Feminists Who Condone Rape!

femininistRape, slavery, infanticide. Such is the dairy industry,

If any human beings on Earth should identify with the suffering of cows and their babies, it should be those who advocate against the rape and enslavement of women, and the murder of their children.

However, there is a deafening silence from feminists and women’s advocates about the atrocities committed in the dairy industry. There is a deafening silence about the price animals pay so humans can indulge themselves with milk and cheese.

Sadly, most feminists are perfectly OK with rape if it happens to non-humans. Only violations of the bodies of female humans raises their ire.

Not only do most feminists ignore the horrors committed upon their non-human sisters, most feminists participate in causing the horrors.

Cows are raped. Their newborns are ripped from them and slaughtered. The cows are then enslaved as long as they are producing milk. Once their level of milk production falls below a minimum acceptable, they themselves are slaughtered. All for people to drink the mammary fluids of another species. If the entire industry weren’t such a horror, it would be ridiculous.

Only a tiny fraction of feminists are vegan. And only a few of those are fighting the dairy industry.

All vegans are feminists.

Very few feminists are vegan.

The operative difference between feminists who are vegan and those who are not is speciesism.

Feminists would like animal activists to join with them in pushing for women’s rights and supporting feminist candidates for office.

But they really do not wish our support enough to return the favor on animal issues and veganism.

Years of lending our support to progressives who do not give a damn about animals and dismiss our campaigns must end.

Animal activists should demand quid pro quo on support. We should actively oppose women’s issues until women’s advocates join in embracing animal protection and veganism.

A perfect time to start employing this strategy is now. A perfect forum for advancing it is in US Senate races. The Democrats MUST retake the Senate. They are spending a fortune to do so. If ever Democrats need to listen to us, it is this year!

Let’s make sure that every Democratic candidate for the US Senate is threatened with the loss of our votes unless they commit to ending wild horse roundups, abolishing Wildlife Services, and banning live export of horses to slaughter.

Let’s start flexing our muscle! The Democrats need us more than we need them!



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4 thoughts on “Feminists Who Condone Rape!

  1. African Americans with a history of slavery become insulted when exploited and abused animals are compared to slaves. Jews whose family experienced the Holocaust are outraged when factory farms are compared to death camps.

    Women, who point to a long history of sexist oppression, resent it when the forced artificial insemination of cows is referred to as rape. In her essay, “Sexist Words, Speciesist Roots,” Joan Dunayer notes, “when a woman responds to mistreatment by protesting ‘I’m a human being!’ or ‘I want to be treated with respect, not like some animal,’ what is she suggesting about the acceptable ways of treating other animals?” She is suggesting that what would be intolerable treatment of a human being is acceptable treatment for beings deemed inferior. She is also demonstrating a total lack of empathy.

    When human beings lament their own history of suffering and then distance themselves from or participate in the abuse and exploitation of nonhuman animals, we see the worst face of speciesism.

    And every time the victims become the bullies, they disgrace themselves and diminish their credibility.

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  2. Agree with you entirely! That’s why I don’t take seriously for one moment anyone complaining, no matter how passionately, about racism or sexism or homophobia or whatever if they do not simultaneously and actively support the cause of animal rights. Those that abjure or equivocate on the latter are either: a. uneducated or b. hypocrites. Either way there is nothing to admire in such folks, much less want to act upon their counsel.

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