The Absurdity of Modern Civilization

smoke-and-mirrors-header2Banners and boundaries divide the world. It is an untenable and ridiculous concept that people can own and partition a planet.

Borders are not real. They are contrived by people who wish to exclude or include others. Only people on one side or another of some imaginary line have certain rights? Can vote? Can cross?

That we can trace historical events that have brought us to this is of no importance. History shows that every piece of real estate in the world was stolen, that every government is the product of violence and murder, that the entirety of human civilization is built on a history of conquest, war, genocide, and slavery.

We modern, enlightened, people reject the obscenities of the past, we distance ourselves from ancient crimes, we espouse equality and fraternity, we believe in human rights and fairness.

Yet we base our societies, governments, and economies on crimes of the past.

In the United States, the supposed beacon of freedom and equality in the world, every American lives on property that was stolen from Native Americans. Every deed to every parcel of land is drenched in the blood of people from whom it was stolen and who were murdered to obtain it.

We adopted laws prohibiting others from following us across borders we drew. Borders that are not really there.

Birds fly over them, animals walk across them, fish swim through them. But humans can be shot for doing the same.

Every human born has the same right to be on Earth. Just as every animal has the same right to be here as does any other creature.

But humans have determined they are superior to any other creatures. They have determined that some humans are superior to all other humans. And they have designed society to perpetuate that privilege.

Hence, borders. Real estate boundaries. Police forces. Armies. Corporations.

Consider the absurdity of someone owning a planet! By what logic could anyone own a planet? How could a group of people own a planet? Why are some people rich and some poor? Why can some inherit wealth at birth and others be consigned to abject poverty? Are people of different value? Is a rich person worth more than a poor person? Should some people have access to food, shelter and healthcare, and others not? Is a baby born in Africa worth less than a baby born in Beverly Hills?

While we would all agree that people are of equal value and that babies are all the same, we nevertheless embrace the fictions of civilization which permit the poverty and protect the privileged.

We spend our lives working for paychecks, selling ourselves to corporate masters that profit from our labor, to pay rent on homes or purchase same from banks that do not own them. We live under government which has murdered millions of people, enslaved and incarcerated millions more.

We are pawns of a few who own the country, yet we cower before their police and their army. We believe their advertising, we swallow their propaganda, we watch their news and read their newspapers. We have surrendered our logic and our independence to comfort and fear of the unknown.

We vote for their candidates and feel we are free.

We are slaves. We are fools. And we are impotent.

But like gods, governments are fragile things. They only have power over their people so long as their people allow it.

The whole of oligarchy crumples like a house of cards if people en mass say “No.”

But therein lies the problem. Most people not only refuse to say No, they mindlessly defend the oligarchs.

It is those people upon whom the powers that be rely. They are the fodder that dies in revolution, the masses that vote for the status quo, the easily manipulated by media talking heads, those afraid of change, those afraid to think.

They are as much the enemy as are the oligarchs who program them.

They are controlled by smoke and mirrors.



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8 thoughts on “The Absurdity of Modern Civilization

  1. About borders. One could read predictions and play with hypotheticals, such as Could climate change and overpopulation make borders meaningless?

    Some scientists believe that the human population could be 11 billion by 2050. Multiple countries have already outstripped their carrying capacities. In order to survive, expanding populations accelerate environmental degradation and destroy habitat and wildlife. Climate change and desertification exacerbate the problems. Economically, population increase outpaces job creation and ensures poverty.

    The result could be a demographic juggernaut in the form of hundreds and millions migrating to escape starvation. Border laws are irrelevant to the desperate, and what is happening in Europe may be a hint of things to come.

    Maybe it’s time for scientists, heads of state, and religious leaders to face the issues and try to prevent global crises.


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