All the Bad Stuff they say will Happen under Trump is already Happening

arrow hillaryFor all practical purposes the political establishment IS the Clinton campaign. All other branches of the establishment have been vanquished by Donald Trump.

Charles Koch, one of the leading advocates of dismantling safety nets, environmental laws, labor unions, is also one of the most prominent establishment figures in the country.

Koch wants to mine, drill, log, hunt, on federal lands and in National Parks. He wants to abolish the EPA, the Department of Education, the Post Office. And his support of Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump signaled the establishment to line up behind her.

The Bushes, Romney, the Republican Super Pacs, Paul Ryan, et al, are now in the Clinton camp, even if they do not admit it publicly.

There is no more Republican establishment. There are still political hacks and incumbent Republican Senators, Members of the House, etc., but they are the political walking dead.

Donald Trump is the Republican party. And he doesn’t need, or want, the politicians he campaigned against.

Pundits assert that his inability to unite the party means that Hillary will be the beneficiary of those disaffected Republicans who oppose Trump. That Hillary will command the political center and handily defeat Trump in November.

That may be true. But the analysis needs to be comprehensive. What the pundits ignore is that the parade of horribles they invoke against Trump is already the reality for many, if not most, Americans.

Trump will lead us into war? We have been at war under Obama longer than under any other president in American history.

Trump will cost American jobs? Trade agreements have closed 60,000 factories and cost Americans almost six million jobs under Bush and Obama.

Trump will deport illegal aliens? Obama has deported more undocumented people than any president in US history.

Trump will ban Muslims coming into the country? Hillary Clinton is responsible for actually killing Muslims. Civilians. Women and children.

Trump is a bigot who will strip rights away from women, LGBTs, blacks and Hispanics? Trump supported gay rights before Hillary ever did. He has no interest in limiting the rights of women, blacks, or Hispanics.

Trump will build a border wall? As popular as building a border wall might be, there is no way Trump could get funding for such a project through a Democratic Senate.

Trump will drive working Americans into poverty? This may be the most ludicrous of Clinton’s claims. Working families are already in poverty thanks to a system which allows businesses like Walmart, McDonald’s, etc, to pay poverty wages and require their employees to seek public assistance to survive.

Hillary Clinton was a Walmart board member who supported the Walton family’s exploitation of workers and manipulation of the welfare system.

The parade of horribles being trotted out by Hillary and her mouthpieces are not frightening people into lock-step obeisance to Clinton. People are not buying the bogeyman argument. Trump doesn’t frighten them. They are more afraid of the banks and the Wall Street interests that support Hillary. The people that caused them to lose their houses, jobs, retirement plans, and college funds for their children.

They are more afraid of the people who support Hillary than they are afraid of Donald Trump.

And when they vote in November, it won’t be for Hillary.



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