The Case for Progressives to Vote for Trump over Hillary

donald-trump progressivesNow that Bernie is not the Democratic nominee, there are several courses of action open to Bernie supporters who reject Hillary Clinton.

There are those who advocate staying home, those for supporting Jill Stein of the Greens, and those who will vote for Donald Trump. And some will abandon the revolution and vote for Hillary Clinton.

This article is directed to those who plan on voting for Hillary.

We have worked together for a year supporting Bernie. Our goal of a political revolution is the same. We all wish Bernie to be president, we all believe in the same goals of wresting the government away from the oligarchs who own it, the political hacks who are bought and paid for by Wall Street, and the lobbyists who write the laws, pay the bribes, and control the Democratic party.

Please read carefully the following analysis. Apply critical thinking as you digest the individual points presented. Frame your thoughts after a second reading, then leave your observations, criticisms, suggestions, or concerns as comments. I encourage spirited discussion!

This discussion is one of the more important to be had on the political strategy which could determine the future of Bernie’s political revolution. Bernie supporters are all over the block on how to proceed. Most of us are devastated that Bernie did not easily crush Hillary. Almost all of us see her as the enemy. We understand Bernie will likely support her in the general if he does not secure the nomination. And most of us can understand why he would do so. Bernie believes that the future of his revolution is within the Democratic party. On that score I think he is correct. It will be easier to take over the Democrats that it would be to start from scratch and build a national third party.

That said, Bernie will be better off if Hillary loses to Donald Trump. And Bernie can never admit that to be the case.

If you admire what Bernie has accomplished, and what he is trying to do for America, please carefully consider the following thoughts on how we proceed from here.

Before you buy the establishment propaganda about Trump, remember who is pushing that propaganda and why.

If you are planning on voting for Hillary over Trump have you actually familiarized yourself with both Trump’s and Hillary’s positions? Do you know where each stands on major issues?

Do you know their positions on trade? Foreign policy? Aid to Israel? Arms sales to Saudi Arabia? Intervention in Syria? LGBT rights? Universal healthcare? Legalizing marijuana? On the War on Drugs? On private prisons? Monsanto? On GMOs? Auditing the Federal Reserve? Drone strikes? Covertly supporting coups against democratically elected foreign governments? Currency manipulation? Wall Street reform? Lobbyists? The military-industrial complex?

We do know that Trump is opposed to women’s reproductive choice, and for many, that is enough to warrant voting for Hillary. But if one is a feminist and concerned about women’s issues, Hillary is far from an ideal candidate for women. She opposes all women having access to healthcare. She opposes universal healthcare in favor of a system which requires women to pay huge premiums and deductibles to receive the care that women in most countries are provided as a matter of right.

Even more troubling for progressives are her policies which kill women in the Middle East. Her support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, her involvement in regime change in Libya, her drone strikes on civilians in Syria and Yemen, have all resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of women and children. Particularly onerous was her supplying Sarin nerve gas to Syrian rebels which was then used on innocent families for propaganda value against Assad.

Now she wants to set up a no fly zone in Syria, which Vladimir Putin said would be an act of war against Russia.

Trump, by the way, opposes regime change, coups, no-fly zones and military intervention in foreign countries.

Trade agreements allow for the loss of US jobs by US corporations using near slave labor in third world countries. The average factory worker in Viet Nam, for example, earns 55 cents per hour. To his credit, Trump has threatened to abrogate all our trade agreements, which is a primary reason that the political establishment is terrified of Trump. They do not own him, have no hooks into him, and cannot control him.

Trump is way more intelligent than he is given credit for being. He communicates in monosyllables to his incredibly unsophisticated base. He makes things simplistic on purpose. People are pissed at China and don’t like the fact that trade agreements have cost 5 million US jobs, so he beats up on China while trying to torpedo the TPP.

For me, his anti trade agreement positions alone make him the second choice to Sanders.

While I will support Trump over Hillary on the issues, in fact it is immaterial what positions either of them hold.

Neither will be able to get any controversial legislation through Congress. The Republicans will control the House and the Democrats will retake the Senate.

The real question to be answered by progressives is this:

The election of which candidate would most help the political left?

The answer is counter-intuitive.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, we can expect Bernie’s political revolution to be on hiatus until Hillary leaves office. She will be as obstructive to progressives in the Democratic party as Obama has been. Wall Street hacks and political chameleons will be placed in positions of influence and control within the party and the Clinton administration. The DNC will continue to be an arm of the Clinton Foundation. Wall Street will have carte blanche in appointments to the administration and will populate regulatory agencies and Departments. Bribery will determine cabinet positions and federal policies, just as it has for the past several decades.

