Fuck Hillary!

hillary-clinton-on-gay-marriageDid that get you attention? Are you offended? I hope I got your attention. And I do not give a shit if you are offended.

Hillary Clinton is evil. There! I said it. And I mean it.

The risk that a war criminal might become president of the United States far outweighs any niceties that are lacking in the warning.

Hillary is all that is wrong with America. Everything that is wrong with the Democratic party. More importantly, she is everything that is wrong with the human race.

She has no moral compass. Everything Hillary does and says is calculated to help her become president.

She has been on both sides of every major issue of the last three decades.

Her present views on foreign policy are indistinguishable from those of Henry Kissinger. No surprise, Kissinger has endorsed her.

Her positions on military adventurism seem identical to those of Dick Cheney. Again, no surprise that Cheney has endorsed her.

Hillary only recently came around to supporting gay marriage and LGBT rights. She is now sorry for her support of the War on Drugs which incarcerated an entire generation of blacks, but not sorry enough to support legalization of marijuana.

She supports Monsanto and opposes labeling of GMOs.

She supports the death penalty.

She opposes universal healthcare.

She is a warmonger and a war criminal. Her policies as Secretary of State resulted in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Libyans and Syrians. Her drone strikes on civilians killed innocent women and children.

Hillary has blood on her hands, and brags about it. She chortled when recounting the murder of Moammar Ghadafy. “We came. We saw. He died”. Ghadafy was sodomized by a knife and died a horrible death.

She has threatened to bomb Iran.

She wants to establish a no-fly zone in Syria, even though Putin has said such an action would be a declaration of war on Russia.

One could pick someone out of the phone book and be reasonably certain that person would be morally superior to Hillary Clinton.

One could certainly find someone else on the ballot who is.



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