Why Wayne Pacelle is Mostly Right and Most of His Critics are Mostly Wrong

WAYNEPACELLEHUMANEECONOMY01-1024x960We can all agree that there is no such thing as humane slaughter.

Slaughter is cruel by definition. It is taking the life of an animal who wants to live. It is terrifying, painful, and brutal.

And it happens to over a billion animals each week.

A billion is a number beyond most people’s comprehension.

A billion pennies, stacked on top of each other would reach 1,000 miles.

A billion seconds ago is 32 years ago. Reagan was running for re-election.

A billion minutes ago, Jesus was preaching in Galilee.

A billion hours ago is 115,000 years ago. Humans were still living in caves.

A billion days ago human ancestors first appeared.

A billion weeks ago is almost 20 million years ago.

A billion months ago dinosaurs walked the Earth

A billion years ago life first emerged from the primordial seas.

A billion slaughtered animals ago was last week.

While slaughter is incredibly cruel, there are ways to alleviate the suffering. One out of seven calves is still conscious when his legs are chainsawed off. One out of eight are still conscious when his skin is ripped from his sides.

Most pigs are still conscious when dumped into vats of scalding water because they haven’t bled out yet.

The cruelty of capitalism is no more apparent than in the treatment of animals that are processed for profit.

Being vegan or advocating for veganism does nothing to help alleviate the suffering of these doomed creatures. They will be murdered regardless of what we in the animal movement do. The only way to save any of them would be to steal them from the factory farms, feedlots, or slaughterhouses.

Only one organization in the United States is helping to minimize the suffering of those poor creatures: HSUS.

Critics of HSUS’s approach of voluntary compliance with more humane procedures in slaughter by Big Ag is decried by many animal activists as treason to the animals and selling out to Big Agriculture.

More reasoned analysis maintains that the work of HSUS in convincing the slaughter industries to employ less cruel procedures helps to minimize suffering as much as could possibly be done.

Critics of HSUS’s approach assert that the propaganda of “happy meat” works to increase animal consumption by removing concerns about humane slaughter from consumers’ decision making.

The argument is preposterous. No one who abstains from consuming animals based upon their concerns for animal cruelty would suddenly become a carnist because HSUS managed to slow down slaughter lines to allow animals to bleed out before being dismembered or boiled alive.

Every animal trapped in the food system will die a horrible death. None can be saved. The only animals that will not be tortured and slaughtered are those who will not be born.

While we agitate for veganism and recruit vegans, 10,000 creatures per second are having their throats cut on slaughterhouse floors.

The only organization in the world which is working to minimize the horror is HSUS.

I look forward to the day that HSUS is no longer needed. That the Animal Holocaust ends. That animal rights become commonplace.

Unfortunately, that is well below the horizon, off in the distant future, if ever.

In the meantime, our efforts to recruit vegans and promote empathy are doomed to failure, as the human population is growing faster than we can convince people to become vegan.

The only hope for animals is human extinction.

Short of that, the end of capitalism should be our goal. Capitalism and the pursuit of profit account for almost all animal cruelty and exploitation on the planet.

Were we to be successful in ending capitalism worldwide, and establishing socialist governments in place of capitalist ones, we would save 30 BILLION animals per year from death in slaughterhouses. We would likely save another one and a quarter TRILLION sea creatures from death as well. All because socialist societies consume half the number of animals per capita as do capitalist societies. Socialism removes any profit incentives for killing animals or marketing their corpses.

The entire animal movement worldwide saves a mere one million creatures at best from death, socialism would save thirty thousand times that number!!

Instead of recruiting vegans and trying to educate the public, the animal movement should be supporting HSUS and simultaneously working toward socialist revolution.



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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20 thoughts on “Why Wayne Pacelle is Mostly Right and Most of His Critics are Mostly Wrong

    • Thrillracer (an odd moniker),

      I haven’t noticed “certain” vegans threatened by socialist revolutionaries. I would hardly call anyone who posts on this website a socialist revolutionary, though many seem to be poseurs who enjoy communicating brazenly about social revolution.

      Would you cite a couple of these threatened vegans for me?


      • Hi Jerry (original name). Sure, here are some examples of purported “vegans” who are threatened by socialist revolutionaries, Facebook users: Paul Tourkin, Michael Vern Gutierrez, and “Hnns Lbbr.” There are plenty more. You wouldn’t be trying to degrade socialist revolutionaries by calling them “poseurs” would you?


      • Thank you, Thrillracer.

        I don’t use Facebook, so I am unfamiliar with the individuals you cited. I am just wondering whether (eco)-socialism will permit the manufacturing of professional baseball player bobble-heads, because we all know some people like their bobble-heads.


  1. “Socialism removes profit from industry. It places production in the hands of workers, it eliminates exploitation of labor, and provides for all in society.”

    The above citation about the supposed benefits and outcomes of socialism is intellectually juvenile.

    Which non-human animals are granted membership in this society which provides for all? What does providing for all mean?

