Liberals Mindlessly Buying Establishment Bullshit

thought police

As a liberal, I am embarrassed at how stupid many of my fellow liberals can be. We mock rednecks and right wingnuts for their lack of critical thinking, but many of us are actually even more guilty of leaving our minds with the hat check girl if someone yells “racist” or some equally politically correct epithet.

In fact, we liberals have become programmed to value political correctness over all things. We find it much more reprehensible that Trump says politically incorrect things about Muslims, for example, than that Hillary has actually killed Muslims.

We find politically incorrect rhetoric more damning than crimes against humanity.

We accept the most outrageous allegations against our political opponents if they are couched in our understanding of what is politically incorrect and might be offensive to some group or constituency, without employing even basic critical analysis.

Such a realization should give any intelligent person pause, and require a careful re-evaluation of one’s world-view.

This kind of mindless, knee-jerk reaction can be found on almost any thread on Facebook about Donald Trump.

Trump is certainly not a liberal, and there are all kinds of legitimate criticisms of his positions that can be raised by liberals in condemning policies that Trump would enact if he could.

My differences with Trump are profound, as I presume are those of most on the political left.

Trump is a capitalist. I am a socialist.

Trump is a Christian. I am an atheist.

Trump wants to build the military. I want to deplete the military.

Trump wants to build a border wall. I am for open borders.

Trump wants to ban Muslims. I want to provide sanctuary.

Trump wants to deport illegals. I welcome all to America.

Certainly quite a menu of topics upon which to dwell with critical discussion and analysis.

But what do liberals do? Do they structure logical refutations of his positions? Do they address the underlying concerns of those who support Trump and embrace his positions?

Unfortunately, no.

Instead they attack him as a bigot, a racist, a xenophobe, a misogynist, a fascist. And ignore any substantive criticism.

In doing so, liberals are merely reinforcing the herd instinct that political correctness requires.

Political correctness is shorthand for intellectual masturbation.

The aversion some have to even framing coherent thoughts is particularly evident among those who are asked to evaluate positions that Trump holds which are relatively progressive. For example, Trump opposes trade agreements, supports universal healthcare, opposes lobbyists and the revolving door, wants to audit the Federal Reserve, opposes regime change and military interventionism.

The idea that Trump is actually left of Hillary on a number of important issues causes brain farts among some liberals.

As such is contrary to their pre-programmed view of Trump as a fascist troglodyte, his positions are dismissed or rationalized away.

It is that button we allow to be pushed upon which the establishment so relies.

The powers that be play us like violins.

We buy their bullshit and spray it upon all in our way.

Liberals would be much better served were we to rely on our intellects and reason than on accommodating the political correctness police that we have allowed to inhabit our minds.



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15 thoughts on “Liberals Mindlessly Buying Establishment Bullshit

  1. I appreciate what you wrote. Unfortunately American “liberals” have morphed into neoliberals, and they themselves don’t even know it. Some of the comments demonstrate that perfectly.

    The positions of a progressive, which you espouse, fly in the face of those who blatantly or secretly LIKE being part of an empire, and ok with the fact that they enjoy many privileges at the expense of the lives of others via our war economy. They just don’t admit it, even to themselves.


    • You are absolutely correct. Many liberals who have championed human rights and the expansion of personal freedoms have jettisoned their standards and their reason, and instead are stampeding to blind conformity in fear of Donald Trump and the Parade of Horribles the establishment has created.


  2. Are you insane? That is, of course, a rhetorical question. Lol. You want open borders? To provide sanctuary to Muslims? So, you would like to Invite even more terrorists and criminals to pour into my country, unchecked? People like you are all the same, either misguided, ignorant of our country’s history or just uneducated, period. Like you, I am also an atheist, but that is where the similarities end. My grandfather served in WWII at the Battle of the Bulge, and his younger brother lost his life in Normandy just so cowards like you and the rest of this uninformed entitlement culture can try to throw it all away. I will do everything in my power to prevent that because I want my son to have the sense of security and freedom I have had, for which our predecessors so bravely fought and died, no matter what the cost might be. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “Occasionally the tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants”. Like many other true Americans, we feel that time may be here. I pity you for your naive ideologies and your inability to use logic and reason that would surely force you to realize socialism is NOT happening. It will not work. Tell me how you propose our country would pay for socialism? The government has failed to manage the VA, IRS, Border Security, Social Security, national debt, etc. To give them even more power is absolutely unthinkable and ridiculous. Please…

    Hillary for Prison – Ideology is for idiots.


