Bernie’s Thrown in the Towel. Let’s Wipe up the Floor with Hillary!

never hillary1There is no question but that Bernie is playing the long game. He knows that taking over the Democratic party the most logical way to take over the US government. Hillary and her cohorts are in the way, and Bernie sees the problem with a third party or independent run. He would neither succeed in winning the presidency, and he would have shut the door on a future coup within the Democratic party.

So he is playing the game. Were he to do a Ted Cruz and decline to endorse Hillary, the repercussions that would blow back on him if she were to lose and would be a real problem for him in consolidating power within the Democratic party.

The best case scenario, of course, would be for Bernie to be seen as Hillary’s loyal, enthusiastic supporter, and then having her lose.

Bernie can never state that publicly. He can never admit that would be the best way to ensure the future of the revolution. He must go through the motions of embracing all he loathes, of supporting all he knows to be evil, of paying lip service to the oligarchy and its whore. And praying each night that Trump cleans her clock.

Because that is all this election is about. Will Hillary be around to thwart the revolution or not? That is the whole question.

From a policy standpoint, it makes absolutely no difference what Trump or Hillary are advocating. It makes no difference what each believes or does not believe. Neither will be able to do anything in office. Each would face a divided Congress. Nothing of consequence will pass both houses. Nothing controversial would reach either presidential desk.

This is all about egos.

Will Hillary get to brag about being the first woman president, or will Trump get to brag about being the most talented politician in a century?

All the bullshit coming from the establishment about turning back the clock on civil rights, women’s issues, LGBT rights, etc, is mere smoke and mirrors, being pumped out by the oligarchs who have no hook in Trump, and are terrified they will lose their power and influence.

The race is only about who will control their respective parties.

If Trump is elected, the Republican party will fundamentally change. It will become a populist, middle class, right of center party at odds with Wall Street and corporate America. If Trump loses, it will revert to the far right corporatist party it has been since Nixon.

If Hillary is elected, the Democratic party will remain the Wall Street party it has been since Bill Clinton purged liberals from the party in 1992, If Hillary loses, the Democratic party will become a left of center progressive party under the leadership of Bernie Sanders and his insurgents.

There are great ironies at play here. The Republican establishment is terrified of a Trump victory, and can be seen flocking to HRC. The Koch brothers. Perhaps the most important financiers of right wing candidates, are backing Hillary. Jeb Bush and his ilk are refusing to support Trump. Romney and the elites are opposing The Donald.

The Democratic establishment is equally terrified of a Hillary loss. If Hillary loses, the Democratic party could well be on its way to being a democratic socialist party, with ties to Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Oil, and Big Pharma severed.

The irony lost on many progressives is that they have a commonality of purpose with Trump and his populists.

Both want to end Wall Street control of the country, both want to grow and expand the middle class, both oppose trade agreements and multinational corporations.

For Berners, a Trump victory will mean Bernie’s revolution continues unimpeded.

For Trumpsters, a Trump victory will mean they will have secured their party as one of the people and not of the plutocrats.



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