Speciesism and Mental Masturbation

speciesismSpeciesism is the most evil concept ever concocted by humans. It is racism on steroids. It is the justification for all cruelty to animals. It is the excuse for the most obscene atrocities. It is the belief that humans are superior to all other life.

Given the depravity and evilness of the concept, one would expect those who eschew and oppose speciesism to be beacons of light in the world, shining examples of reason and empathy, the moral compass of the animal movement and a fixed point of ethics in the shifting sands of pragmatism and situational morality.

While I consider myself to be one of those, I find precious few others who I would describe as anti-speciesists that are even close to such a model. Those who identify themselves as anti-speciesists I have found to be fascists of political correctness, who equate any criticisms of barbarism as racism and xenophobia, and are intellectual frauds who consider human cultures, no matter how barbaric and cruel, to be of more importance than the animals they torture, enslave, and destroy.

People of a culture are less likely to be incensed or offended by cruelty practiced by their peers than they are by the cruelty of another culture which shocks their sensibilities. Americans are less outraged by boiling lobsters alive by fellow Americans than they are that Asians boil dogs alive. We are more offended by cruel slaughter practices accompanied by religious mumbo-jumbo than we are at the institutionalized executions of billions of animals annually in slaughterhouses.

Our opposition to cruelty and barbarism must be as narrowly targeted as possible, and must avoid demonizing those whose own practices are also cruel.

While I am an anti-speciesist, the anti-speciesist argument that cruelty to one species is cruelty to all species is a paralytic and flawed position. It is raised constantly in defense of foreign cultures attacked for barbaric practices. We see it primarily in defense of Asians who kill and eat dogs and cats. The anti-speciesist argument that Americans are equally cruel to cows and pigs makes effective recruitment in America more difficult. That such arguments are frequently couched in claims of racism by those opposed to the dog and cat meat trades reveals the pernicious political correctness that seems to permeate the anti-speciesist community.

When I first launched the anti-dog meat page Koreans Eat Puppies, I was met with particularly virulent opposition by anti-speciesists. I confronted each critic I could locate and pressed the question “What are you doing to end animal cruety and suffering?” Not one of them seemed to have done anything substantive except to criticize others. No campaigns run by any of them. No blogs, no articles. No strategizing, recruiting, educating or influencing anyone at all.

The entire cult of anti-speciesism seems to be an exercise in mutual mental masturbation.



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    Speciesism is the most evil concept ever concocted by humans. It is racism on steroids. It is the justification for all cruelty to animals. It is the excuse for the most obscene atrocities. It is the belief that humans are superior to all other life.


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