a strategic one in furtherance of Bernie’s revolution.

My analysis would apply regardless of whom is the Republican nominee. Bernie’s political revolution is too important to sacrifice it on the altar of short term political convenience. That we have to endure a Republican for a term is a very cheap price to pay to assure a fundamental change in the Democratic party. When you add the fact that Hillary, if elected, will almost assuredly guarantee that Democrats lose any chance of controlling reapportionment in 2020, and that if elected, Trump will almost assuredly guarantee that Democrats will gain and hold the House of Representatives for a decade, the choice is a compelling one for electing Trump.

On trade there is no appreciable difference between Hillary and George W Bush. On foreign policy there is no appreciable difference between Hillary and Dick Cheney. Under the control of Wall Street Democrats, there is no appreciable difference between the Democratic party and the Republican party.

Time to clean house.



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65 thoughts on “If Hillary is Nominated I’m Voting Against Any Democrat Who Supported Her

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  4. You don’t seem to understand, we the people know now,it’s in our COLLECTIVE faces we will not allow this to continue,f$$k you if you think I will ever back your chosen piece of filth
    I will leave the party(read WE ) ,good luck in November


    • I question the premise that Hillary Clinton’s appointments to the court would be better than those of Donald Trump. Probably the most enlightening decision was just handed down in the case of a former governor of Virginia, whose criminal conviction for accepting bribes was overturned unanimously by the current court. The court reasoned that what the governor did was commonplace in politics, and was therefor acceptable. The outrageous decision was supported by all Clinton and Obama appointees to the court. It does not appear that Hillary Clinton’s appointees would be more progressive than Obama’s, nor can we reasonably infer that Trump’s could be worse.


  5. A little too much too soon. Now is a particularly good time to annihilate the Republican party. If you eliminate the Democrats first then who will take their place. I would love for the Democratic party to become the conservative party because then we could at least have a conversation about REAL progressivism. Your not gonna have this conversation with the vampires that currently inhabit the Republican party. They’d rather sell your children to get tax cuts for billionaires. It’s true that Democrats also uphold the status quo but at least you can reason with them. If you’re truly on the side of progressives you won’t attempt to kill the Democrats before you’ve burried the Republicans.


    • Far from being the ideal candidate for president, Hillary presents the Democratic party with the choice of immediate political gratification or long term political gains. Politicians invested in Hillary are reluctant to admit they might have been wrong. All their political instincts scream that Hillary is a problem, yet they don’t want to risk her wrath if she is the nominee and eventual president.

      For progressives there are two compelling reasons to elect Donald Trump. And one of them should be important to all Democrats, including those who support Hillary.

      The House of Representatives is in Republican hands. It has been since 2010, when Republicans won enough statehouses and legislative chambers across the county to control reapportionment after the 2010 Census. Republicans gerrymandered congressional districts which means they were able to draw district lines in such a way to concentrate huge Democratic majorities in a few districts while giving Republicans majorities in many more districts. So even with more Democrats in a state, there are more congressional districts controlled by Republicans.

      The result? A Republican majority in Congress for ten years! And we cannot undo the damage until 2020.

      To undo the damage, Democrats must win enough governorships and state legislative chambers in 2018 and n 2020 to be able to control reapportionment after the 2020 Census

      And that will be all but impossible if Hillary is elected president. If elected, Hillary will be the most unpopular newly elected president in US history.

      She will face legislative gridlock occasioned by Republican control of the House, even with a likely newly retaken Democratic majority in the Senate.

      She will get nothing of consequence accomplished during her first two years.

      It is highly probable she will be even more unpopular two years into her term than she was when elected.

      Even a highly popular president is at a disadvantage in delivering the vote in midterm elections. In 2014, Barack Obama was enjoying net positive approval numbers, yet Democrats lost seats in the House and Senate, and were swamped in state races across the county.

      In 2018, Hillary will do much worse.

      A similar result can be anticipated in 2020 with an unpopular Hillary Clinton at the top of a national ticket. A popular president has limited coattails, an unpopular one is toxic in down-ballot races.

      Bottom line is that it will be nearly impossible for Democrats to win enough state houses and legislative chambers to control reapportionment in 2020. Republicans will be able to do again what they did in 2010: Gerrymander the House.

      They will control the House for another ten years! Democrats will be shut out until 2030.

