I Told You So!

I_told_you_so_by_Party9999999Are you planning on voting for Hillary?

Are you afraid of Donald Trump?

Has the Hillary campaign frightened you into voting for her?

Please remember this moment.

Write it down!

This is the day you should have known better.

This is the warning that electing Hillary will guarantee that Democrats will lose the House until at least 2030.

Please extract your head from your ass for a few moments.

If Hillary is elected in 2016, Democrats will lose the midterm elections in 2018.

One need only look at 2014, the last midterm elections, to see what I mean.

Even with a popular incumbent president, we managed to lose House and Senate seats, and to be swept at the state level across the country.

Under Hillary we will do much worse in 2018. She will be the most unpopular newly elected president in American history. And she will guarantee major losses across the country in 2018.

Thirty two governorships are at stake in 2018. Even if Democrats break even, we will not have enough states to control reapportionment in 2020.

Which means Republicans will be able to gerrymander the House after the 2020 Census.

Which means we will not have a chance to gain control of Congress for another decade!

Republicans will control the House until 2030!

Please print out this page.

Place it in a safe place.

Do not take it out until 2020.

If you voted for Hillary, and she was elected, please look in a mirror and recite this after reapportionment:

“You asshole!

Thank you for fucking up the country until 2030.”



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9 thoughts on “I Told You So!

  1. Republicans will keep the house in this election, their past redistricting is still in effect and even a Hillary landslide will still lose the house, ?, even if she had congress the 1st 2 years, so what, she’s got no agenda worth caring, look @ Obama, he had 2 years, to no effect, because he is who he is just like she is, besides with any luck she will have started WW3 by then and blow us all to smithereens anyhow, her announced and unrefuted uncriticized NO FLY ZONE over Syria should bring on Armageddon actually in her 1st few months. Russian S-400 is awesome, not your average surface to air battery, it will shoot down a lot of airplanes, most likely all of them. She will then have to send in cruise missiles or start firing shit from outer space, no doubt she will use whatever is at her vicious little disposal. So F 2018 , we’re screwed sooner than that.


    • Are you suggesting that the Democrats will win the 2018 midterms? That Democrats will win enough state houses and legislative chambers to control reapportionment in 2020? If that is what you mean, I would be most interested to hear how you think that would be possible. Care to enlighten us?


      • You presume a trend that may have been apparent in the past will manifest in the future.

        This country seems to be trending toward more people identifying themselves as democrat rather than republican. Also, “white” America is aging, which means, every year, more and more republicans are dying. This country is already dangerously “liberal.” I see this country facing some tough sociopolitical issues for the rest of this century because of its unwillingness to stem immigration and love affair with an ever-expanding economy to the detriment of species and habitats.

        It’s all about growth. More people, more cars, more dogs, etc.


  2. I can say I share your views BUT, a very big BUT, is the Supreme Court appointments. We know what Scalia has done to this country. Very important decisions await the Supreme Court. I fear for who Trump will appoint.


    • After last week’s unanimous decision by the Supreme Court overturning former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonald’s conviction for corruption, any suggestion that there are progressives on this court has been soundly refuted. The justices endorsed political corruption as the norm, and gave a green light to bribery of public officials. The entire court is made up of corporatists who differ slightly on social issues.
      Basing one’s vote upon any illusion that Hillary Clinton would appoint one or more progressives to the court is laughable. But there is nothing funny about her penchant for military belligerence, her support of trade agreements, her opposition to universal healthcare, her support of the death penalty, and her opposition to legalizing marijuana.
      If Trump is president an appoints a Scalia-type replacement for Antonin Scalia, we won’t be in any worse shape that we were a few months ago.
      The Democrats will most assuredly retake the Senate, providing a much needed oversight of Trump judicial nominations. And Trump will almost assuredly be a one term president. Democrats will nominate and elect a true progressive in 2020. If Hillary is elected, we will not be able to elect a progressive until 2024, and even then we will have lost the House until 2030.


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