Vote for the one Who Has Killed the Fewest People and Animals

donald and hillaryIf you care about people or animals, a pretty basic rule of thumb is to not vote for the person who has done them the most harm.

The choice could not have been more stark between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

Hillary is a war hawk who favors military interventionism, Sanders is a dove who does not.

Hillary opposes universal healthcare, Bernie supports healthcare as a human right.

Hillary supports trade agreements which put Americans out of work and kill hundreds of millions of animals each year. Bernie opposes trade agreements.

Pretty much of a no-brainer to choose Bernie over Hillary.

In a normal election year against a normal right wing Republican, one would expect that the candidate who would do the least harm to people and animals would be the Democratic nominee.

This year, however, the counter-intuitive choice would be the correct one.

This year the Republicans are poised to nominate a candidate who is more progressive than the presumptive Democratic nominee on a host of issues.

Despite the cacophony of propaganda directed at Trump, many progressives are taking a critical look at Trump’s positions as compared to those of Hillary Clinton.

Trade agreements! The most important issue of all. Trade agreements have shuttered 60,000 US factories and cost Americans FIVE MILLION jobs. They allow US corporations to use near slave labor in developing countries, closing US factories and opening them in Mexico, Korea, China, Viet Nam, then selling their products to Americans while making huge profits on labor and the lack of environmental protection. Trade agreements promote barbaric animal husbandry practices and cruel slaughter. They make animal corpses cheaper to produce and slaughter more profitable. They prevent the banning of live exports for slaughter or for shipment for animal sacrifice in the Middle East. They require signatory nations to ban Country of Origin labeling to prevent consumer boycotts and backlash. They override US labor, environmental, and anti-cruelty laws. They permit trade in endangered species and animal parts. They are written by lawyers and lobbyists for multinational corporations, and are the primary reason the establishment is terrified that Donald Trump might become president, as he has promised to abrogate all our trade agreements and force them to be abandoned or re-negotiated to prevent currency manipulation and the losses of American jobs. What that means to multinational corporations is that they will not be able to use cheap foreign labor or avoid US tax laws.

And that is why the establishment is rallying behind Hillary Clinton. She supports trade agreements, and is expected to embrace the Trans Pacific Partnership (which she has temporarily criticized due to Sanders’ challenging her in the Democratic primaries).

Military interventionism and foreign policy! As both a Senator and as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has been a champion of the same belligerent foreign policies espoused by Henry Kissinger. And she has embraced the military interventionist policies of Dick Cheney. She is widely recognized as much more of a hawk than is Barack Obama, and pushed for US involvement in regime changes in Libya and Syria.

She has been a cheerleader for a no-fly zone in Syria, which Putin has warned would be considered an act of war against Russia. She has threatened to bomb Iran. She supports more military aid to Israel and increased arms sales to Saudi Arabia. She supported the military coup in Honduras and CIA drone strikes against civilians in the Middle East.

Even her supporters on the Editorial Board of the New York Times called her more of a hawk than is Donald Trump.

Universal healthcare! Back in the day, Hillary was a staunch supporter of universal healthcare and fought for a single-payer healthcare system while she was First Lady. Then, a funny thing happened after running against Barack Obama in 2008. She had campaigned for universal healthcare in that race, but now opposes it. Why? Could it have anything to do with the millions of dollars she has received from Big Pharmaceutical and the insurance lobby?

Her position now is that huge deductibles and high insurance premiums are perfectly acceptable. She has effectively abandoned poor women and working mothers in favor of lobbyists for the healthcare lobby and the pharmaceutical industry

Hillary opposes universal healthcare. Donald Trump supports universal healthcare.

Legalization of marijuana! Clinton has been bought and paid for by the private prison industry and prison guard unions who do not want to see a reduction in the prison population. They make money as long as people are incarcerated. And more money with more prisoners. The War on Drugs has been a boon for them.

It has also cost our African American brothers and sisters an entire generation of young black men in prison.

The policies of Bill and Hillary Clinton have devastated black families and destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives.

America is now a prison state.

We are 5% of the world’s population with 20% of the world’s prison population.

No country on Earth imprisons more of its people than does the US. Not China. Not Russia. Not Iran. Not North Korea.

