Stay in the race, Bernie! Someone might Assassinate Hillary!

USA, New York State, New York City, Crime scene barrier tape

USA, New York State, New York City, Crime scene barrier tape

An outrageous statement? Of course. But that is the exact rationale for Hillary staying in the race against Barack Obama in 2008.

Hillary only endorsed Obama after extracting a number of concessions from him: that he would not nominate a woman as vice president, that he would name Hillary as Secretary of State, that he would endorse her in 2016.

Both Hillary and Obama are political animals. The bargain they struck was a political one. Neither were concerned about principles or policy. Their deal was one of raw political power.

Hillary delivered, and endorsed Obama. Obama delivered and made HRC Secretary of State, and is now stumping for her before she has even won the Democratic nomination, an unprecedented move for a sitting president.

The difference between Bernie Sanders and the Democratic establishment is profound. Sanders is not in this for political gain. He is unmoved by political intrigue and gamesmanship. Sanders is not dealing in politics as usual, because Sanders’ campaign is not about politics. Bernie is calling for political revolution.

Political revolution is not impacted by politics or political considerations.

The Democratic establishment is committed to Hillary. They have to be. Were Sanders to become the nominee and win, all the Wall Street hacks, sycophants, party operatives and conservative Democrats holding positions in the party would be finished. There is no room in Bernie’s revolution for establishment Democrats.

Bernie’s revolution is not about winning the presidency, or any other elections. Political revolution is about commandeering the Democratic party, building it as a democratic socialist party with the aid of a generation of young people, and then taking over the country in a very few election cycles.

No place in that scenario for Hillary or any of her establishment cronies.

No room for Obama acolytes, Wall street lobbyists, Big Pharma bagmen, the health insurance industry, the military-industrial complex, Big Oil or Big Ag.

Political revolution will come.

It will come faster if Hillary is defeated, but it will come nevertheless.



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6 thoughts on “Stay in the race, Bernie! Someone might Assassinate Hillary!

  1. Bernie is endorsing Hillary.

    He doesn’t have to endorse Hillary, but we know why he is.

    His revolution never was.

    I told you so.

    “Humane” treatment of livestock before slaughter is the direction headed in this country–and the addition of more canines to the human family.


    • Bernie believes that the future of the political revolution is from within the Democratic party. Whomever is the nominee of the party for whatever office enjoys blind, mindless support of many rank-and-file Democrats. Sanders undoubtedly believes that it will be easier to takeover the Democrats than it would be to grow the Greens or a new third party into national contention. The best case scenario for progressives would be that Hillary loses the general election to Trump with enough support from Bernie that the Democratic establishment is unable to blame him for her defeat.


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