  3. “Political Correctness” is a way to say “don’t be a jerk”. Do you really believe someone who is as thin-skinned and mercurial and bigoted and misogynist is really going to stick to what he says he’ll do? He has repeatedly called for execution of minorities he just thinks are guilty. Central Park 5 in the 1980’s as an example.


    • The very fact that you brand Trump bigoted and misogynistic are examples of drinking the establishment Kool Aid. True, Trump is thin skinned and has changes positions on a number of issues, but his core issues are unchanged from the day he entered the race. As for calling for executions? WTF? Curious that establishment types do not find it worth discussing that while Trump has insulted Muslims, Hillary has actually killed Muslims.


  4. What does it mean to “welcome all to America”?

    Does this mean a country of 2 billion human residents? and, perhaps, a billion owned canines and felines, because animal ownership is what we do in America! Does this mean further depletion of this country’s resources? Does this mean more asphalt and concrete? Does this mean coming and going as you please?

    Before you talk about welcoming all to America, you might consider the implementation of a universal identification card and the “right” infrastructure to manage people. Yes, people have to be managed. Sometimes I think liberals don’t get that we have to manage ourselves and that an individual’s space and privacy and a community’s borders matter.

    There seems to be this weird idea that socialism would vanquish human corruption. I’m not even sure it would mitigate the current corruption that exists or make life more equitable for all.

    The fact is, we already have open borders. The ubiquity of Mexican flags in this country is evidence of this.


    • Birds fly over them. Animals walk through them. Fish swim under them.
      People kill and die to draw them. Wars are fought to protect or change them.
      Others are put in prison for crossing them.
      They are make-believe. Made up. Not real.
      They really aren’t there.
      They exist only in people’s minds.
      They are borders.


      • A house is a border. Your bedroom is likely flanked by walls–a border! Is your land enclosed? If not, is anything on YOUR property enclosed? Do you expect people to respect your personal physical space? Is territoriality with non-human animals a human construct?

        Do we eradicate from our minds all the names we use to identify where we are because borders don’t exist? There is no state of California. There is no country called the United States of America. There is just this gigantic ball in space where a bunch of species live in chaos because they don’t know the difference between a bird and a fish.

        A name is a border.

        Global unity can be achieved, in spite of borders. We aren’t there yet.


      • I find the concept of national borders to be repugnant. I believe every human being has the same right to be on the planet as everyone else. I think the concept of owning real estate is ludicrous, that someone can own a planet or a part of a planet is ridiculous. Human have created a make-believe world in which we exclude one another, exploit one another, enslave the weak and the defenseless, both humans and animals.


    • You may find the idea of borders repugnant because you choose to. It is as if inherent in the idea of borders, in your mind, is evil. Borders don’t have to be this way. We can re-imagine them. If we were to rid ourselves of borders today, the world would be a mess (yes, it is already a mess), and I suspect violent crimes in some areas would spike incredibly.

      I find the idea of land ownership troublesome. I don’t think of myself as owning the bit of land I presently live on. I am borrowing it, but it seems some of us are borrowing more than we need or more than we are justified in “having.”

      Do particular species choose, for survival, to “own” particular areas of the biosphere? Do particular species live with the perpetual threat of being consumed alive by another species they share habitat with?

      Yes, we are humans; we aren’t like the rest of nature; we’re supposed to behave more rationally and ethically; but it isn’t happening.

      Borders arise because of something deeper in the human animal.


  5. OMG! An honest leftist?

    I DISAGREE with almost every position you hold, except for the dishonesty of political correctness, a tool invented by Commie Rats to subvert societies into collapse. I also support animal WELFARE, especially habitat preservation.

    I did enjoy the read. TY


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