Hillary Clinton and the Suicide of Liberalism



Hillary and her cocoon of advisers are deeply out of touch.  They will drive liberalism off a cliff,* from which there may be no return for a generation.

Brexit has rattled the Western elites: pundits, politicians, professionals, and Wall Street financiers.  Suddenly major publications, including the NY Times, are writing front page stories bemoaning the depth of the populism that is roiling Western Europe, and—now, they notice—the U.S.  These are the same elites who consistently underestimated the appeal of both Trump and Sanders, whose combined votes in the primaries far exceed those of Clinton.  The disturbing, yet comforting, explanation that the elites have offered: these annoying ruptures in the space-time continuum are due to low information voters—i.e., dumb folks—who are moved by tribalism, racism, and xenophobia.

No doubt xenophobia and racism can be found among the populists, but it would be a serious error to dismiss them on…

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