      If Trump is elected president, the exact opposite occurs. Trump will be the political pariah, having accomplished nothing in his first two years, faced with the same gridlock that Hillary would have had to face. Democrats will sweep the 2018 elections, carrying state races across the country.

      Democrats in all likelihood will nominate a progressive in 2020, energizing the base as Bernie did this year. They will handily defeat President Trump and carry down-ballot races for governors and state legislators, assuring Democrats of control of reapportionment.

      Every elected Democrat in the country should be terrified of running Hillary Clinton in 2016. That they are not speaks to the mass myopia occasioned by herd mentality.

      Progressives have the prospect of redefining the Democratic party as an equally compelling reason to work for the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

      With Hillary and her Wall Street cronies out of office, the project of rebuilding the party into a progressive one becomes infinitely easier than if we had a President Clinton obstructing Bernie’s revolution and setting the Democratic party’s agenda.

      With President Trump the opposition, progressives will be able to nominate Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson, Russ Feingold, or another member of the democratic wing of the Democratic party in 2020.


      • You for got that when Obama took office, Democrats had control of house for a couple years. Spending was high and they lost it.


      • This is a very interesting analysis and something worth considering. I do not see the prospect of a Clinton Presidency providing the security, the vision for the future, meeting the needs of the general populous that our country so desperately needs. I am sharing this post for feedback, either positive or negative…so that my very astute friends and relatives can put in their “two cents”. This is an an important message for the future of our country and we need to consider it well and look to the consequences.


  6. I will not vote for Clinton. I will vote against anyone who supports her. I have been a Dem all my life. If I can’t vote for Bernie in the general, I will vote Trump against her. He may be an ingnorant moron, but she is evil incarnate. She would do way more harm to our country and planet than he could ever dream of. Trump is an ignorant moron, but she is the epitome of corruption. You cannot scare me or threaten me with Trump. I love Bernie, but even he himself cannot convince me to vote for that cheating, warmongering, scandal ridden liar. I’m done with the corruption in the Democratic Party. If I can’t vote for Bernie, and I’m forced to vote for Trump or her, I’m all in for Trump. End of discussion. Done. Out.


  7. Push back hard and push back fast when you see journalistic bias like this. Let the media know that YOU know when they are LYING to you. Let them know that you refuse to stand idle while this biased form of evil and injustice roams rampant. It’s a simple thing to do. But, it’s also easy to miss.

    You don’t want to miss your moment to stand up and fight back whenever you can even if its something small just like what I just did right here:

    Date: Jun 12, 2016 8:00 AM
    Subject: USA TODAY for Android feedback

    > App Version: 4.0.2
    > OS Version: 4.4.4
    > Device Model: motorola XT1080
    > Please input your feedback here:
    > Change your app to include the fact that HRC is NOT the official nominee. Because, she won’t be. And, you all need to respect or somehow recognize how these kinds of deceptive practices and treasonist. You are boldly and blatantly LYING to the American people (by omission). You are betraying EVERYTHING that relates to “Journalistic Integrity”.
    > You are not doing anything to inform or educate ANYONE by proffering this more sophisticated Cyber propaganda. You’re contributing to an ongoing criminal enterprise designed to rob our nation of its very Democracy via disinformation. People who may not understand that last point might not understand some of the terms or the language. You don’t have that as an excuse!
    > You understand perfectly well what I mean. I know you do. I’m not just being gracious and forgiving. You are smart enough to fully understand what it is you are doing and what I mean when I say you need to stop it. I know that you all are not stupid. But, you expect me to respect you when you treat me like I am.
    > That is not going to fly. And, you ought to know that, too. There are consequences to what you do. You ought to be concerned about what they are. What happens when a news outlet looses credibility, respect and public trust?! What is the valve that you ascribe to your image and reputation?! You are going to answer those questions right now with your response to this issue.
    > If you don’t care about the truth then this message will fall on deaf ears and you will live in denial until your inevitable demise. But, if you are wise. If you receive this in the spirit in which it has been sent. If you give a damn about our country, Democracy, truth or justice AT ALL, you will start work on adjusting this defective online tool IMMEDIATELY. And, stop expecting the American people to continually give you a pass every time your bias stars showing.
    > It’s not a good look.
    > Get it right.
    > Sincerely,
    > Anthony Lewis
    #BernieOrBust #ImNotWithHer #StillSanders
    > Bernie Sanders or Bust.
    > I’m not with her.
    > BTW
    > If you are confused for any reason or in any way about what online tool I’m referring to, here it is.
    > From USA Today
    > USA TODAY’s mobile-first election interactive
    > http://usat.ly/1XaFqfs
    > USA TODAY has always been known for its brilliant use of infographics, charts, and interactives to tell stories and deliver the news. As a pioneer in that space, it is no surprise that the politics and graphics teams collaborated on the Race to the White House in the new USA TODAY electoral vote interactive.The interactive allows users to plot a path to victory for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It gives different scenarios and the amount of electoral votes that would match each scenario. Scenarios include:· You decide· Bernie Bros help Hillary· Trump gets the swings· Trump is right· Hispanics huge for Hillary· Rust Belt rolls for Trump