The prison guard unions and the private prison industries invest millions each year opposing the legalization of pot. They want minor offenses to be serious felonies. They oppose any rational drug policies if they mean less people in jail and prisons. And Hillary is in their pocket.

Over 2 million Americans are locked up.

BTW, Donald Trump is in favor of legalizing marijuana.

Auditing the Federal Reserve! The Federal Reserve System is one of the world’s great scams. It is a private banking system beyond the control of the US government, but it sets monetary policy for the country. It has never been audited. It has never been investigated. No one knows how much money it makes from control of the US money supply. One thing is certain: Wall Street does not want the Fed to be audited. Curiously, neither does Hillary. Could that have something to do with her receiving millions from Wall Street and the big banks? Citigroup? Goldman Sachs? B of A?

Donald Trump has called for the Fed to be audited. And he is joined by Senator Rand Paul. And Bernie Sanders.

GMOs! Hillary is on the take from Monsanto and DuPont, as can be seen by her opposition to Truth in Labeling legislation to require the disclosure of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in our food.

Fracking! Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) is a method of obtaining natural gas from stratified granite by injecting pressurized water into the ground and fracturing the substrate rock. The process has some very serious adverse effects upon the safety of drinking water and causing earthquakes on faults.

Fracturing is a major business for Big Oil. While Secretary of State, Hillary’s State Department sold fracking to the world and made billions for her owners in the petroleum industry. The hypocrisy of promoting and supporting fracking while claiming to be an environmentalist is laughable. Fracking causes a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions in its extraction and use.

The loss of Congress for another decade! This may be the most critical reason to oppose Hillary. She will cost us the House of Representatives until 2030.

Every ten years the US government conducts a Census. The Census reveals the populations in each state and provides the data necessary to determine how many congressional seats each state will have in Congress until the next Census.

States that lose population lose House seats, those with increased populaions gains seats at the expense of losing states. It is up to each state how it wishes to draw congressional district boundaries. Through a process known as gerrymandering, the party in control in a state can draw lines in such a way that they hold seats in excess of their proportion of the total voters.

In 2010, Republicans gained enough state governments to be able to control reapportionment. The result has been a Republican controlled House of Representatives even though Democrats, nationwide, have had more votes cast for Democratic candidates for Congress.

As it looks now, Republicans will do the same in 2020. Democrats will be shut out of controlling Congress until at least 2030.

This is something Hillary does not want you to know!

If Trump is elected, Democrats will sweep in 2018 and win enough statehouses and legislative chambers to control reapportionment after the 2020 Census. If Hillary wins, Democrats will be swamped in 2018 by an even greater margin than we were in 2014. Republicans will gain in the House, Senate, governorships and state legislatures. They will retain control of enough states to control reapportionment, and will gerrymander the House as they did in 2010.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, we can expect Bernie’s political revolution to be on hiatus until Hillary leaves office. She will be as obstructive to progressives in the Democratic party as Obama has been. Wall Street hacks and political chameleons will be placed in positions of influence and control within the party and the Clinton administration. The DNC will continue to be an arm of the Clinton Foundation. Wall Street will have carte blanche in appointments to the administration and will populate regulatory agencies and Departments. Bribery will determine cabinet positions and federal policies, just as it has for the past several decades.

Except for those lobbyists and political hacks who will get patronage positions if Hillary wins, no intelligent, reasoning Democrat, progressive or conservative, should vote for Hillary in November. 

She might win, but she will destroy the Democratic party in doing so. Democrats will not control Congress and the White House until at least 2030.

Wall Street reform! Hillary is the recipient of bribes from all over Wall Street. Her legendary $225,000 twenty minute speeches are a mere drop in the bucket. She is owned by Wall Street. And we can expect that the revolving door between industry and government will keep on revolving if she is elected.

For decades it has been the practice of presidents to name bankers to run Treasury, oil executives named to Energy, lobbyists to Commerce, Big Ag alums to Interior and Agriculture, Big Pharma lobbyists to the EPA, etc.

Indeed, while Trump has insulted Muslims, Hillary Clinton has actually killed Muslims.

Trump’s views on immigration, border walls, sanctuary cities, and deportation of undocumenteds are anathema to progressives, but they hardly rise to the levels of evil as do a Kissinger foreign policy or a Dick Cheney military belligerency as embraced by Hillary Clinton.

For human rights activists, killing people of color is worse than insulting people of color.



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