Annex Mexico

annex mexicoWe can solve the illegal immigration problem. We can solve the amnesty problem. We can solve the problem of undocumenteds living in fear of deportation and families being ripped apart. We can solve the problem of drugs being smuggled into the US. The problem of immigrants being victims of theft, robbery, rape, human trafficking. We can end the most abhorrent human rights abuses in the Third World. We can protect the environment and save countless animals from the atrocities of Mexican culture.

All we have to do is annex Mexico!

Turn the entire corrupt, impoverished, fascist country into a US territory. Just as Puerto Rico is part of the US, so would be Mexico.

Mexico is a Third World country on our southern border. It is an oligarchy at best, a corrupt fascist state by most accounts. It has laughable environmental controls, abysmal labor laws, and animal cruelty concerns are unheard of.

To prevent violent revolution, Mexico encourages its most exploited and disaffected people to migrate to the US. Better they are not in the country fomenting revolt and revolution against a corrupt system run by a handful of plutocrats.

Democracy in Mexico is an illusion, as it is in the US and most countries.

Mexican culture is a horror for children, animals and the environment. Child labor, barbaric animal blood sports, a dearth of any environmental concerns whatsoever, Mexico is a festering wound on the planet.

Much of the country is controlled by criminal drug cartels. The entire nation operates on “mordida,” bribes that are extorted from the public by almost every government official and employee, from members of the administration to federales writing parking tickets. Caught speeding? “Mordida, senor.” Need a building permit? Mordida! License to operate a business? Mordida! Wish to dump toxic waste? No problema! Mordida!

In Mexican culture, human life is cheap and animals are of no importance. The most well known Mexican cruelty is bullfighting, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Cockfighting and dogfighting are ubiquitous. Children are taught to abuse animals at an early age and are encouraged to participate in the most barbaric atrocities imaginable.

One particularly cruelty almost defies belief. Animals, mostly rodents, possums, rabbits, etc, are placed in pinatas and sealed inside. Children are encouraged to break the pinatas with clubs and sticks, and to then stomp and kick the helpless creatures to death before they can escape to safety.

Donald Trump, and many opponents of illegal immigration are calling for building a border wall to keep Mexican and other immigrants from gaining access to the United States. Trump has widely criticized the fact that most Mexican women who have made the journey north to the US have been raped and abused in the effort.

Many immigrants seek a new life in the US, far from the corruption of the Mexican authorities. Others bring drugs across the border. Some are returning from visits to their families in the south, some are fleeing even more despotic governments than the Mexican government.

Many Hispanics who cross our southern border are refugees from Honduras, the murder capital of the Americas. Since the coup in Honduras, which deposed a democratically elected government, many Honduran families have sent their children to the US for safety.

Unbelievably, many of those children were ordered deported back to Honduras by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton backed the Honduran coup and was responsible for the CIA and the US government permitting a democratically elected president to be ousted by a right wing military supported by US business interests.

Were Mexico to become part of the United States, a number of things would happen. Illegal immigration would stop immediately, as Mexicans would be American citizens just as Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

The US dollar would be the medium of exchange in Mexico.

US law would apply to the entirety of Mexico.

Child labor, environmental atrocities, animal cruelty, would become illegal.

Mordida would be criminally prosecuted.

The drug cartels would be targeted by US law enforcement and the American military.

Federal minimum wage and labor laws would be controlling.

Not surprisingly, the opponents of such a proposal are the cartels and those in government who would lose their leverage.

But the average Mexican would welcome the chance to become an American. Mexican nationals in the US, undocumenteds, and US citizens with family ties to Mexico would enthusiastically embrace the idea.

It would mean an end to defending a two thousand mile southern border, and defending instead a two hundred mile southern border.

It would mean an end to mass deportations, granting citizenship to all within our borders, an end to the barbaric practices of Mexican culture and the freedom of tens of millions of Mexicans who are victims of the corrupt Mexican system.

It would mean an end to the most horrific animal cruelty in the world

And it would mean we needn’t spend a dime on a border wall.



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9 thoughts on “Annex Mexico

  1. Lets put this straight. The Ideal thing would be to keep our culture and roots, the reality is that it has been destroyed by those holding and leveraging from the power. Im not saying Yes to this idea But it would be good to think about it if things do not Change.

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  2. Thanks, Leeward and Marc, for your intelligent, aware comments. Maniac, racist Trump appeals to a certain segment of Americans (mainly white, uneducated, angry, gun-toting racist males, with a splattering of dumb females who might just wish to be Trump’s next wife).
    I have met many wonderful Mexican people, who are far more educated regarding world problems than many Americans.
    I am glad, Leeward, you also pointed out that there is more serious “animal rights” activity and dedication in Mexico, compared to the U.S., where “activism” is Facebook,
    Too bad, isn’t it, Leeward, that this country is so dangerously myopic and prejudice. By the way, the White Supremacy & neo-Nazi bullies are planning to support Trump’s efforts at the Convention in Ohio.


