Animal Activists, Did You Know Hillary Brags About Hunting?


My news feed constantly contains memes from animal activists decrying the fact that Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Jr and Eric, are notorious big game hunters. This fact alone is apparently supposed to rally opposition to Trump and in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s sons are serial killers. A perfectly accurate and reasonable description of one who kills for some perverted joy in it, and then collects grisly trophies of their kills in an equally perverted need to constantly relive the murders.

Despicable as his sons are, Trump himself does not hunt, and never has. Unlike, for example, Hillary Clinton, who does hunt.

And brags about it.

Hillary is responsible for killing more than just a few animals while hunting. She is responsible for the killings of hundreds of millions of animals every year caused by the trade agreements she supports. Trade agreements encourage and reward the most barbaric animal agriculture practices, they make slaughter more profitable, animal corpses cheaper, they prevent banning live export, they require countries to ban country of origin labeling to prevent consumer boycotts, they override environmental, labor, and anti-cruelty laws.

Hillary not only supports those agreements, she helped write them. Donald Trump, in contrast, opposes every single one of them.

If animals are a priority in whom you support, you cannot logically support Hillary Clinton.

Animal activists who argue for Clinton are either unaware of her record and positions, or they are frauds.

Many people who call themselves animal activists have priorities more important to them than animals. Those priorities may be religion, abortion, guns, whatever. And they certainly have the right to support whichever candidate they choose. But they do the animals an incredible disservice when they attempt to justify their support of an anti-animal candidate (Hillary Clinton) by ignoring the harm those candidates will do to animals.

Most all my Facebook friends are political leftists or animal activists. So I was quite surprised to see a Facebook friend of mine make virulent anti-Bernie comments on several threads. She had never impressed me as a particularly well informed person or a deep thinker, so I sent her several articles explaining why Hillary was worse for animals than Donald Trump, and how Hillary’s policies kill hundreds of millions of animal each year because of trade policies she embraces.

Her reaction was so bizarre as to be almost comical. Rather than address any of the issues I raised about Hillary, she excoriated me as being “a creepy man like the Wizard of Oz,” and a narcissist

Then she blocked me! Lol.

Some people cannot face the truth about anything. Especially when it is about themselves.



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13 thoughts on “Animal Activists, Did You Know Hillary Brags About Hunting?

  1. Stop with the hundreds of millions of animals through trade agreements-my quivering little mind cannot follow you. And your rants get boring. I know little about politics and do not care-dry as sawdust. I am voting for Hillary because she is a woman.


    • Voting for Hillary because she is a woman is as ridiculous as me voting for Trump because he has a penis. If you want to vote for a woman, at least vote for one who is not a war criminal. Vote for Jill Stein.


  2. Blake Shelton is a hunter who hosted the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. He divorced his hunter wife (Miranda Lambert) because she didn’t want to make babies. She felt liberated and is now dating another hunter (Anderson East.) Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani divorced her rock star husband (Gavin Rossdale) for banging the nanny. However, she knew he was a cheater before marrying him and having three kids with him. (He even fathered a kid with a woman from a previous relationship whom he denied banging.) Now Stefani wears camo and is in love with Blake Shelton. She wants wants to have his baby even though she is 46.

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  3. Great informative facts AGAIN Roland, keep them coming! Very appreciative, you should try to get on George Norry’s Coast to Coast AM radio show.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Photo is marked from Whole site is about photo shopped satire. She’s also shown as a bear hunter, mislabeled as a rabbit hunter, etc. Hardly good ammunition (forgive the pun) for this slur.


      • Fair enough. I was given to understand the photo was legitimate. I have replaced it with a generic one of duck hunting. Hillary admits to killing ducks, which I do not believe is any different from killing turkeys, or any other animals. The point of the article was not whether or not Hillary kills turkeys, but that she supports the killings of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of animals through trade agreements. She supported NAFTA, Normalized Trade Relations with China, Normalized Trade Relations with Viet Nam, trade agreements with South Korea. Trade agreements make slaughter more profitable, they allow the most barbaric animal slaughter and treatment practices. They make it impossible to stop live export, they require signatory nations to ban County of Origin labeling on animal products to prevent consumer boycotts. Trade agreements override environmental, labor, and anti-cruelty laws.

        Clinton supports these agreements. She is also quite vague about the TPP, which would drive up animal slaughter by billions of animals per year. She helped write the TPP and called it the “gold standard of trade agreements” until Bernie challenged her in the primaries. She then back-tracked on it, saying it needed adjustment. No word what that means, but the consensus among the political establishment is that she will fully embrace TPP if elected.

        Trump, to his credit (and the reason I support him) is opposed to all trade agreements.

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