    • I am Hispanic and I am not voting for Hillary Clinton.My daughter is voting for her first time .She will not voting for Hillary Clinton .My mother a democrat for many years and campaign manager will not be voting for Hillary ether.My family comes from generations of Democrats .They also will not be voting for Clinton.Get it? …so do us a favor and don’t speak for us Hispanics. We are feeling the Bern..he is the only who remember us and shows up when we need help. I am NOT with her. We are NOT with her.

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  8. I Voted for Hillary Clinton!! And I Vote that you & anyone else who has Voted for Donald Trump should just pack their bags & get out of America along with Trump & Sanders & go take over Syria!!!


    • Hillary destablized Syria! She allowed the Syrain rebels access to Saron gas to be used against Syrian civilians.
      If you voted for Hillary, i conclude that you must fall into one of the following categoties.
      1. You are not a liberal and have no interest in liberal positions.
      2. You are a liberal and have not a clue as to Hillary’s positions.
      #. You are a Wall Street hack and are familiar with Hillary’s positions.
      4. You are a complete idiot who forms opinions based upon listening to mainstream media.
      5. You are an employee of for-profit prisons or the military-industrial complex.
      6. You work for Goldman Sachs.
      7. You work for Monsanto.
      8. You are trying to impress some feminist.
      9. You are a member of the Honduran military coup that Hillary supported.
      10. You work for one of the lobbyists who is a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention.


      • Most feminists I know(including myself) do not want Hillary. Ironically, Bernie’s policies are more appealing when it comes to women’s rights anyway. I can’t see a bigger asset to empower women than his health care and education policies. I’d love a female POTUS, but I’d rather have a competent one. Hillary does not fulfill that criterium.


      • Very well said! I count myself a feminist as well, going back to the Equal Rights Amendment. Feminism today seems more a Hillary cult than any meaningful voice for women. The idea behind feminism was to empower women and gain equality, not merely to see a uterus in the White House. Hell, Sarah Palin has one of those!


  9. The underlying premise of this – that a loss by a right-wing Democrat in a presidential election will led to the left-wing takeover of the national party – is so ludicrous it is hard to work up the energy to refute it. Did Gore’s loss lead to one? Did Dukakis’s? No and no. The funders of the Democratic party would hire Harold Ford to the new chairman, blame the loss on DWS’s incompetence and Bernie “dragging Hillary to the left,” and issue an “autopsy” to that effect. This will be dutifully seconded by WaPo, NYT, etc. There has been no single instance of the loss of a centrist moving the party left in the history of the party.

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    • Exactly. You make your own case against your own argument. Dukakis and Gore were moderates. Clinton and Obama, are Conservatives. Bernie is Left. Bernie, represents the Democratic Party most Democrats think they belong to. So Gore losing to Bush is irrelevant. And by the way, let us not forget, he didn’t. Remember? It was stolen. LIke this Primary. AND Bush being elected did force the Democratic Party Left, we just got taken by the talented Mr. Obama. And always threatened with worse, as per usual. McCain Palin? or Obama Biden. Mitt and Ryan, or Obama and Biden. Meanwhile, the entire country is falling apart while the high courts of DC and NY play games with our lives to enrich themelves. Hell yeah, let the toddler wreck the house some more, and rebuild from the debris. I get his point. I just don’t think we need to go there yet. Bernie is still going to win. 2 counties flipped in California yesterday. 2,000,000 more votes to be counted. It ain’t over. #BernieOrBust


    • Ridiculous hyperbole! Of the two, Clinton is the war hawk. Ciinton whose foreign policy is indistinguishable from that of W and Dick Cheney. Clinton who threatens war against Russia and Iran. Clinton who justifies regime change if it benefits US corporate interests. Clinton who has actually killed Muslims (as opposed to having only insulted them, as has Trump).