    Let’s put aside the notion of profit and use the word compensation instead. Do different occupations warrant different compensations? Or is socialism about ensuring everyone is employed, has housing, food, clothing, healthcare, and a pet? Are any psychosocial demands placed on people? That is, what required social engineering is implemented to ensure no one strays from the “new” paradigm?

    I’m all for a “shorter” work week, lower childbirth rate, land designation for non-human species, depopulation of our species, an automobile- and airplane-free world, legalization of all drugs and prostitution, etc., but there is no guarantee any of this will happen with socialism. From my perspective, socialism is–and can continue to be on a larger scale–“environmentally” destructive.

    Would “professional” sports be socialized? because I’d rather not be a part of this socialization, but the people need their heroes. Are the “arts” socialized, because I’d rather not support rap and hip-hop? Would Ellen DeGeneres and her Hollywood ilk continue to propagate their schlock five days a week for our amusement?

    What becomes of gambling and car racing and all the other spiritually-dead amusements people surrender themselves to? I know, you are concerned about the death of animals; unfortunately, your rosy picture of socialism doesn’t ensure the reduction or end of animal-flesh eating, in spite of your argument that socialist countries consume fewer animals. What other details might you provide us with these socialist countries? The truth is, socialism could easily redefine itself in the future and increase the production and consumption of animal products without the incentive of profit. Profit isn’t simply the accumulation or hording of money or wealth.


  2. Saving animals is not a goal of socialism. Saving animals is a by-product of socialism. Saving animals is not a bit intentional, but is a function of socialist economics.

    Capitalism rewards exploiting animals, rewards raising and murdering them. Capitalism bestows profits upon those who increase production and consumption of anything. Including animals.

    Socialism removes profits from the equation.

    Socialists are no more sensitive to the plights of animals than are other people. But socialism as a system destroys fewer animals than does capitalism. This simple fact should militate for every animal activist, every animal lover, every rescuer, every compassionate human being, every vegan, to become a socialist revolutionary.

    As long as there are profits to be made on the enslavement, exploitation, and murder of animals, enslavement, exploitation and murder will continue.

    Profits are responsible for almost all the animal cruelty on Earth. Businesses are protected in committing their horrors by governments and the law.

    Efforts to promote compassion and veganism cannot change human nature or human behavior.

    Only the force of government can protect animals.

    And the only governments which might be disposed to protecting animals are socialist governments. Human rights and social justice are basic elements of socialism. Animal Rights are more likely to be embraced by socialist governments than by capitalist ones.

    But even socialist governments indifferent to animals would be far more humane than are capitalist governments.

    My support of socialism is directly related to the mechanical effect of economics on animal production, exploitation, and consumption. Socialist societies murder and consume half the animals, per capita, as do capitalist societies. The combined effect of removing profit from production, centrally planned and regulated industry, bureaucratic inefficiency, etc, means fewer animals are bred, murdered, and butchered. On a global scale, socialism would mean 30 BILLION fewer animals dying each year on slaughterhouse floors than are murdered now. It would mean one and a quarter TRILLION fewer sea creatures killed each year.

    And this would be under socialist societies which did not care a whit about animals. The effect of socialist economics alone would save more lives than thirty thousand of our current animal movements.

    I arrive at that figure because over the last 50 years the animal movement has been responsible for saving the lives of a mere million or so animals per year. To have the same effect on reducing animal murder as socialism would have, we would need to be 30,000 times bigger than we are as a movement. Each and every animal activist, rescuer, adopter, transporter, donor, crossposter, emailer, protester, letter writer, phone caller, voter, would need to be multiplied by 30,000!

    Capitalist apologists observe that the left is as indifferent to animal suffering as is the right. That is somehow supposed to militate for capitalism? Capitalism is the most evil force ever unleashed by humans. It institutionalizes the basest of human behaviors and instincts, and suppresses the essence of all that is admirable in our species.

    The future of humanity, if there is to be one, must be a socialist future. Not because socialism is a more moral system than is capitalism (which it is), but because capitalism will eventually destroy the environment, extinguishing humans, animals, oceans, rivers, rainforests, and the very air we all breathe.

    Advocates for animals must join in broad coalitions with advocates for social and economic justice in working toward social revolution.

    We must end the economic and legal systems which fuel and protect the Animal Holocaust.

    It may come about by violent revolution or through political action. But the Animal Holocaust will never end through private action or recruiting vegans and activists. Our current course of action is ineffective, counter-productive, and doomed to failure.

    Socialism is the only hope for animals, short of human extinction


    • Socialism will never remove profit from the equation. If you think any socialist country doesn’t have persons who profit from their sociopolitical standing, then your delusion about reality is worse than I thought. Our species is predisposed to think, to imagine, to create. Most of us think we have ideas (or products) we’d like to share with other people, and our hope or expectation is our ideas might be shared with a lot of people (consumed by a lot of people)–we want to share our ideas (or products) with everyone! (Wasn’t this website created with the hope of affecting all humans?)

