If You Support Hillary, We are Not Friends.

hilldawg21I am always sorry to lose Facebook friends. Having open channels of communication with kindred spirits would seem to be an effective way to influence people and to stay connected and involved with one another. Given that most, if not all, of my Facebook friends are people who expressed an interest in animals and my advocacy for animals, every one one of my Facebook friends has been extremely important to me.

And they have been. In all the time I have been on Facebook, over 7 years now, I have never unfriended anyone.

But everything I believe and have worked for, Animal Rights, an end to animal suffering, political radicalism, animal liberation, freedom of conscience, is repudiated and rejected by people who support Hillary.

Everything the animal movement has worked for for decades is undermined by Hillary and her support for animal slaughter.

Everything I believe in is dismissed by Hillary and those who support her.

People I respected and cared about have chosen Hillary over the animals.

Hillary is among the biggest enemies animals have in the world. She supports trade agreements which cause the murders of hundreds of millions of animals each year.

Hillary is the mortal enemy of animals. And that makes her my mortal enemy.

And I cannot have friends who support her. Friends who support the animals’ worst nightmare.

I am supporting Donald Trump for president. I have been supporting Bernie Sanders, and would still like to see Bernie as the Democratic nominee.

But if it comes down to Trump and Hillary, I choose Trump, as he will save tens of millions of animals by abrogating our existing trade agreements. He doesn’t care about animals, but his policies will save tens of millions of innocent creatures every year.

Hillary’s policies will murder hundreds of millions of animals. Perhaps billions, if she embraces TPP and TTIP.

If you support Hillary, you and I have nothing in common.

Your position negates 50 years of animal activism. It spits on activists who have given their all to save animals. It repudiates all I believe in and have worked for.

If you support Hillary, please unfriend me from Facebook. If I know you in person, please leave my life.

This is as serious as a heart attack.

If you support Hillary, we are not only not friends anymore, we are on opposite sides of the struggle for the animals.



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21 thoughts on “If You Support Hillary, We are Not Friends.

  1. I don’t have to explain myself to you or anyone else in this forum. It’s my right to express my opinion even if I don’t agree with yours. I’m not cutting you or anyone else down with “rapier wit”. I won’t stoop to your level of sarcasm.


    • To be candid, if you support Hillary, you support a warmonger. You support a shill for Wall Street, You support a mouthpiece for Goldman Sachs and Monsanto. You support a candidate that sacrifices hundreds of million of animals on the altar of trade agreements. Your candidate opposes legalizing marijuana, supports the death penalty, takes money from the private prison industry. I have yet to hear a rational, reasoned explanation for any progressive to support Hillary.

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      • Your eloquent analysis of each of the points raised was profoundly insightful. Rarely have I encountered such skilful and salient observations being made. I was especially impressed with your command of the Mother Tongue and rapier wit. In the wake of such a devastating refutation of my thesis, I will have to revisit my entire worldview.

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      • Mr. Roland…many of us do not have an elite education nor your rationative prowess. You win by a country mile. But you are an intellectual bully. I do not believe one ugly thing you say about Hillary. Past time for me to stop blathering on these toxic blogs.
        I am for Hillary…so mote it be.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Denderah! I totally agree with you. He is *trying* to bully me with his words but I’m not taking the bait. Some people just have to try to belittle others to make themselves appear more intelligent. I don’t really care what “Roland” says to me. Glad someone else is feeling the “burn” and ignoring it anyway! LOL


  2. I only unfriended one person and it was because she did not respond to my e-mail, which I sent to two (2) of her e-mail addresses. I also did not accept a friend-request from someone who refused to take my call or call me back. Facebook friends do not need to be “real” friends, but if they refuse to respond to specific communications, then we should not be Facebook friends.