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    • Because Trump’s policies are more animal friendly than are Hillary’s. Trump opposes trade agreements, which cost the lives of hundreds of millions of animals every year. Hillary supports those same trade agreements, and has said she thought the Trans Pacific Partnership is the “gold standard’ of trade agreements. The TPP will cause the murders of billions of animals annually once in place. Hillary is a disaster for the animals.

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    • The argument against a Trump presidency that resonates most with liberals is the Supreme Court. Liberals are terrified that Trump could make one or more appoints to the Court.
      Progressives would love to see progressives appointed to the Supreme Court. And were we to have any expectations that Hillary would make such appointments, this issue alone would decide the race. But the last three nominations made to the Court by Obama have not been progressive, and Obama is substantially more liberal than is Hillary. Merrick Garland, Obama’s most recent nomination is a right of center Republican.
      On trade there is no appreciable difference between Hillary and George W Bush. On foreign policy there is no appreciable difference between Hillary and Dick Cheney. Under the control of Wall Street Democrats, there is no appreciable difference between the Democratic party and the Republican party on Wall Street control of government, on the revolving door, on corporate welfare.
      Why would progressives expect Hillary to appoint a progressive to the Supreme Court?
      Because she says she’s a progressive? Hillary also says she is a moderate and a centrist.
      Because of her actions? Hillary has been a right of center politician for decades.
      Because we need to believe she is better than Trump? Trump is more progressive than Hillary on a host of issues, including military interventionism, trade, the revolving door, corporate welfare, Wall Street ownership of government.
      The best case scenario under Clinton is we get a corporatist sensitive to social issues. The worst case under Trump is we get a corporatist who is not.
      All that must be weighed against what a Hillary presidency would mean: Four or eight years of the same DNC style attacks on Bernie’s revolution, the loss of reapportionment in 2020, meaning GOP control of the House of Representatives through 2030, and the very high probability that Hillary will shove the TPP down our throats, after some minor changes.
      On the other hand, President Trump will mean that Bernie’s revolution continues unabated. It will mean that Democrats sweep elections in 2018 and 2020, assuring that Republicans are unable to gerrymander reapportionment after the 2020 Census. Democrats will control the House for a decade. The TPP will be rejected out of hand, and Trump will force the renegotiation or outright rejection of every other trade agreement.
      Put into perspective, the choice between Hillary and Trump could not be more clearly defined.
      It is absurd to claim Roe v Wade will be overturned or that LGBT rights will be negated. This is the paranoia drummed up by the establishment. Trump will have to get any nominee past a Democratic Senate. At worst we will get another Scalia, which is where we were earlier this year. As for Citizens United, even if we were to see it overturned, all that would do is to return bribery to 2010 levels. Of much more concern is that Hillary would have 8 years to pack the court with Wall Street lawyers, and that Hillary holding office will prevent Elizabeth Warren or another progressive from being elected in 2020.

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      • This is because so called Liberals in office are so far removed from the economic issues 99% of Americans are dealing with, they are obsessed with the social issues instead. Trumps gonna put a judge on taking away abortion rights and gay rights! ooooooooo! Hillary is going to put corporate friendly judges on the court, judges who will support the rights of corporations to do whatever the hell they want. You think dismantling Glass Steagall was a “mistake’? you think voting for the Bankruptcy Bill was a “mistake”? you think the Telecommunications Act, was a “mistake”? Wake up. The Goldwater Gal and her philandering DixieCrat are Grifters.


  10. Pretty stupid post. There’s no option on the ballot for voting against someone. The closest you can come is to vote for their opponent. So you’re saying you’ll vote for the Tea-bagger Christian gun-loving racist Fascist instead of the Democrat. Sounds to me like you’re a Trump spy and provocateur in the Sanders movement.


    • Not a deep thinker, are you? Nor have you read anything but the headline of the article before scrolling down to demonstrate your ignorance. There are several hundred article here which make the case for supporting Trump over Hillary. None of them have anything to do with supporting any of his outrageous positions. Voting Trump is the only way to excise the evil of Hillary Clinton and her Wall Street cronies from the leadership of the Democratic party.

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  11. I’m on board with everything here except for the voting for Trump part. Could you elaborate on how this will lead to an ousting of Wall Street Democrats from the party? They will still have a lot of control within the party even if Hillary isn’t elected. If you can convince me this is truly the best revolutionary tactic, you have my support.

