Obama Should Surrender His Nobel Prize

obamanobelIn one of the greatest ironies in history, Barack Obama holds the Nobel Peace Prize.

Since securing the honor, Obama has provided more weapons of death and destruction to the world than has any president since World War 2.

He has murdered innocent civilians in drone strikes, bombed countries with whom we are not at war, armed Islamic terrorists, and deposed legitimate governments.

Were he Caucasian, liberals would be calling for his impeachment and trial.

Instead, his administration is the model upon which Hillary Clinton plans to base hers.

Hillary was instrumental in effecting those arms sales when Secretary of State. And many of those arms sales followed generous donations to the Clinton Foundation by foreign governments prior to Hillary’s State Department approving the sales.

Under Obama, more nuclear warheads have been stockpiled by the US government than at any time in history,

The military-industrial complex Dwight Eisenhower warned us of is now in complete control of the United States military, the presidency, and the House and Senate.

Their bought-and-paid-for puppet is Hillary Clinton.

Not a single American in uniform has died for freedom since the Second World War. Every soldier who has died since WWII has had their life stolen from them by arms manufacturers and the death industries. War is profitable. Every bomb and bullet means income to the military-industrial complex. Every war and conflict means billions of dollars to them.

As Hillary said, “Iraq is a business opportunity”



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