Sometimes Shooting Cops is Warranted

policeLocal governments across the country are controlled by real estate developers and property owners. From the largest cities to the least populated counties, real estate interests control government and direct the police.

Police are the first line of defense for the local powers that be. The first line of defense for all governments. The police are the enforcers of law and the symbol of state authority.

And there are almost three-quarters of a million of them across the country. Armed, belligerent, racist in many cases, and beholden to a system that allows them to use force and violence against anyone they wish.

And use it they do. Primarily against blacks and Native Americans. Shooting down unarmed people in the streets, killing them in custody, beating them in demos and public protests, usually with little or no consequences.

Killing someone is a guaranteed paid vacation for a cop.

Most police are not well educated, a high school diploma usually suffices as an educational prerequisite. Most police are trained by local police academies, assuring that institutional racism and ingrained prejudices are continued.

The biggest problem with police are police unions, which place the interests of incompetent and rogue cops above the interests of the public. Police unions make it difficult if not impossible to rid departments of problem officers. They perpetuate the Code of Silence endemic to police forces.

In civil disturbances the police are the combatants on behalf of government. When and if social revolution comes to America, the oligarchy and the ruling class will be defended by local police. If they fail the National Guard will be called in. And if the National Guard cannot put down rebellion, the US military will become an occupation force in the affected communities.

Revolution may be closer than we think. Political revolution is being openly advocated by the most popular candidate for president in the country. The political establishment is using all of its power to quash any such political opposition. The Republican party, long the backbone of corporate interests in the US, has been taken over by populists led by Donald Trump, people with no allegiance to Wall Street or the corporate interests that own most politicians, most officeholders, and populate most government departments.

Calls for social revolution are coming from progressives, from environmentalists, from black activists, from animal advocates, and from social and economic justice activists.

The police seem oblivious to public concerns about police violence. Political leaders are paralyzed by inaction and misunderstanding of public outrage.

And the police keep killing people.

The average citizen is much more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist.

If revolution erupts, the police must be our first targets. The most likely scenario is that black Americans will finally take to the streets in outrage and self defense. All who oppose the status quo, the oligarchy, corporatism, and the state, must join our black brothers and sisters in the streets.

They cannot defeat the state by themselves.

The ensuing chaos should provide animal activists with the opportunity to attack all in the chain of slaughter, to destroy slaughterhouses, free animals from feedlots and factory farms, to arrest boards of directors of slaughter companies, burn warehouses, packing plants, restaurants. Activists in port communities should attack and sink fishing fleets and factory ships. Laboratories and testing facilities must be destroyed.

Refineries, fuel depots, oil fields, and service stations should be commandeered and defended against use by police and the military, or destroyed to prevent the state from using them against the people.

Many who call for revolution haven’t a clue how it might play out. Revolutions are messy, deadly, chaotic, brutal and fearsome. The state will do the most outrageous things to preserve its power and control over the populace. Deadly force will be the norm, rights of the people will not exist, brutality will be encouraged. 

The silver lining in this for the animals is that slaughter will be disrupted and largely prevented. Animal activists can be a major force in the resistance and the rebellion, and directing our efforts at the heart of Big Ag, Big Pharma, and corporate America, we will be instrumental in bringing capitalism to its knees.



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16 thoughts on “Sometimes Shooting Cops is Warranted

  1. I am an animal rights activist, pro-choice and an environmentalist. BUT you are completely losing me with this anti police drivel. Let me tell you what I know from my own personal experience, instead of the of mumbo jumbo you are giving us. I have lived in buildings and neighborhoods where the hoods terrorized the residents. I know what it is like when you are afraid to go outside of your apartment after dark because you may come face to face with the neighbors kids and their gangster friends. I know what it is like that when you leave your apartment to go to work there is good chance you may get robbed. In fact, I was robbed twice in my life. Guess what type of people robbed me. Am I racist to be afraid and want protection? Please just stop this racist one sided drivel.


  2. Police departments need to get rid of their bad actors. Some departments develop bully cultures that allow abuse of both power and citizens. Those departments need a purge from the top down. Too many applicants lack the education and temperament to be officers, and many departments need better education, training, and discipline. But poor pay plus dangerous working conditions will not attract desirable candidates either.

    Chief David Brown of Dallas stated what virtually every police department is coping with: The spillover of social pathologies that are ignored until they become law enforcement problems–addiction, mental illness, family dysfunctions, school violence. On top of that there are the worst criminal elements in society to curtail.

    Who knows. When the revolution comes, the police may join in. They could get tired of maintaining order for the corporate and commercial worlds and become disgusted with trying to contain the social evils the tax payers and politicians won’t confront. It wouldn’t be the first time the enforcers joined the uprising.

    All things considered, though, your list is long and daunting. I opt for extinction and a new start.

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  3. “Armed, belligerent, racist in many cases, and beholden to a system that allows them to use force and violence against anyone they wish.”

    Can you clarify the meaning of “in many cases” in the assertion above?

    “The average citizen is much more likely to be killed by a cop than by a terrorist.”

    Well, I know I am not an “average” person. Are you an average person, Mr. Roland? Are you likely to be killed by a cop or terrorist? Also, may we differentiate between some cops and other cops or some terrorists and other terrorists?

    I think you are disillusioned. The world you would like to see isn’t within sight. The people whom you think might wish to create a world similar to the one you entertain in your head is less than one percent of the population in the U.S. How do I know this? The same way you know police officers are “racist in many cases.” However, I think my assertion is more accurate than yours.

    Too many people in this country are too sedated by sports, entertainment and barbecues to be concerned with the plight of livestock animals or ecosystems or habitats or human population growth or rainforest devastation.

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    • Revolutions are created by tiny minorities. As for racism in police departments, I think that is so obvious as to be a given. The brutality against blacks by police is ample testament to institutionalized racism.
      The startling thing is the general acceptance of the black community for the political system that permits such brutality. Blacks are more supportive of the status quo than are most demographics. They vote for Hillary. They are color-blinded by a back man in the White House. But at some point, young black people will no longer be assuaged by sellout black leaders and establishment political hacks.


      • I don’t think young black people are “assuaged by sellout black leaders,” unless you are referring to professional athletes or professional entertainers who are the real “leaders” of young black people.

        Is your local police department primarily racist? How do you know this? It seems as if you’re as guilty as anyone else with “profiling.” You seem to profile the police.


      • Why don’t you care about the brutality of black criminals towards their innocent victims? Why don’t you care about shop keepers and people who are harassed and robbed? Why don’t you care about the working people who have to share their neighborhood or building, as it was in my case, with gang members and have to hide behind locked doors? Maybe in your book all the victims deserve what they get. By the way, when it comes to being anti establishment, you are not alone. But being just swept away in falsehood to be anti establishment is as wrong as holding a far out fanatic belief in some self serving interpretation of a religion.


      • I think you are a racist too. As a general rule I don’t like half the people on this planet as I find them not worthy of being called human. But as far as my experience goes, I always found the police helpful. Yes there are a few bad tempered ones around but to generalize with such a sweeping generality, well that makes you and BLM just as racist if not more.


  4. This is a bunch of *crap*, Roland – – and when I have time, I will elaborate on that. For now, I’ll just say that I see that you endorse the A.S.P.C.A., and allow that extremely questionable organization to advertise on your page. Kind of counterproductive, if you know anything about the ‘A’ – – *and I do*. Geez – – if this wasn’t so sad, it would be funny; a *parody* on social disorder. (Incredible that anyone would be able to imagine things going this way). Later, ‘gator!


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