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    • Wall Street hacks will increase their control of the party hierarchy if Hillary becomes president. With a Wall Street Democrat in the White House, progressives will be shut out of leadership roles in the party, Blue Dog Democrats will enjoy presidential support. anp progressive primary challenger swill be the targets of the administration. We see what will happen playing out right now in the case of the Obama administration coming to the aid of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She is being challenged by progressive Tim Canova. Obama has endorsed her and Joe Biden is raising money for her.

      With Trump as president, Democratic internecine warfare will be minimized, the presidency would not be a factor in party affairs, and progressives would have a level playing field in challenging for the leadership and for election to office. Bernie’s revolution would continue without hindrance from the DNC or from political hacks seeking to curry favor with President Hillary.

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    • There are rationale reasons to vote for Trump that may not be readily apparent.

      My differences with Trump are profound. He is a capitalist, I am a socialist. He is a Christian, I am an atheist. He wants border walls, I want open borders. He wants to limit Muslims entering the country, I want us to offer sanctuary. He wants to end gun free zones, I want the whole country to be a gun free zone.

      I mention these differences to dispel at the outset any thought that I support Trump’s outrageous positions.

      Rather, I support Trump as a vehicle to deliver Bernie revolution to the Democratic party.

      Please see these articles before dismissing my proposal out of hand:

      Democrats will become a progressive party if Hillary is Defeated
      Bernie’s Revolution will Gain More Traction under President Trump than under President Hillary

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      • Just vote for people you agree with – that’s how it works. I’ll NEVER cast a vote for a POS like Trump – or Clinton! #BernieIsPriceless #BernieOrBust


      • I read the article you posted as a link. I agree that a Republican presidency will lead to a surge in Democrats to the polls, but how will this specifically lead to a revolution within the party? You have my support if you can convince me.

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      • Independents. new Democratic voters, and (most importantly) young people, are attracted to Bernie’s message of economic and social justice. Voters under 30 support Sanders by an astonishing 80%. The Democratic party as it currently exists is doomed. The party has already lost to Bernie Sanders. It is only a question of time before Bernie supporters and those who agree with his philosophy become the majority of voters and office holders. The revolution is no longer one of exposing the system and its failures, it is now one of accommodating revolutionary voters into the party and its organizational structures.

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    • If you clearly understand what the writer is saying, voting for trump is the only way to cleanse the Democratic party. I have to agree.

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  12. You are not alone, the assumption that we are just going to go back to the bs that the establishment has become very comfortable shoving down our poor little throats, WRONG! We are done, anyone not supporting the real progressive movement will never get my vote and many I know personally. #BernieorBust means so much more.

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  13. Vicent,
    I agree with every word written in your article.
    With that said, at the appropriate time, if necessary,
    could you guide voters in each state how to identify
    pro-Bernie candidates to cast their ballots for?
    Thanks as always for your insightful and eye-opening article on the realities in our political
    system. You are many great things; not the least of which is a great teacher .
    Barbara Latham

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  14. Vincent, you’ve outlined what I call the Blue state strategy, where a vote for Trump hurts Clinton. Now how about moving on now and also publicizing a second collaborative Red state strategy where a vote for Trump is meaningless — where he’s going to capture electoral votes anyway? In the Red states we can help tamp down Trump’s margins of victory and simultaneously support building up the Green Party as a competitive force in 2018 and beyond. If the Greens can attract 1 in 5 of Bernie’s dispossessed supporters, that will be enough for the Greens to become eligible for full federal campaign financial support — effectively thrusting them into the big leagues of American politics and gaining us all an alternative to another round of bad choices between two evil corporatist shill candidates. Of all of the existing and startup leftist parties, the Greens are closet to achieving escape velocity and breaking through into the majors! They are also the ONE viable alternative vehicle for electing Bernie Sanders in 2016 if denied the Demonic Party nomination because only they have the established ballot access and in-progress ballot access initiatives strategically necessary to elect a leftist presidential candidate this year.

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    • I have been on the winning and losing sides of political campaigns since 1958. I have been a Democratic political strategist for 40 years. I have never voted for a Republican in my life. Nothing about this is being a sore loser. This is about taking back the Democratic party from the Wall Street whores who have controlled it for decades. This is the first time such a strategy promises to work. If it had been possible in the past I’d have done so then.

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