People Who Love. People We Love. People are the Enemy.

thanksgivingMost animal abusers and killers have people who love them and people they love.

The slaughterhouse worker on his way to shoot calves in the head and cut their throats kisses his wife goodbye and she worries he might be hurt on the job.

The bullfighter hugs his children before he goes off to engage in the most barbaric cruelty imaginable.

Sealers have families and loved ones, even as they take loved ones from their mothers by driving picks through their skulls.

The dairy worker rapes cows and murders newborns, oblivious that he is doing to some poor creatures what he most fears might happen to his own daughters

The dog or cat lover spoons out the flesh of some other poor creature that was murdered to feed them.

The blindness is a mental condition known as speciesism.

It is the equivalent of a moral metastatic cancer. And it infects almost every human on Earth.

We animal activists seek to make this world a kinder place for out fellow creatures. We proselytize, we recruit, we educate, we post.

And the horrors continue.

We advocate for veganism. We show pics and videos to our friends and families.

They don’t care. And even if they do, our efforts are too little, too late.

For every vegan we recruit, a hundred carnists are born, maybe a thousand.

The Animal Holocaust is exploding with the human population.

The enemies of animals are people. Our friends. Our families. Our neighbors. People just like us who love and are loved by others. Except they do not love animals. Or even care that they do them harm.

If we are to change the world we must recognize that it will be the most intense, and likely failed, struggle in all human history. Our enemies are the enemies of animals. They cannot fight for themselves, we must fight for them. And that means we must step outside our species and behold the much larger picture.

Humans are a plague on the Earth. Over seven billion people now burden the planet. Most live in poverty. A handful of oligarchs are our masters. And almost all kill animals every day of their lives. If not personally, they do so by proxy. And our masters, the governments and corporatists who own them, make obscene profits on the corpses of our fellow creatures.

The horrors and those responsible are mostly invisible to all but the most critical observer.

The only hope for animals is human extinction. And that is not a far fetched concept. Scientists believe we have entered the Holocene Extinction, the sixth mass extinction in the history of Earth.

Over the millennia, the normal rate of extinction is a thousand times less than it has become today. We are losing almost 100 species to extinction every day!  Habitat destruction, pollution, climate change, etc, are destroying species at an alarming rate. And almost all such human activity in doing so is the product of businesses and the pursuit of profit. Capitalism!

Capitalism is an economic system that requires an unending supply of raw materials, animal corpses, cheap labor, and constant consumption. The problem with long term projections for capitalism is that there is no Planet B!

We humans are the enemy of Earth and her inhabitants. Our families. Our loved ones. Our friends and neighbors are the enemy.

It is possible that people may defeat capitalism. If they do, both animals and people will be the better for it. But defeating capitalism will likely require violent revolution to succeed.

As an animal activist, revolution is my goal. Nothing could be worse for animals than the status quo, than capitalism, than our current legal systems, our religions, and our governments. All conspire to reward animal cruelty, exploitation, and murder. Religions justify human superiority over animals, legal systems allow humans to own our fellow creatures, capitalism rewards the cruelty with profits, and governments protect the exploiters.

Animals activists must step outside our species, outside our cultures, outside our families.

We must act on behalf of animals as though they are our species and our families.


Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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13 thoughts on “People Who Love. People We Love. People are the Enemy.

  1. The human species may well doom itself with its own insatiable greed and cruelty. Our self-destruction will be the justice we deserve and the only good legacy we leave the planet.


  2. Please read Dr. Best’s essay “The Rise and Fall of the Human Empire”:

    Steven Best (author)
    Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities
    University of Texas, El Paso

    My most recent work builds on these critical trajectories as it seeks to create new bridges between academic and activist communities, and among various activist causes themselves. Specifically, I have begun to address urgent issues raised by environmentalism and animal rights from the standpoints of critical theory, feminism, cultural studies, postmodern theory, deep ecology, and normative ethics. I have engaged issues such as the commonalities of oppression involved in racism, sexism, and speciesism, while mounting philosophical arguments in favor of animal rights and a new environmental ethic. In essays such as “The New Abolitionism: Capitalism, Slavery, and Animal Liberation,” I have demonstrated the strong analogies between 19th century abolitionism in the US and the “new abolitionism” of the 21st century that seeks to emancipate animals from slavery to humans and from the ideology of human supremacy.

    I plan to deepen and developing my work in new directions – such as to be enriched by anthropology and history — always striving to make philosophy a relevant force for progressive social change. Throughout my career as a student, academic, and community activist, I have developed an increasingly broad and comprehensive understanding of concepts such as power, democracy, rights, and freedom. I have learned to seek and draw connections among diverse phenomena, to analyze commonalities of oppression, and to grasp the interconnectedness of human, animal, and Earth interests. I have worked within, and worked against, the limitations of humanism and anthropocentrism to try to advance a broader ethic and concepts of rights, equality, and community. I hope my work is a small contribution to creating a more just and humane present, and to forging a future organized around values of democracy, equality, and peace rather than tyranny, hierarchy, and violence.

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  3. I’m almost positive that this post is completely accurate in terms of its details on how to gain “as a matter of course” justice for nonhumans. Fortunately, this point of view helps human health and environment, as well. Control of technology and corporations by the vast majority of people where each can eventually establish the following concept: “from each according to his [and her] ability, to each according to his [or her] need” is doable–where each contributes to the economic system as possible and all have their needs served.The moment has to be right for this change. To me, we are no where even near this moment. That we are not close to this happening does not mean that it is an incorrect concept or action to take. So, what are the most effective action(s) to take now? beautifully written, Roland Vincent—


  4. So well written and sadly

    True.. I do believe there is still hope if each and every person takes a personal responsibility and then is responsible for the children they are raising I know it’s wishful thinking but we have to start somewhere


  5. As animal activists we often focus on the animals that are victimized because we exclude them from moral consideration and legal standing and exploit them in our economic system.

    But when we look beyond our treatment of animals, we find the same systems often fail those they are supposed to protect. Just look at four of the Ten Commandments that underlie the world’s major religions and also support their legal systems.

    5. Thou shalt not kill.
    6. Thou shalt not commit adultery.
    7. Thou shalt not steal.
    8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

    Yet, even after years of religious indoctrination accompanied by threats of eternal damnation, people are injuring and killing each other, committing an astonishing array of sexual sins, stealing and robbing, telling lies, engaging in character assassination, and committing perjury.

    The same is true of the law. It is designed to protect human beings and ensure a safe and civil society. Yet the courts convict and sentence and the jails imprison hundreds of thousands of law breakers who injure, kill, rape, steal, rob, and lie.

    Capitalism ruthlessly tortures and kills its helpless and hopeless animal victims by the billions. They may be alone in the horror and extent of the abuse but not in exploitation itself. CEOs of mega corporations reside in mansions and gated communities while consigning workers to barely living wages or employing them in sweatshops and housing them in slums.

    We need to go beyond our religious systems, legal systems, and economic systems and take a good, long look in the mirror. We are H. sapiens and this is our world. It is the one we created and choose to remain in.


  6. I’m glad I stopped eating meat a long time ago.
    I grew up in a family who ate meat and dairy.
    It wasn’t till my collage aged son came home one day from school
    and told me he was a vegetarian and why.
    Sometimes our own kids can teach us something.

    Ma Tipanna


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