Revolution may be Closer than We Think

your face hereIn 1975, the modern animal movement was born with the publication of Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation. Since then, the Animal Holocaust has more than doubled in size. By any measure, the Animal Holocaust will continue to grow.

All of the animals saved by animal activists and vegans in the last 50 years are fewer than will be murdered on slaughterhouse floors in the next work shift.

Only governments could ban animal murder and enforce its prohibition. Capitalist governments will never do so. To end the horrors will require violent social revolution.

All of history demonstrates that oppression is never ended by appealing to the compassion of the oppressors. Power is never surrendered, it must be wrested away from those who hold it.

Animals have no power, no ability to fight for their freedoms. It will fall to those of us who champion them, and our task of winning those freedoms will necessarily be more difficult than would be winning our own. The more difficult the war, the more deadly it will be.

It is convenient to subscribe to the prevailing view that we must work within the law. By doing so we are not at risk. We are free to ignore the horrors with clear consciences. We convince ourselves that to do otherwise would accomplish little and cost ourselves much.

We are swallowing the establishment Kool-Aid by the gallon. The propaganda generated by those in power to control those out of power.

We are not alone in buying into the idea that fighting the government is futile.

Black Americans and Native Americans have been brutalized, victimized, and murdered by police across the country for over 200 years. Even today, in a supposedly enlightened America, young black men are gunned down in the streets by cops, killed in custody, incarcerated out of all proportion to the population. Even so, most African Americans are docile toward government. Most even support the status quo and vote for Hillary Clinton.

Native Americans actually fare worse. After hundreds of years of military and police action against Native Americans, broken treaties, confinement to reservations, and the theft of their lands and the murder of their forebears, Native Americans are still unwilling to engage in armed insurrection.

Were they to be willing to revolt, but reticent due to the odds of success, one could well understand their reluctance. The same with blacks. Most are willing to endure the status quo on the hope of future gains.

The result of even the most oppressed embracing the oppressors means that true freedom is well below the horizon for most people. And even further below the horizon for the animals.

But there are glimmers of hope. Bernie Sanders’ political revolution has inspired and activated a new generation of Americans. Donald Trump’s populist campaign against the establishment has wrested control of the Republican party from the hands of Big Business and Wall Street. Political unrest in the UK became an uprising against the elites and plutocrats who run the British government. Populist opposition to the oligarchs of the European Union has been ignited in several countries. Globalization, the mantra of multinational corporations, central banks, and capitalist governments, is now being seriously challenged.

Political revolution is a far cry from social revolution, but they are on the same road that radicals are traveling.

And if political revolution is suppressed and its advocates are attacked and marginalized by the political establishment, social revolution becomes the only option for progressives and people of conscience.

Animal advocates need to be ready to join, if not lead, the revolution.



Amory Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

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8 thoughts on “Revolution may be Closer than We Think

  1. Roland: I was always under the belief that groups like Vegan Outreach with their leaflet booklets ‘Why Vegan’ had a really good strategy in future effective change on society but in reading your logical posts I am quickly changing my mind. Can you expand on this organization in a future post. The numbers don’t lie ( 60 billion from 20 billion in 1975). Is their anything more they can do ?


    • Recruiting vegans is certainly better than not recruiting vegans, and once people are vegan they are much more likely to join the struggle against the Animal Holocaust. But veganism itself cannot solve the problem of the Animal Holocaust. Carnists are being born hundreds of times faster than we can recruit vegans. The only possibility is revolution and chaos interrupting the horrors, and a revolutionary government which would hopefully ban slaughter, but would most likely merely reduce it substantially.


  2. With regard to the first two “Armory Notes” requesting information about other blogs “radicalizing the animal movement,” here is a site: “Daily – A Bitter but Healthy Response to the Propaganda of American Imperialism and Plutocracy.” I believe it is pro-animal and anti-hunting, but please do check it out and judge for yourself. The site offers 3 videos that “articulate, in rather different ways, much of the philosophy animating the content of this website. “


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