Will Democrats Nominate a War Criminal, Again?

war criminalsWill the Democratic party again nominate a war criminal over a progressive?

The last time a war criminal and a progressive contested the Democratic nomination was in 1968 when Eugene McCarthy was rejected in favor of Hubert Humphrey by the Democratic establishment. Predictably, the country got Richard Nixon.

The Democrats appear ready to drink hemlock again this year, as the establishment lines up behind another war criminal over another progressive.

Humphrey was complicit in the murders of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese civilians and 50,000 Americans. Clinton’s war crimes dwarf those of Humphrey. She is directly complicit in the murders of over a million people in the Middle East.

War is profitable. Planes, ships, bombs, munitions, missiles, uniforms, trucks, Humvees, etc are all paid for by the American taxpayers. Profits flow into the coffers of the military-industrial complex.

They in turn bribe politicians to stay in wars or to start new ones.

Hillary is their poster child. She has never seen a war she didn’t like or a military budget she didn’t support.

Hillary’s foreign policies are the same as Henry Kissinger’s. Her views on military adventurism and interventionism are indistinguishable from those of Dick Cheney.

She has been a cheerleader for every military incursion by the US since Bosnia. (One remembers her false claim of landing in Bosnia “under sniper fire!” She was proven to have lied by the release of video footage of her and her daughter Chelsea walking down a red carpet surrounded by Bosnian dignitaries. Lol!)

Hillary has threatened to bomb Iran, her emails prove she supported regime change in Syria to help Israel. She permitted Sarin nerve gas to be made available to Syrian rebels so they could murder civilians and blame the Assad government. She enthusiastically pushed for the destabilization of Libya and chortled at the sodomizing of Moammar Ghadafy by knife. She backed the military coup in Honduras which overthrew a democratically elected president and plunged the country into violence and instability, making it the murder capital of the Americas.

When desperate Honduran families sent their children north to the US for safety and refuge, Hillary ordered them deported and sent back to the horrific violence she was responsible for creating in their homeland.

Her most recent foray into belligerence is promising to establish a no-fly zone in Syria. Presently the Russian Air Force is carrying out missions in Syria against ISIS and the Syrian rebels fighting Assad. Hillary’s plan would be for US attacks on those Russian aircraft. Such a move, according to Vladimir Putin, would be an act of war against Russia.

Donald Trump, by the way, is supportive of Russian actions in Syria, and would cooperate with Putin.

But there is no profit for the military-industrial complex if Russian bombs are dropped. They wish to sell their bombs to the US government for the military to use. Enter Hillary! She is all in favor of doing whatever is necessary to drop US bombs.



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