Trump, Trade, and 2020

naftaA brilliant and prescient prediction about NAFTA by a cartoonist in 1991

Trade agreements costing US jobs is the result of US corporations using near slave labor in third world countries. The average factory worker in Viet Nam, for example, earns 55 cents per hour. To his credit, Trump has threatened to abrogate all our trade agreements, which is a primary reason that the political establishment is terrified of Trump. They do not own him, have no hooks into him, and cannot control him.

Trump is way more intelligent than he is given credit for being. He communicates in monosyllables to his incredibly unsophisticated base. He makes things simplistic on purpose. People are pissed at China and don’t like the fact that trade agreements have cost 5 million US jobs, so he beats up on China while trying to torpedo the TPP.

For me, his anti trade agreement positions alone make him the second choice to Sanders.

Equally important are the effects which a Trump presidency would have on Bernie’s revolution (it would allow it to flourish in the absence of a Democratic president to block Sanders at every turn) and the effect a Trump presidency would have on control of the House of Representatives.

If Trump is elected, Democrats will sweep in 2018 and win enough statehouses and legislative chambers to control reapportionment after the 2020 Census. If Hillary wins, Democrats will be swamped in 2018 by an even greater margin than we were in 2014. Republicans will gain in the House, Senate, governorships and state legislatures. They will retain control of enough states to control reapportionment, and will gerrymander the House as they did in 2010

Except for those lobbyists and political hacks who will get patronage positions if Hillary wins, no intelligent, reasoning Democrat, progressive or conservative, should vote for Hillary in November. 

She might win, but she will destroy the Democratic party in doing so. Democrats will not control Congress and the White House until at least 2030.

We will pay a huge price for bragging rights that we elected a vagina for the first time.

I have no problem with the vagina. It just needs to be attached to a progressive heart and a liberal soul.


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