      Socialism may put production in the hands of all people, but who will decide what will be produced? Who will decide the rate of production and consumption? Or does socialism really concern itself with human population growth and the further destruction of ecosystems? Does this socialism include more canine resorts for all owned canines?

      If profit is removed from the equation, do fewer people sit around thinking about the next innovative product for our owned animals? because, from my perspective, the mobile dog grooming truck that goes by my house at least once every two weeks isn’t doing the surviving rainforests a favor.

      Socialism isn’t about curtailing or reducing inane production and consumption. Something greater is needed.


  3. I think vegan education is vitally important. The more vegans there are, the less will be the demand for animals to be farmed/caught and slaughtered.
    I think it’s vitally important that vegans are politicised though, so that they support and vote for politicians and parties that will bring in strong animal protection legislation.


    • We certainly agree on politicizing vegans. The mission of this blog is to radicalize the animal movement. I think such radicalization must include fomenting for socialist revolution, not only political activism. Political action is only a short term goal because revolution is still away off. And political action cannot end capitalism, the biggest author of animal cruelty on Earth. Political action can yield minor advancements for certain animals, but can never result in the adoption of animal rights or ever reduce the Animal Holocaust.

      As for vegan education, recruiting vegans does nothing to stop the deaths of animals trapped in the food system. Those not eaten because of veganism are merely diverted to other uses. They are rendered for chemicals or turned into fertilizer.


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  5. Wrong from a socialist perspective. In a capitalist system the goal is the most cost effective slaughter for the greatest profit. At best, outside of some bandaids and over inflated Public Relations about such, nothing will change about slaughter in a capitalist system. Humane Meat simply becomes a tool for that PR.

    In fact any look at the economics of slaughter and population growth would clearly show that Humane Meat is unsustainable in a capitalist system. Land use costs skyrocket for example. Accelerated conversion of land for grazing has negative economic implications, let along environmental which has an economic cost.

    While converting the world to veganism may be more difficult than a socialist revolution, supporting Humane Meat feeds into the PR that dissuades those on the edge of making such change. Hence, why the value of the Humane Meat PR at all.

    If you believe that Human Meat will win over a change in production (slaughter) I don’t think you understand fundamentally why capitalism is relentlessly (RELENTLESSLY!) destructive.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Many opponents of socialism argue that it is a utopian dream, that human greed is genetic and cannot be overcome by benevolent government.

      There is some disagreement among sociologists as to whether greed is an inherited human trait. Most believe it is not, that it is learned behavior and not genetic.

      But that determination has nothing to do with my support of a socialist system with a centrally planned economy.

      My journey to socialism was long and tedious, filled with frustration and disappointment with the existing political paradigm. I am a socialist because I believe it is the only hope for animals.

      Socialism removes profit from industry. It places production in the hands of workers, it eliminates exploitation of labor, and provides for all in society.

      With the profit motive removed from industry, incentives to exploit and murder animals for profit will disappear.

      But even more important will be the need to abolish animal agriculture for practical, political reasons: Saving our species from extinction by global warming, and feeding the world, will both require the end of animal agriculture.

      Animal agriculture is more causative of global warming than is the entire transportation sector, which includes cars, trucks, buses, boats, ships, planes, and railroads.

      And the amount of grain fed to animals trapped in the food system would feed the world population if centrally allocated.

      Of course central planning will have no effect upon local “animal husbandry,” and I doubt such could ever be completely eliminated, but the extent to which it can be banned will depend upon how well placed animal activists are in revolutionary socialist governments.


  6. recheck your Billion numbers, especially “A Billion years ago Jesus…”

    I strongly support rational Animal Rights and pretty much Rational everything, but typos can hurt the cause.

    FYI I have no idea who you are talking about when you say, “…a populist who is insensitive to minorities …”

    So far, every person that I have met that did not like Bernie, did not like him because of false information like this. Lies have been used for thousands of years, to further an agenda. We need to keep our thinking caps well oiled and remember to wear them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the heads up about the typo. Didn’t proof read it! Sorry!

      BTW, the populist insensitive to minorities is Trump. I do not think that is a deal breaker compared to Hillary, whom I consider a war criminal and an oligarch.


  7. Roland,

    You write “Critics of HSUS’s approach assert that the propaganda of “happy meat” works to increase animal consumption by removing concerns about humane slaughter from consumers’ decision making.
    The argument is preposterous. No one who abstains from consuming animals based upon their concerns for animal cruelty would suddenly become a carnist because HSUS managed to slow down slaughter lines to allow animals to bleed out before being dismembered or boiled alive.”

    You are partially right- Surely, no one who is ethically vegan will switch to meat/dairy/birds//fish. And some semblance of “comfort” is better than none. But I submit that “happy meat” will promote production of animals for food because people will assume the animals have a happy life and are essentially euthanized, that calves will live forever with their mother until a painless death as adults, and that eating meat, etc., is good for all concerned.

    Liked by 1 person

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