Islam. The Pedophile Religion.

fatwahThis blog is a frequent and outspoken critic of religions in general and of those which condone and promote animal cruelty in particular.

Of the world’s major religions, Islam must be considered the most barbaric toward animals.

It also has the distinction of being the most barbaric towards women. Islam considers women to be the property of their husbands, condones marital rape and incest, and deems domestic battery to be the rightful privilege of husbands.

And one of the most egregious teachings of Islam is that pedophilia is permitted by the Qu’ran.

child brides

The Prophet Mohammad took his wife Aisha in marriage when she was 6 years old. He consummated his marriage when Aisha was NINE years old!


The politically correct police have apoplexy when confronted with criticisms of Islam. We are supposed to tolerate rape, child molestation, and wife beating as mere cultural distinctions. Exposing or condemning these atrocities is considered to be bigoted. Islamophobia is used as a cudgel against any who dare focus on the dark truths about this cult.



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6 thoughts on “Islam. The Pedophile Religion.

  1. The politically correct police are idiots! Just take the owner of who objects to calling cyber-bullies “psychos”! What if I call child-rapists “psychos”? Is that okay? Yuck!


  2. “Here you go again”, Vincent–a quote from one of your heroes. Of course, you have many heroes, as you mention in your writings about the many right-wing politicians you have supported over the years, including well-known racist, George Wallace.
    You and Trump have much in common as you are both delusional, egotists, and racists–probably, you also support Trump’s views on women as well, which would also make you a misogynist. By the way, Trump has said some pretty weird things about his daughters, things that no self-respecting father would do, but that probably does not bother you either. His troubling statements about his daughters certainly have some psychologists wondering……
    As for your wonderful Revolution: You no doubt will be sitting comfortably in your Ivory Tower watching it from afar, your hands washed clean. No need to be in the bloody street confrontations, eh? Perhaps you and Trump can get together and talk about how great the coming Totalitarianism will be for everyone. All Law and Order and Safety. This will certainly mirror what the coward Hitler did in the 1930’s.

    Be careful what you wish for.


    • I have been quite clear in differentiating my views from those of Wallace, Jarvis, and Trump. While Wallace was certainly a racist, I do not believe that Donald Trump is. And my own views on race I find more closely allied with Angela Davis and Malcolm X than with any white politician I know of.
      I am a feminist, and have been my entire adult life. But I do not place feminism at the apex of enlightenment, as do many.
      As for getting my hands dirty in the streets, I have years of scar tissue to show for my activism. I was in the streets for civil rights, against the war in Viet Nam, and with Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, and the farm workers. I have been beaten by police on two occasions, was arrested frequently and became a federal fugitive for my role in running draft resisters to Canada.
      You seem to read my articles with an eye to disagreeing with me from the outset, something I find quite odd from someone who professes to be an animal activist.
      The litmus tests I employ for every election is which candidate will do the most for animals or which will cause animals the least suffering. Even Bernie supported hunting and dairy farms, so even the best candidate in the race was greatly flawed. Of Trump and Hillary, Trump has said he will repudiate our trade agreements. Were he to do so, HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of animals would not be slaughtered each year.
      Every year Trump would save twice the number of animals as has been saved by the entire worldwide animal movement over the past 50 years.
      I am curious what litmus test you apply, and whether animals enter into your decision making process at all.


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