Donald Trump and the Constitutionality of Banning Muslims


Liberal critics of Donald Trump do not let pesky things like the Constitution get in the way of generating hysterical propaganda.

Ever since Donald Trump’s call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country, the establishment and most on the political left have been excoriating Trump as a racist and a xenophobe.

Most of his critics are unaware that such a ban would not be constitutionally prohibited, as foreign nationals outside the US cannot claim constitutional protections.

In fact, a similar ban was announced by Jimmy Carter on all Iranians entering the US in the wake of the taking of American hostages by the Iranians and the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.

The silence on the left criticizing Carter was deafening.

Nor is there any constitutional prohibition on murdering Muslims overseas, allowing W, Cheney, Hillary, and Obama to kill over a million Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Yemen.

Now, however, Trump has a reasonable shot at becoming our next president. So out come the talking heads and the political correctness police to decry Trump’s position as xenophobic and racist.

Not a word from the media talking heads about dead Muslim women and children bombed by Hillary as Secretary of State, or her votes to murder Muslim civilians while a Senator.

Personally, I disagree with banning Muslims from entering the US. I would open America to all refugees, particularly those fleeing horrendous circumstances which we largely created and exacerbated.

But disagreeing with Donald Trump does not mean his position is unconstitutional.

For that matter, I disagree with many positions Trump espouses. My differences with him are profound.

Trump is a Christian. I am an atheist.

Trump is a billionaire. I am broke.

Trump is a capitalist. I am a socialist.

Trump wants to build a border wall. I favor open borders.

Trump wants to enlarge the military. I want to reduce it.

Trump wants to deport undocumenteds. I do not.

But even with such differences, I find myself closer to Trump than I do to Hillary Clinton.

Trump opposes trade agreements. So do I. Hillary supports them.

Trump opposes military interventionism. So do I. Hillary doesn’t.

Trump wants to legalize marijuana. So do I. Hillary doesn’t.

Trump wants to audit the Federal Reserve. So do I. Hillary doesn’t.

Trump supports universal healthcare. So do I. Hillary doesn’t.

The establishment propaganda machine is in full gear, shoveling out as many anti-Trump talking points as possible. The political establishment is terrified that Trump might win the presidency. Which is why the Republican establishment is throwing in with Hillary and the Democratic establishment is terrified Bernie voters won’t fall in line. The establishment has no hooks in Trump, they cannot control him, they cannot trust he will play their game.

His opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership threatens Wall Street and multinational corporations with the inability to make billions of dollars at the expense of American workers by exploiting Third World countries, and overriding US labor, environmental, and anti-cruelty laws.

The Trans Pacific would require member nations to ban Country of Origin labeling (which the Obama administration already got Congress to ban) to keep consumers from organizing boycotts of Third World animal products. The TPP would also make it impossible to ban live exports for inhumane slaughter in barbaric foreign slaughterhouses or for animal sacrifices in the Middle East.


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