Thought Of The Day. June 24, 2016

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Today’s Thought:


Despite threats and warnings of likely economic doom, voters in the UK stunned the political establishment by voting to leave the EU.

The threats came from all quarters. All quarters of the political and economic Establishment, that is.

Barack Obama stuck his nose in. David Cameron of the Tories, Jeremy Corbin of Labour. Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats, and even the Greens called for the country to remain in the EU.

The voting was not ideological. It was a popular uprising against those in power, it was a rejection of the status quo. It was economic and social populism catching fire across the UK.

Leftists and revolutionaries should see this as a heartening event, as the status quo is our enemy as well.

Populists across the EU are now engaged.

I hope we see it catch fire here. Bernie and Trump have started brushfires.

Hoping for a conflagration in November.




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2 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day. June 24, 2016

  1. I’m a British citizen and I’m saddened by the result having voted to stay in Europe. Not one politician on either side of the argument, mentioned what Brexit would mean for animal welfare or the environment, the 2 most important issues for me. Staying in Europe meant that our farm animals were at least protected by EU rules, farmers will now be able to treat them how they want at least until new guidelines are imposed and who knows when that will be. Animals used for experiments will likely increase too. Cameron and his cronies are no friends of animals, they are constantly trying to repeal fox hunting, hare coursing and battery hen bans, and he doesn’t care about the fracking issue. He has resigned for sure, and that is possibly the only good thing to celebrate in this whole debacle, but I worry now about who will take his place. Corbyn is a least a vegetarian but is facing a coup, and Boris although a very colourful character, is a buffoon. Green peace, Friends of the Earth and Compassion in World Farming all favoured remain too. I’m in shock quite frankly.


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