We Are Close to Revolution!

revolutionAs recently as last year I was convinced social revolution was decades, if not centuries, away.

I never thought I would live to see it. All my work toward social revolution I figured would come together generations from now.

Two men have changed the world in this past year. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Each recognized government no longer works for the people. Each had the courage to be a voice in the wilderness. Each stood up to the establishment. Each was demonized, criticized, mocked, and dismissed.

Trump wrested control of the Republican party away from Wall Street and the oligarchs. Bernie came from nowhere and fought the Democratic establishment and their crown princess to a virtual draw.

Both attacked the establishment’s trade and war policies. Both declared their independence from Wall Street, from money in politics, from lobbyists, from the revolving door.

Anti-establishment fervor has gripped the body politic.

And the American people are no longer willing to be ruled by an oligarchy.

In one short year the possibility of social revolution is real. And imminent.

Revolutionary signs are all around us and around the world. Britain’s revolt against it’s own oligarchy and the control exercised by Brussels. Unrest is apparent across Europe as refugees fleeing American bombs flood into the European Union from Syria.

NATO, the US controlled occupation of Europe, is being weakened in it’s resolve to confront Russia.

America is an Empire. We have almost 1,000 military bases in over 150 countries around the world. Not one country has a military base on American soil.

The United States is the purveyor and supporter of multinational corporate interests, the enforcer of corporate exploitation of the world, the bully willing to deploy US bombs, bullets, and blood, to ensure the new world order of international corporatism.

And the world is ready to revolt against the empire. As are the American people.




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3 thoughts on “We Are Close to Revolution!

    • Dear Roland,

      You should be on social media more! You should go on popular networking sites to spread the message of Animal Rights! You will be able to convince many people to go vegan, and recruiting vegans and educating the public are our main goals as a movement. I recommend an Instagram because the vegan movement is growing exponentially on Insta due to people using it more and more.


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