Hillary Will Fight Climate Change? Bullshit!


Polar bear walking on pack ice with water pond

Polar bear walking on pack ice with water pond

Donald Trump does not believe climate change is real.

Hillary Clinton knows it is real but won’t do a damn thing about it.

Hillary talks a good game about climate change in hopes of beating Trump in November.

But she will do no more to stop it than will Trump.

It really is very simple.

Even though Hillary Clinton says she is in favor of policies that will slow or reverse global warming, her record and her list of donors say differently.

Clinton supports fracking, an environmentally destructive process for removing natural gas from underground shale deposits that poisons drinking water and can cause earthquakes.

Clinton takes millions from Big Oil and Gas. She also supports so called “clean” coal.

But the biggest cause of global warming and climate change of all is animal agriculture.

Animal agriculture causes more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector. Simply stated, animal agriculture is more destructive to the environment than all of the cars, trucks, buses, railroads, ships, planes, and boats in the entire world, combined!

Hillary is owned by Big Ag, as well as Big Oil. She supports trade agreements, which make animal slaughter more profitable and animal corpses cheaper. Trade agreements encourage and reward the most barbaric animal agricultural and slaughter practices. They make it impossible to ban live exports, require member nations to ban country of origin labeling to prevent consumer boycotts. They override environmental, labor, and anti-cruelty laws, aside from destroying the American middle class, costing millions of American jobs, and closing American businesses in service to multinational corporations.

Hillary Clinton’s disingenuous claims to fighting climate change are mere political quackery.

That her positions on climate change are bogus should be of considerable assistance to Donald Trump. For while people disagree with Trump on the issue, at the least he is not lying to the voters as to his intentions or beliefs.

I do not believe any political solution to slow down or to reverse climate change is possible under capitalism. Capitalism is the primary engine of climate change. And animal agriculture is the biggest part of the problem.

If you are an environmentalist, you cannot logically support someone based on their environmental claims if they support animal agriculture.

In addition to being an environmentalist, I am an animal activist. The strategies I employ and the political goals I set are based upon causing the least harm and suffering to animals and people. Using those standards I am an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders.

Should Sanders lose the nomination, and the political choice becomes one between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I will be working and voting for Trump.

No one who places a priority on animals could logically support Hillary.

I am frequently reminded that Trump’s sons are big game hunters, a particularly heinous and disgusting avocation.

Trump’s sons are serial killers. Trump does not hunt. Unlike, for example, Hillary Clinton, who does.

Hillary is responsible for killing more than just a few animals while hunting. She is responsible for the killings of hundreds of millions of animals every year caused by the trade agreements she supports.

Hillary not only supports those agreements, she helped write them. Donald Trump, in contrast, opposes every single one of them.

If animals are a priority in whom you support, you cannot logically support Hillary Clinton.



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3 thoughts on “Hillary Will Fight Climate Change? Bullshit!

  1. Roland, I read you every week and am always interested in your opinions. Can you write more about your decision to support Trump if Hillary is the nominee (which according to today’s reports – she is.) In all honesty, whatever I thought you were going to say, it wasn’t going to be that!


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