The Case for Human Extinction

human_extinction___coloured_version_by_bataulai-d8a9rhjby Marcia Mueller

Halal slaughter is ugly and inhumane and should be outlawed. However, Islam is not the only religion that has a pattern of animal abuse. There is Jewish kosher killing and the Kaporos torture of chickens. There is Santeria sacrifice as well as the many festivals of the saints in traditional Catholic countries where animals are sadistically tortured. It is time for Religion to question the contradictions underlying its myths and rituals and condemn brutal practices, such as halal, that have no place in the 21st century.

People should be asking why would a loving and righteous God, as many believe their deity to be, demand such human savagery and animal suffering in His worship. Is it because, contrary to the Biblical version, it is more likely that “man” created God in his own bloodthirsty image instead of the other way around? Is that the real Original Sin?

We should be less reverential about religion and less politically correct in dealing with it? Religious freedom should have restrictions and limitations like the first and second amendments have for freedom of speech and for the ownership and use of guns. I suggest the following: Religious freedom should end where animal suffering and death begin.

But if we take the abuse of animals by Religion out of the mix, we are still left with Big Ag, Science, Entertainment, and Fashion, etc., and their animal abuse.

We would still have slaughterhouses with crippled animals beaten to death because they cannot move fast enough through the slaughter line, and others with their eyes knocked out and bones broken by misplaced blows, and pigs sent to the scalding tanks before they are dead. We would still have hens stacked in endless rows in tiny cages and male chickens thrown alive into macerators and newborn male calves torn from their mothers and turned into veal.

We would still have rabbits blinded by chemical testing and other animals poisoned and mutilated for research.

We would still have horses in dragged out of rodeo arenas with broken backs and legs and bull tortured in the ring.

We would still have minks and other animals trapped or electrocuted for fur coats.

And we would still have deer and elk filled with arrows every fall.

So how is it that in every time and in every culture human beings have tortured and killed other animals? Why is one human enterprise after another built upon the suffering and death of the creatures we share this planet with? Where does the source of all this evil ultimately lie?

Maybe the answer is in the simple wisdom of Pogo: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Or in the conclusion of Farley Mowat: “I don’t like saying this, but I think we’re a bad species and the sooner we get off the planet, the better.”



Author’s Notes:

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5 thoughts on “The Case for Human Extinction

  1. This would work better for me before a mission than Shakespeare’s Henry V St. Crispin’s Day speech.


  2. I agree with your reasoning about religions and God. I have found that every religion, except Buddhism perhaps, gives the followers such freedom to act such acts of brutality and savagery against animals, it is like animals are the enemy and made up of other material than flesh and blood! If you ask born again Christians they would say bible said God made man in his own image and gave him dominion over all other animals. Every time I hear someone saying this, I cannot help but think that if humans were made in the image of God and they are given the right and capacity to commit such acts of carnage then God must be a psychopathic killer monster. But I think your argument is a much better one.

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