  3. .
    HILLARY CARE – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ResvmZH0VzQ — 2012 false statement T18CFR1035CRIME –
    — Debbie Wasserman Schults – D-FLORIDA – regarding ” DENIAL OF CLAIMS is a thing ( CONSUMER FRAUD – http://oig.hhs.gov/fraud/selfdisclosure.asp illegal agreement with Federal|HMO Hospital Insurance Contractors in Seven States – using HHS social workers for enactment _ commission of a felony _ of a dispute resolution appeals procedure T18CFR242CRIME – PATIENT DUMPING ) of the past ( Clinton Administration – Hillary Care ). ”
    PREDITORY PRACTICES – Hillary care – HMO Regulation _ RACKETEERING with Federal HOSPITAL Insurance Contractors _ Deputy U.S. Attorney General ERIC HOLDER subverting justice – http://www.JUSTICE.gov/dag/pubdoc/HIPAA00ar21.htm – allowing Fraudulent Insurance Acts – with HHS OIG June Gibbs Brown and HCFA Medicare|Medicaid Administrator Nancy DeParle ( Obamas 2009 Health CZAR ) – illegal agreement with federal contractors – http://oig.hhs.gov/fraud/selfdisclosure.asp: in SEVEN States: California, New York, Texas , Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan – illegal agreement with – Michigan State Attorney Generals: Jennifer Granholm ( Obamas Economic Advisory Team ) and Wallace Hart HCF Division: using Hospital HHS social workers for enactment ( commission of a felony ) of a dispute resolution appeals procedure, fully launched in 1999 – http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm – T18CFR242CRIME – criminal denial of Existing OPM FEHB, etal. Federal|HMO hospital and nursing facility services: PATIENT DUMPING, and allowing federal hospital insruance contractor illegal billing defrauded RETIRED OPM FEHB|HMO beneficiaries, to force illegal application for HCFA|CMS State Medicaid|HMO hospital insurance Kickback conversion: eligibility poor. Civil and crime victims rights denied.
    FBI — Federal Statutes — https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/investigate/civilrights/federal-statutes – Federal Statutes Federal Civil Rights …[ OPM FEHB – Sec. 900.401, Title VI of the CIVIL RIGHTS ] For offenses resulting in death, there is no statute of limitations.
    OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT [ OPM ] Sec. 900.401, Title VI of the CIVIL RIGHTS Act of 1964 — Authority: Sec. 602, 78 Stat. 252 (42 U.S.C. 2000d-1). Source: 38 FR 17920, July 5, 1973 – A PERSON SHALL NOT BE DENIED [ illegal agreement between LAW ENFORCEMENT Officials – Deputy U.S. Attorney General ERIC HOLDER – http://www.JUSTICE.gov/dag/pubdoc/HIPAA00ar21.htm – HHS OIG June Gibbs Brown and HCFA Medicare|Medicaid Administrator Nancy DeParle – http://oig.hhs.gov/fraud/selfdisclosure.asp – MICHIGAN — State Attorney Generals Jennifer Granholm and Wallace HCF Division — using Hospital HHS social workers for enactment of a dispute resolution appeals procedure – fully launched in 1999: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm – criminal Denial of Contracted Hospital Insurance Services.T18CFR242CRIME ] the BENEFITS of [ Hospital Insurance Services ] or be otherwise subjected to discrimination [ Elderly – RETIRED ] under a program ( OPM FEHB Health Insurance Program ) or activity Receiving Federal FINANCIAL assistance from OPM
    OPM FEHB PROGRAM FRAUD http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm // TITLE 5 > PART III > Subpart G > CHAPTER 89 > Sec. 8912. Prev | Next Sec. 8912. – Jurisdiction of courts The district courts of the United States have original JURISDICTION, concurrent with the United States Court of Federal Claims, of a civil action or claim against the United States founded on this chapter
    PREDITORY PRACTICES – Obama Care — T18CFR242CRIME – U.S. Attorney General ERIC HOLDER – Subverting Justice|running a criminal enterprize – Office Of Dispute Resolution For Acquisition (ODR) — Nov 23, 2010 …for Acquisition (ODR) is the SOLE, Statutorily Designated TRIBUNAL for ALL [ consumer fraud – T18CFR371CRIME ~ http://www.JUSTICE.gov/dag/pubdoc/HIPAA00ar21.htm – using HHS social workers for enactment ( commission of a felony ) of a Dispute Resolution appeals Procedure: MIAG fully launched against Retired OPM FEHB|HMO and HCFA|CMS MEDICAID|HMO Hospital Insurance beneficiaries in 1999: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/HMO_Complaint_Informationa_158401_7.htm – criminal Denial of Covered Federal|HMO Hospital Insurance Claims T18CFR242CRIME – anti trust enforcement Policy of the department of justice, and Federal Health insurance ] Contract Disputes.


  4. I support Trump, but I am so scared for the animals if his sons get ahold of the reins of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Is there any way to shut down whatever they try to do in the way of decimating wildlife protections, most notably, for the big five?


    • Animal murdering scumbags Jewell and Salazar snuck into office under the radar when appointed by Obama. The best thing that could happen for the animals would be Trump appointing his scumbag serial killer sons to positions in his administration. Animal rights and animal welfare would be on the front burner for the first time in history.


  5. Surprised you made a decision to vote for Trump bfore the Democratic party convention has started. Lots of Bernie supporters will be there too. It seems this election year has been quite an oddball year… Trump is clueless about how the government works, lies spew from his mouth, acts like a child and talks like one…do you want this clown to represent the USA ? Consider going with the green party. Dr Jill’s views are similar to Bernie. If it’s any consolation I won’t vote for Hillary nor Trump.

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  6. Roland, you and I aren’t friends, though I don’t support Hillary. Still, I don’t consider you an enemy. You are a voice for the animals–and this I appreciate.


  7. I was for Bernie too, but how can Trump stop NAFTA?
    We also have Trump supporting the fur industry through his old lady’s fashion outfit, and his sons glee with joy upon the slaughter of elephants, rhino’s, lions, leopards, and all others.
    We’re in that hand basket going to hell.


    • Trump can abrogate and repudiate NAFTA and our other existing trade agreements. While his whole family is scum, were Trump to jettison our rade agreeemtns, he would save millions of animals lives each year. Hillary supports our trade deals, including NAFTA.

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  8. Tis a pity that you are so set in your ways about Hillary because you are my friend if you are a vegan. That’s how I see it. I am voting for Hillary but I am not your enemy. I will continue to read your writing-you crazy guy.
    I like your keen mind.


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