  3. Why don’t we just annex the world?

    Marc, the world comes to an end if Trump is president, right? (Get over yourself.)

    I know so many Mexicans who own taquerias–including a family member–and they love their animal flesh, so I doubt all the changes enumerated above by Mr. Roland would occur in this century were Mexico annexed.

    Should we dissolve state lines in this country? Perhaps we should.

    Aren’t we supposed to embrace a borderless world, because borders really don’t exist but in our fearful and fragile minds?

    Leeward, I don’t wish for a Mexican pruning my trees. Please stay in Mexico and encourage “your” people to “better” themselves and their country.


  4. I live in Mexico. My real name is René Álvarez. I am a vegan and an animal liberation activist, as are many other Mexicans. I, and others like me have lobbied hard for a ban on bullfights and other abuses. We are very close to making that ban a reality in the state of Baja California.

    If Mexico were annexed by the US, animal circuses would become legal again, as they are in the US. Animal circuses are illegal in Mexico. We fought hard to make that a reality. (I myself leafleted outside circuses all by myself and had militarized municipal cops come down hard on me, not to mention irate circus personnel.) USDA’s Wildlife Services would begin eradicating millions of animals here as they do in the US. Hunting would become more widespread, as would US style mass killings because guns– currently in the hands of the police, armed forces, and organized criminals alone–would be much easier to procure. (There is currently only one gun store in Mexico, which serves a tiny number of private citizens who have taken the trouble to procure a permit.)

    I teach English here and I serve a growing Mexican professional class. Very little about their lives involves mordida. I have lived here since 1972 and have never once had to give a bribe, or been asked for one, though of course the practice is still widespread. Currently, applicants are competing for one of five slots that will open next semester with not even a hint of a financial inducement being offered to me. Believe it or not, most Mexicans love being Mexican and would not like to become US citizens, which would rob them of an identity they see as rich and unique. You don’t see that because you only encounter those who have left in search of a better life. We have lots of problems, but your scenario would solve few problems and introduce a host of others. Rodeos and zoos would continue to exist as they do in the US. Here, at least one zoo has ceased such operations and has become a rehab facility for rescued wildlife. Many of the animals are now at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado and elsewhere. Primates are sent to a good sanctuary here in Mexico. Other zoos are slated to make this transition. I know of no US zoo the has ended the practice of displaying animals for profit. These and other changes have taken place because Mexican progressives know this system, and they work tirelessly for change. They are educated and idealistic, and they don’t yearn for a northern white man to take on an additional burden on their behalf.

    I am US born and educated (Whittier College) and served in its armed forces, and yet, like a younger brother, I’ve decided that life in Mexico is better for me, though I earn less than eight thousand dollars a year. I can’t understand why anyone would leave this for the comparatively sterile order of the US. I tell my students how lucky they are to be equipped to be the generation that finally begins to make inroads on myriad issues, as opposed to moving to a country that is already developed and arguably in decline; a country that wouldn’t see them as the engineers, accountants, and lawyers they are, but as potential gardeners and hotel maids. After all, we may be educated, but we still have that brownish tint that many in the US yearn to see pruning trees for less money.

    Thanks, but we too have progressive visionaries who are aware of everything you have described and more, and we will eventually find our own solutions. You have your own increasingly broken system to worry about.


    • A fellow Whittier Poet! I graduated from Whittier College School of Law in 1985.

      You make excellent points, although on balance I think animals would do better if bullfighting, dogfighting, and cockfighting were illegal. The postulations in the article are unlikely to become enacted, of course. They are presented as a solution to much more than animal cruelty. Over eleven million Hispanics are living in the US illegally, living in constant fear of ICE and the US government. They pay taxes but are unable to vote. They are ineligible for social services and cannot invoke safety nets. All would become US citizens under this proposal, as would everyone in Mexico. The exploitation of Mexicans by coyotes herding them north and the severe poverty they are escaping would end. The demonizing of Hispanics by xenophobes in the US would end as well. Preposterous calls for border walls and Obama’s mass deportations would stop overnight. But perhaps the most important result would be the influx of tens of millions of new voters with the power to implement progressive economic and social policies.


    • I think Roland has the issue backwards. To solve the border problem, and allow people and wildlife to migrate freely, we should repeal the annexation of Mexico. Then we who live in California, New Mexico and the rest of the Southwest would not face life under Trump.


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