If Trump is elected, Democrats will sweep in 2018 and win enough statehouses and legislative chambers to control reapportionment after the 2020 Census. If Hillary wins, Democrats will be swamped in 2018 by an even greater margin than we were in 2014. Republicans will gain in the House, Senate, governorships and state legislatures. They will retain control of enough states to control reapportionment, and will gerrymander the House as they did in 2010

Except for those lobbyists and political hacks who will get patronage positions if Hillary wins, no intelligent, reasoning Democrat, progressive or conservative, should vote for Hillary in November. 

She might win, but she will destroy the Democratic party in doing so. Democrats will not control Congress and the White House until at least 2030.



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10 thoughts on “The Case for Progressives to Vote for Trump over Hillary

  1. The one point you did NOT adress is CLIMATE CHANGE. While the democrats at least acknowledge its existence, without seriously doing anything about it, the republicans, including Trump, publicly deny the facts to a point of seemingly living on a different planet. But, like it or not, this IS a crucial issue. Four more years of “business as usual” or worse might well CLOSE our window of still being able to prevent LETHAL consequences of our industrial irresponsibility. And that would not only affect us humans… The animals will die BEFORE us. We already are well within Earth’s Sixth Great Mass Extinction Event, courtesy of the industrial revolution and the brute-force capitalism ruling our world.
    And, quite frankly, I do not see any intention on either side of the fence to seriously work on that problem.


    • I do not address climate change because neither Trump nor Clinton, neither the Republicans not the Democrats will do ANYTHING to impact it. The only difference between the two is that the Republicans are bought of to deny it and the Democrats are bought off to pay lip service to it. In fact, climate change can never be adequately addressed by capitalist economies or by corporatist governments.
      As you correctly note, we are already within the Sixth Mass Extinction, The Holocene Extinction. Scientists believe it is almost entirely the product of human activity. Human capitalist activity, to be exact.
      If climate change is your primary concern, you should be working on violent social revolution, ending capitalism, and installing socialist governments around the world. Nothing else has a prayer of helping.


    • I am quickly coming to the point of view that climate change may be the answer to human cruelty and exploitation of the planet and her beings. Climate change could drive human extinction, or at least massive human depopulation. In the wake of such an occurrence, surviving human populations scattered around the Earth would be substantially less harmful to animals and the environment than are current human societies. It would mean the end of the Animal Holocaust and global fishing. The lives of hundreds of billions of animals per year would be spared by a drastically reduced human population.


    1. Join the Class Action Suit Against DNC
    2. Send Declaration to Superdelegates
    3. Donate to National Bernie Delegates & Make Sure They Are There For
    4. Get Yourself To Philly. Bernie needs as many of us there as possible. Obviously the national delegates are CRUCIAL and the more of us the better. The Sanders CLAN needs to OWN Philly. *If you can, get some non violent protest training before you go, hook up with organizations that are planning events to offer your support and create a support system for yourself.* #NeverHIllary #NeverTrump #NeverQuit


  3. I see that the tea party has found its way to the left. An unbending left that is prepared to let trump name the next Supreme Court justice (or2) to make a point about how much you hate Hillary is pretty sad. And the reality is, the youth don’t vote in off elections so don’t count on winning in 2018 if you help trump win. This article shows extreme bias and the willingness to give up a generation of human rights by letting trump pick scotus is just defeatist and assinine. A vote for trump is a vote against Bernie imo.


    • There is no way the Republicans can carry the 2018 midterm elections if Trump wins. Just as if Hillary is elected, the Republicans will sweep in 2018. It is a political given that the party in the White House will lose midterm elections, especially with an unpopular president in office, which both Hillary and Trump would certainly be. One has only to look at the 2014 midterms to see what happens with a fairly popular Obama in office. Democrats were swamped in the House, Senate, and across the county in state elections. There is no way Democrats will be able to capture enough statehouses and legislative chambers to control reapportionment in 2020. Which means Democrats will not have a chance to hold a majority in the House until at least 2030. A terrible price to pay for bragging rights that we elected a woman. Especially a corrupt woman.


  4. I think the Political Revolution will stay alive against both Trump or Hilary. If she gets elected it will anger many and they will be watching her every move and statement. If trump gets in we will have to watch closely too. He is most likely to anger other nations governments. But I hear you. We need change but we do not need more wars.


    • The problem with writing in Sanders is that those votes would not be counted unless Bernie declares himself to be a write-in candidate. If he does, I would support him, of course. But there is little to no chance he will do so.


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