Animal Activists are Paralyzed by Pacifism and Fear of Law

fearThis may be the most accurate condemnation of the animal movement I have ever read. It was written by Geoff Bates, a subscriber to the Armory blog.

Geoff frequently makes salient observations and profound comments. This one hit very close to home. And it deserves to be shared and contemplated.

The animal movement needs more guts, more vigilantism, more direct action, and more like Geoff Bates.

“Nothing more graphically illustrates the pathetic weakness of the animal rights movement than the fact that malignancies like Walter Palmer are back seemingly to life-as-usual, casually riding around Minneapolis in his (bullet-hole free!) Porsche. That’s when he’s not staying at his (unburned!) country estate in northern Minnesota or his (still standing!) winter home in Florida.

Meanwhile, Safari Club International attracts thousands to its annual convention in a (sarin and anthrax free!) hotel in Las Vegas.

Trophy hunters, the most glaring, egregious animal abusers on the planet living their lives secure in the knowledge that nothing will ever happen to them regardless of what heinous crimes against nature they commit.

That’s because the animal rights movement is basically all talk and no action. A bunch of pussies paralyzed by pacifism and “respect for the Law”, laws that invariably protect the abusers and have scant-to-no regard for the victims.

Activists” content to engage in endless blogs and public hand-wringing while waiting for someone else to start the revolution.”

Well said, Geoff!



Author’s Notes:

I am unaware of any other blog with the Armory’s mission of radicalizing the animal movement. I certainly hope I am not alone, and that there are similar sentiments being expressed by comrades unknown to me.

If you know of other blogs dedicated to animal rights and the defeat of capitalism, please comment with a link.

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20 thoughts on “Animal Activists are Paralyzed by Pacifism and Fear of Law

  1. You don’t need to be tough to ask why Nickelodeon cable network chose a hunter (Blake Shelton) to host its “Kids Choice Awards” show. I didn’t know that kids choose hunters. Do kids like the killer dentist (Walter Palmer) too?


  2. I love Geoff. He is funny and smart and correct. But, what can we do? I manage a TNR community of cats on my property hoping I will not be found out by the authorities. The “shelter” wants all feral cats dead. I hope that the population of the feral habitat will decrease by attrition over time but it is a lot of concern everyday. And then just this last February in moves a bunch of hoodlum dogfighters-right across the street of course. I can see the whites of their eyes and they want me dead too. I have caused them trouble since day one. I called the police, animal control and rallied the neighbors. Everyone was up in arms of course at first. But no stamina-no staying power. I contacted a dog advocacy group and they were sent letters. And just like everything else of this nature it fizzles out-just like the Walter Palmer story and we are left on our own to wring our hands. Have a cup of herbal tea. It feels hopeless.
    If I climbed the fence one dark night to save the animals I would be found in bits and pieces the next morning.
    And who would be caring for my cat friends and I also have one chicken here. I’ve known her since she was an egg.


    • As long as you people insist on propagating animals for ownership, you will struggle with those who have a different perspective as to their “right” to “employ” animals as they see fit. The truth is this: any animal possessed by a human is employed by a human for a particular purpose. You can pretend that you don’t own and control the animals you surround yourself with, but you do. Most owned animals in this country were brought into the world with the expectation of being tethered to a human for life. The calculus is so simple, but so many people refuse to accept it: we determine which species will live in luxury and which species will die in squalor. Don’t you find this arrangement pathological? I know I do.

      Rather than playing until the end of time the stupid game of rescuing and spaying/neutering, why don’t you end it? If you end it, there are no more deaths to feel guilty about. Stop playing the stupid game of animal ownership and rescue!

      The answer to our collective prejudice isn’t to kindly own animals. It is to leave them alone.

      I was thinking this morning that there truly are no animal liberators on this planet. I’m not an animal liberator. Roland isn’t an animal liberator. None of the commentators on this website are animal liberators.

      What is an animal liberator, anyway? Because saving an animal from a shelter isn’t an act of animal liberation.


      • I see your point-blunt as it is. I dislike being called the cat lady of the neighborhood. I thought I would find some peace out here and the cats just keep on coming. The vets working with the TNR practically have an assembly line. We think we have made some progress and then the next season begins. Three females from last year did not take the traps. I have 14 more cats to worry about now. Will begin the whole trapping thing again within the month. I pray for coyotes-for a marauding pack. That may sound cruel but sometimes I feel that I am at the end of my tether. I would like the dynamics of nature to regulate the land. 125 degrees in the shade-tending the feeding stations-the pepper ants swarming over my feet. I am in Hell. But I keep on because it is the right thing to do. No I am not an animal liberator-I just give food, water and shelter and most of the cats are now deactivated. I give a little love. Now you are just a little bit too mean don’t you think?
        And the dog abusers across the street are not of a kind with me.
        You are absolutely obsessed.


