Trump’s Sons Under Investigation For Poaching

There is no question that Trump’s sons are scumbag serial killers. However, Trump himself has never hunted, unlike, for example, Hillary Clinton who has.
But even though Trump doesn’t care about animals, he will stop tens of millions of animal deaths each year just by repudiating our current trade agreements. The most outrageous of all assaults on animals will be the TPP. Several billion additional animals will die if it becomes law. It now appears Hillary is going to embrace it if she is elected. Trump opposes the TPP. Regardless of what you think about Trump, as far as animals are concerned, he will be a savior for hundreds of millions of our fellow creatures.
The litmus tests I employ for every election is which candidate will do the most for animals or which will cause animals the least suffering. Even Bernie supported hunting and dairy farms, so even the best candidate in the race was greatly flawed. Of Trump and Hillary, Trump has said he will repudiate our trade agreements. Were he to do so, HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of animals would not be slaughtered each year. Think of that number! Every year Trump would save twice the number of animals as has been saved by the entire worldwide animal movement over the past 50 years.
Voting for Trump is only helpful in those states where he might be able to defeat Hillary, so called “battleground” or purple states. Purple states include or may include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico. North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.
But for Sanders voters in red sates, those carried by McCain in 2008 or Mitt Romney in 2012. there is nothing to be gained by voting for Trump, as he will carry those states against Hillary with or without Sanders voters. Same with deep blue states like California and New York. Hillary will comfortably carry such states, so a vote against her is wasted. Might as well help Jill Stein.
Sanders supporters in deep red or blue states have the opportunity to make a profound difference to the American political landscape by voting for Jill Stein of the Green party. While the likelihood is minimal that such votes would do anything to affect the outcome of races in those states, the cumulative effect of a wave of Green party votes could operate to help the party reach the threshold of 5% of the vote to qualify the party for federal funds.
Writing-in Bernie accomplishes nothing at all. Most states that provide for write-ins do not even count them unless the write-in candidate has declared his or her candidacy.

Cecils Pride

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While Donald Trump is  having fun with the election, his sons are under investigation for poaching and killing of different animal species. Investigators found that back in 2011, the trump brothers went on a hunting trip with an illegal hunting company. Normally hunters go on safari trips with legal companies where the guide have extensive knowledge of different species and prevent the killing of endangered species and those who failed to follow would lose their license. . Who knows why the Trump’s guide is without a license. The trump brother killed an elephant, buffalo and crocodile.

Donald Trump Jr on Safair ( via Flickr)

When this picture surfaced, Trump Jr. later defended their actions in part by tweeting, “I’m a hunter, for that I make no apologies.”. Still voting for Trump? I wouldn’t.

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4 thoughts on “Trump’s Sons Under Investigation For Poaching

  1. The title of your post does what you’ve written a disservice considering how many people don’t actually read articles anymore, but depend on titles to give them all of what they believe they need to know.


      • Yeah, I know that. Unfortunately when I shared it for people to read your point, they missed it and took it to be all about his idiot sons, because people are too lazy to bother reading anymore. Oh well . . . !!!


      • It is amazing to me that people can be tech savvy enough to be on social media, can post, message, email, and download, yet are seemingly incapable of reading plain text.


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