Armory Alert!

The Armory blog publishes unique, original, radical content on a daily basis.

But it is wasted on the choir. To make a difference in the world it must be shared to people whom we can impact, motivate, and inspire.

This is a plea to friends and followers to share Armory articles as widely as possible.

If you have a WordPress blog, please reblog those articles you find worthwhile. If you are on Facebook or other social media, please share all you can.

The Armory is growing, but hardly fast enough. I am advertising and renting mailing lists to promote the blog to progressives and to animal activists.

If you can spare $3 per month, it would really help!

If you cannot, please spread the word as best you can!

The Armory of the Revolution was launched in April, 2014. Since then we have published over 1,000 articles! That’s an average of almost 2 per day!

We now generate over 50,000 hits per month. We have reached almost half a million visits.

All fairly impressive for a one man band, but way short of what we need to do.

I invite submissions of articles for publication, referrals of subjects for interviews, book reviews, etc. Anything that will be of interest and use to the animal movement or political or social revolution.

Thanks for your support!!





PS: I now have a new modem, so connectivity issues have been resolved!


4 thoughts on “Armory Alert!

  1. I couldn’t find a donate button. Your website it’s valuable and I would like to contribute five bucks a month. Dick Warren

    Voting is People Power that Kicks Corporate America out of Congress

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