Trump People Will Revolt if the Election is Rigged

riotsBernie Sanders took the rigged Democratic primaries and the collusion of the DNC with corrupt officials in stride.

Even when several university studies concluded that, absent election fraud, Bernie actually won the primaries and the delegates to win the nomination, Bernie remained calm and collected.

Even after the DNC email leaks proved that Bernie was cheated out of delegates and the system was rigged to defeat him, Bernie kept his word and supported Hillary once she was nominated.

Many of his supporters are abandoning the Democratic party in the wake of how Bernie was treated.

Hillary has no such compliant opponent in Donald Trump.

Political chicanery and election fraud are apparently common operating procedures for the Clinton machine.

If they think they can get away with it again in the general election against Trump, Hillary herself will be responsible for the consequences.

If Hillary and the corrupt officials who support her do to Trump what they did to Bernie, the people will not tolerate it.

There will be civil unrest, revolt, blood in the streets. And Trump people are armed.

Unlike Bernie, Trump will not go quietly into the night if election fraud hands Hillary enough Electoral votes to win the presidency.

Nor will his supporters.

Nor will those who see such an occurrence as an opportunity for social revolution.

It would certainly be ironic if revolution were to be ignited by Hillary Clinton’s running roughshod over Trump’s right of center populists rather than by her running roughshod over the political left.

An even greater irony would be social revolution led by Donald Trump.

We can only hope. And wait.



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10 thoughts on “Trump People Will Revolt if the Election is Rigged

  1. Blood in the streets… Does that mean they will attack something meaningful and be organized, or just target random people around them? Trump supporters commonly accuse urban protesters of burning their own neighborhood, so I would hope they don’t partake in the very behavior they condemn. I am concerned that Trump supporters are ready to turn their celebratory mortars toward the ground if they don’t get to fire them into the sky, turning them on whoever happens to be nearby. Another senseless possibility would be to attempt to implement Trumps positions by mob rule instead of going after the rigged system that held them back. Also, I thought they admired authority, holding police officers and soldiers in high regard. What is the reasoning behind fighting against them when they try to stop protestors?


    • Of course I have no idea how this might play out, but I think even the thickest Trump supporter sees the enemy as the federal government. Protecting the government will be local law enforcement. Trump people will be in the same position as BLM protesters, with police crracking down on them. It is not far-fetched to imagine Trump rioters and inner city youth to be simultaneously fighting police.
      If civil unrest becomes sufficiently widespread, social revolution could be ignited across the country.


  2. The ‘democrat’ party as it stands today doesn’t even understand the MEANING of the word democrat! The democrat party COULD HAVE had a nominee that the vast majority of the people would have voted FOR, but they absolutely insisted on following an old addle brained woman just so she could become the ‘first woman president’. Foolishness!!! I’ve left the ‘democrat’ party after forty years of sincere membership because I simply cannot relate to the policies of the ‘new’ democrat party. I’ll not be part of it~!


  3. If just one person realizes this, it is enough. I dare say many will indicate this understanding after all the votes are counted. The rational, materialist, atheist types may be incapable of understanding this. Too bad.


    • This is prognosis, of course. Like all political and social analysis it is employs reasonable assumptions and likely scenarios. In the end it is an opinion based upon facts and trends. I may well be wrong. This may be wishful thinking as much as anything else. Personally, I hope it portends the beginning of revolution.
      I think it is the height of folly to underestimate the depth of the public’s outrage. The establishment is the enemy, and Hillary Clinton is the establishment.


  4. This should be a very interesting moment in the history of the world. There are some very unsettling parallels to Hitler’s bloody destruction of the Brown Shirts, after they propelled him into the Chancellorship, and Hillary’s betrayal of the Bernie army, the wannabe Green Shirts. When the dust settles, Americans may be confronted with the real Big Brother; Big Sister Hillary.


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