The United States of Earth

earth flagAn Eco-centric Foreign Policy in a Post-capitalist United States

Philosophers and scholars have dreamt of changing human civilization. Of starting with a clean slate. A blank canvas. Of designing a world government that would assure human rights for all, end all wars, all regional and sectarian conflict, protect the environment, regulate commerce, and provide a fair judicial system to deal with civil disputes and crimes.

Socialists believe such a government is necessary to prevent capitalism from infecting regional governments and corrupting local and regional officials.

Capitalists almost unanimously reject world government.

Understandably, as multinational corporations would not be beyond the reach of such a government, as they presently are beyond individual nations’ abilities to control and tax.

Just as each individual human has the same right to be on Earth as any other human, all of the Earth’s resources should belong to everyone.

The rainforests, for example, are necessary for the health of Earth, and should not be owned or controlled by a few peoiple who actually live in their midsts.

Similarly, wildlife in Africa and Asia should neither be owned or controlled by countries in which they live. The entire planet belongs to everyone and is everyone’s responsibility to care for.

Only a world government would have the power and moral authority to control the planet’s resources and protect the world’s people and wildlife.

Creating such a world government is likely not possible given the present world political landscape. Nations jealously guard their territories and their influence, and yield neither willingly.

At present, the only nation with the power to establish world government is the United States, the world’s only super power. However, the US is an oligarchy controlled by multinational corporations and the world’s largest banks. At present, the US is the enemy of all a world government should be.

However, in a post-capitalist US, American foreign policy could well shape the world’s political landscape and shepherd a world government into existence.

The hurdle, of course is making the US a post-capitalist power.

There are several glimmers of hope to be seen. Bernie Sanders has managed to fight the capitalist status quo to a virtual stalemate in the presidential primaries. Donald Trump has wrested control of the Republican party from Wall Street. The British public has thrown a Molotov cocktail into Whitehall, populist opposition to the EU has been ignited in a dozen countries. The globalists have had to resort to the most outrageous claims of racism, xenophobia, and calls to limit democracy.

Political revolution is alive and well across Europe and in the US.

And social revolution is waiting in the wings.

If Sanders’ political revolution is thwarted, social revolution could be ignited at anytime.

And if it is, America’s role in the world will change from empire to protecting the planet itself.

The US could annex the Amazon, the rainforests of Indonesia and Asia. Americans could protect African wildlife, Asian wildlife, stop whaling, sealing, ban human trafficking, white slavery, bloodsports, deforestation, strip mining, logging, factory fishing, etc.

The Ugly Americans could be the saviors of the planet.

And America could be the precursor to world government.

The United States of Earth.



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