Obama Has Been Reagan.. With a Dark Tan


There are parallels to be seen between Barack Obama as the first African American president, and Hillary Clinton, who aspires to be the first female president.

Blacks are understandably proud that Obama was elected. So proud, in fact, that they are not particularly critical of his record. Most blacks do not scrutinize Obama’s actual policies and performance, and are content to look no further than Obama’s pigmentation.

A critical look at Obama reveals a president that did little for black Americans, aside from naming a few Wall Street blacks to positions in his administration.

Democrats who supported Barack Obama against Hillary Clinton in 2008 expected the change that Obama promised. We expected a progressive administration, a liberal agenda, major changes to the status quo. What we got was the status quo.

Obama reduced our presence in Iraq, but continued war in Afghanistan. He bailed out Wall Street with taxpayers’ money. He got Obamacare adopted, but gave insurance companies and Big Pharma billions in the process. He has built more nuclear weapons than any president since they were invented. He deported more undocumented people than any president in history. He appointed industry executives and lobbyists to positions in his administration. Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, Lehman Brothers alums all are part of the Obama administration.

A careful examination of Obama’s policies and priorities proves that Barack Obama is closer to Ronald Reagan than he is to the members of the Democratic party. Obama’s judicial nominations are hardly progressive. His latest, Merrick Garland, is a right of center Republican.

Obama’s positions on gun control, amnesty for the undocumented, corporate welfare, private financing of campaigns, are indistinguishable from those of Reagan.

Just as blacks were ecstatic at the prospect of a black president, feminists are salivating at the prospect of a female president.

Apparently, for many, the possession of a uterus is the only test of a presidential candidate.

That the particular uterus opposes healthcare for all women, has a record of bombing and killing women, and opposes all women having the right to free college educations is of no importance.

What is important is that a uterus gets to be president.

The parallels are stark and obvious. Both Obama and Hillary claim support from their core constituencies while being absolutely indifferent to them. Obama didn’t do squat for black Americans, Hillary hasn’t done squat for American women.

And both are closer to Ronald Reagan than they are to the average Democrat.


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6 thoughts on “Obama Has Been Reagan.. With a Dark Tan

  1. Just found your site today. Very intriguing perspectives. It’s going to be a nail biter for sure, for this HARD CORE BERNER. I want a MIRACLE. I want V I C T O R Y for BERNIE and ALL of US. I would be happy to pay more in taxes to support BERNIE’s platforms, for the tremendous good it would do for We The People, our environment (and animals), and our standing in the World. We have become the laughing stock of the World this election season. Beacon of democracy for the world – my ass.


    • Welcome! So glad to have you here. Like you, I am hardcore for Bernie, and will follow him anywhere. Except to Hillary!!

      Please be sure to follow the blog. There’s a button in the upper right sidebar!


  2. Are we all still children why is it always good vs evil hilary evil trump good they all fucking evil self serving egotists
    I like you’re page


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