      • Yes, I am obsessed–the way Roland is obsessed–but my obsession is the prejudice and hypocrisy of humans who own animals as companions or whatever else it is they think their canines or felines are doing for them. Frankly, I am tired of stepping outside my house and being harassed by captive canines that have no purpose in life because people have the right to keep them enclosed in a backyard 24/7. I am tired of no-kill advocates who don’t recognize yes-kill is at the core of their advocacy. I am tired of all the resources that are now committed or allocated for canines while so many people suffer. What is more idiotic is the idea that a human being needs to be in possession of an animal for mental solace. The ownership of a canine is now becoming a necessity in this country, like a cell phone, and particular advocacy groups are petitioning for taxation so “impoverished” people can keep a pet as a part of their integrative community therapy (enfranchisement/membership). Never mind that these impoverished people are eating animals and feeding condemned species to their preferred pets.

        Does this register as sane to you? It doesn’t to me!

        There is no animal liberation happening in this country.


      • Jerry, you need to get the definition of animal “ownership” straight in your mind and stop obsessing over your petty little grievances over pet dogs in your community. I don’t “own” the animals that I help anymore than the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter “own” their clientele. Few people who care for stray/feral cats do it because of some pathologic obsession with acquiring and “owning” numberless pets. Anymore than wildlife rehabilitators provide life-saving care for orphaned wild mammals and birds because they have some sick desire to “possess” them. They do it for the sake of charity, a quality, judging from your posts, that seems to be conspicuously lacking in your character. I salute you for your efforts to avoid exploiting non-human animals, after all for the majority of animals simply not being harassed or killed by humans is all they would ask. But offering help to an orphaned or injured or starving animal is hardly worthy of condemnation. Heck, nobody is a bigger misanthropist than me but if someone were to leave a human infant in a basket on my doorstep, I’d take it in and try to help it. Not leave it for “natural processes” to run their course.

        I’d propose a test: a stray kitten, obviously malnourished and with eyes matted shut due to viral infection, walking aimlessly along the edge of a busy highway. I would feel something in common, an invisible bond, with ANYONE, be they “ne’er so vile”, who would out of charity pull over their car and try to rescue that kitten from the traffic. For anyone seeing the kitten but driving on, I have nothing but contempt; such people belong to an entirely different species than me, as far as I am concerned, an alien life form with whom I share nothing in common and to whose welfare and fate I am totally indifferent. I think I know how Denderah would respond to this test but I’m not sure, judging from your posts, where you would come down.

        Incidentally, if you are so upset by “all the resources that are committed or allocated for canines while many people suffer” may I ask what resources exactly are you personally allocating to help that suffering humanity you claim to care so much about? Maybe all that time and resources you voluntarily allocate to your daughters soccer team might be better used to feed starving children in Africa.


      • Geoff,

        I don’t concern myself with stray cats.

        Who said I am helping humanity?

        I think our world would be more sane without domesticated canines and felines. That is my position. As I said before, I don’t go out of my way to help or assist animals, particularly the ones you and others choose to propagate and own–yes, OWN.

        I don’t have to twist my language the way advocates do to conceal my metaphysics.

        You can pretend your animal activism isn’t prejudicial and hypocritical in the larger scheme of things, but that is your choice.

        What sort of animal activism are you advocating, anyway? That we all go out and adopt five dogs and five cats, maybe a couple of birds, and, perhaps, we can all volunteer time nursing some seals back to health with condemned fish?

        I’d rather not be a zookeeper.

        Roland describes you as such: “The animal movement needs more guts, more vigilantism, more direct action, and more like Geoff Bates.”

        I think I have heard your narrative before, Geoff, but I doubt you would think of yourself as a gutty vigilante who is “really” changing the world for animals.

        Hey, as long as you feel good about what you are doing, whether right or wrong, that is what counts. Veterinarians who feed their OWNED canines bacon-bit cupcakes for their birthdays certainly feel good about what they are doing.


      • Jerry-In re to your July 24 post. I skimmed the article. My point is simple. I will do what I can for someone in need who crosses my path. I do not own the cats and hope that this habitat balances itself before I die. I wish that no animal was a beggar to humans. I do not advocate. Vegan cat food is not available here but can be obtained from sources in the Bay Area. The costs are prohibitive. The shipping schedules are uncertain. I must use regular commercial products from the pet food aisle. These are the times in which we live. If I refused the cats food because I am a vegan they would starve. I do not want to hear anymore of your outbursts about this. The cats will not be replacing their populations and one day I will be free of this obligation. It has been a heartbreak and I am sick of it.
        You and I agree on many points. And I am glad that you are a vegan. The animal advocacy movement will always be conscripted by the human social geography.
        I am sorry that you have the sadness about the confined dogs next door to you. It is what I have everyday.


    • Geoff,

      Check Craigslist and you will see how many irresponsible people are in the business of propagating and pimping animals. If you think my grievance is petty and little, then you are like a horse with a bit in his mouth wearing blinders.


      • Denderah,

        I care about leaving habitat for animals. I don’t care about the continued abomination of species for ownership. You may spend the rest of your life advocating for felines, if you wish, and, perhaps, you are feeding them a vegan diet, I don’t know? I understand the comfort you get from helping someone nearby. Do you suppose vegan canines (you know, the canines that don’t eat other animals because their vegan owners refuse to feed them the dead remains of other animals) would remain vegan if man were to be removed from the planet?

        I was initially attracted to this website because the author of it made the claim of it (he, really) being the most “radical,” yet I tend to believe my mind is more radical than his. There is a stark, hypocritical aspect of our collective animal advocacy/activism that is ignored. When I read about animal issues on this website or any other, it is as if only half the truth is being accurately portrayed, while the other half is quietly veiled because of prejudice and tradition. Because animal ownership for companionship is so engrained, most people refuse to acknowledge it for what it is. Don’t you find it disturbing that we have bred “toy” canines for strictly apartment living?

        For me, witnessing a “free” animal unaltered or unadulterated by man is beautiful, but a man tethered to an abominated canine is grotesque.

        When the pet food industry engages in the killing of lambs to be fed to canines, this ought to be talked about. For me, talking about the killing of farmed animals for human consumption isn’t enough, because the killing of farmed animals is for canine and feline consumption, as well.
        I know the world isn’t perfect for captive canines, because two of the seven canines our house is surrounded by have it particularly bad, from my perspective. I will share this narrative one last time, because this narrative is shared by millions of other canines owned by humans in this country, and after I have shared this narrative, I will desist from commenting on this website in the future.

        My neighbor Jimmy is a religious man who said so. The day I told him his dogs were prisoners in his backyard, he tried to tell me they were providing a service to him and that I ought to get a couple of dogs for the same reason—to bark at passersby; to alert me to potential breach of my private property. Jimmy made sure I knew his life was committed to the “lord” and that his expectation was residency in heaven in the afterlife. Now, Jimmy’s dogs exist in a small backyard 24/7. Jimmy doesn’t walk his dogs. Jimmy doesn’t interact with his dogs—because, again, they are an alarm system. So what do Jimmy’s dogs do? Well, they set off a false alarm any time something in their environment moves. When I exit my garage door, Jimmy’s dogs are agitated from their apathy and come crashing against the fence. Yesterday, it was about 105 degrees outside, so when I exited the side garage door, Jimmy’s dogs were a bit slow to react, but when they did, they were as fierce as ever. See, some people want to define (or classify) canines as persons, which is fine with me, so long as it is understood a human person is different from a canine person. (Aren’t we all persons that ought to get along?) Anyway, if these canines are persons, then my expectation isn’t to be yelled at (barked at) by persons each time I exit my garage side door. Imagine stepping outside and having another human being yelling at you. I know, I know, you say, that is what canines do—they bark. Yes, captive canines bark.

        I read this research article recently:

        What am I to make of it? What do you make of it?


  3. Sad,but true.Walter Palmer lives in my state.I have been harassed for staring at his office from across the street on several occasions.His staff think he’s a great,guy.They can harass me,but they better not ever lay a hand on me.I just wish I could do more.Use your imagination,here.

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  4. Absolutely correct. I’ve always thought the animal rights movement was hindered by lack of real motivation and long-term commitment. People get involved and excited but leave after they haven’t changed the world in six months. In some cases people do have too much respect for useless and unjust laws. Good point. But there is also a sense of futility in direct action. The AETA magnifies crimes related to animal rescue/liberation. And unfortunately, animal abusers are a dime a dozen. Take one out and 10 more are lined up to drive the trucks or work on the slaughter lines.


    • There is no question that Trump’s sons are scumbag serials killers. However, Trump himself has never hunted, unlike, for example, Hillary Clinton who has.
      But even though Trump doesn’t care about animals, he will stop tens of millions of animal deaths each year just by repudiating our current trade agreements. The most outrageous of all assaults on animals will be the TPP. Several billion additional animals will die if it becomes law. It now appears Hillary is going to embrace it if she is elected. Trump opposes the TPP. Regardless of what you think about Trump, as far as animals are concerned, he will be a savior for hundreds of millions of our fellow creatures.

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  5. Geoff engaging in bravado, as usual, but he is likely an owner of animals and, from my perspective, a true animal liberator doesn’t own animals, whether they are rescued or adopted or fostered or whatever it is people like Geoff say to rationalize their possession of animals that keep the supply and demand of captive species in perpetual operation.

    Instead of the bravado, Geoff, why don’t you tell us what precisely you are doing about the enslavement of animals other than your efforts to own them after you have saved them. Or am I wrong about your bravado?

    Tell me how many carnists you have eliminated? or are you against the death penalty?


    • I have rescued, adopted and run a TNR community. And I think it is the very least I can do for terrified abandoned and hungry animals. Out where I live on the edge of the desert people regularly dump animals on my land. I cannot turn my back on these souls.
      I don’t know what you have against Geoff.


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