How Hillary Clinton Betrayed the Animals

hrc debateAnimal activists who support Hillary are constantly pointing to her HSUS score while a US Senator as proof of Hillary’s being a friend to animals. To get an accurate reading on Hillary and her concern for animals, they need to look instead at what she has done since leaving the Senate and what she is advocating now, It is hardly a stellar record of caring about animals, and is very discouraging if animals are your priority, or even a concern.

Hillary’s animal positions in the Senate were mere puffery and bullshit. After leaving the Senate, she became the second most powerful person on the planet. Secretary of State of the United States of America.

What did she do for animals with all that power and influence? Absolutely nothing

She was certainly capable of extorting money from foreign governments for the Clinton Foundation, but unable to secure anything for the animals from those same governments. Why?

Could it have anything to do with the fact that animals are not a priority for Hillary Clinton? That they are not even on her radar when she is not campaigning? That personal aggrandizement, wealth, and power are her concerns?

Imagine what she could have done in her position for animals around the world. Imagine how she could have raised public awareness, Promoted animal campaigns, forged alliances with activists and governments, commanded national and worldwide attention to whaling, sealing, bullfighting, trophy hunting, poaching, the slaughter of endangered species for trinkets, trophies, and voodoo medicines.

Did she do any of that? No!

Did she use her influence to change the Obama administration’s horrid record on animals? No!

Did she seek to end wild horse roundups or ban live horse export for slaughter. Did she use her wight to stop Japanese whaling, Canada sealing, the dolphin murders in Tajii or the whale killers in the Faroes? No!

Did she set up interdiction of wildlife trafficking or poaching? Propose sanctions on countries which import ivory and rhino horn? No!

Did she ever do anything for animals during her entire tenure as Secretary of State? Did she ever make a single public statement condemning any atrocity against animals that occur daily around the world? No, she did not!

Now she is supporting our trade agreements which cause the deaths of hundreds of millions of animal each year.

And we are supposed to be impressed because she got some meaningless score while pandering for animal people’s votes a decade ago? That she has a page on her website which spouts meaningless verbiage about her concerns for animals? That she strokes a few animal activists in private meetings?

What we must remember is that she is again running for office and is again pandering to animal people for their votes.

Hillary is one of the animals’ biggest enemies. And nothing she has ever done proves otherwise.



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2 thoughts on “How Hillary Clinton Betrayed the Animals

  1. amen Roland. 100%. Great information coming from you – as usual – about Hillary (and Bill) Clinton – Well done Sir.

    Hilary SAYS she loves’ Animals …. like ALL people right-around-the-whole-wide-World do …. then she eats MURDERED Animals; MURDERED by others for her to eat them.

    Donald says she is a ‘Coo-Coo’ …. so do I.

    Hillary SAYS she is a Christian. TODAY JESUS would NEVER EVER be “a meat eater” … eating MURDERED Animals; MURDERED by someone else for Him to eat them. Forget it. Hillary follows Satan Re this very very Important ‘Subject’. Simple. Hillary sure as h… does NOT follow JESUS Re this very very Important ‘Subject’ of Vegan ism. amen.

    Hillary will appoint a ‘Liberal’ Judge …. GOD forbid ! Donald says he will bring Parents back into the decision making process Re their schooling …. I understood him to be referring to GOD and what the Greatest Constriction in the World says. Please GOD I did hear him right.

    Lord Bless, love Michael.

    P. S. Roland, I remain BLOCKED by Zuckerberg and his ‘gang’. Facebook BLOCKED me for 2 days; then for 3 days; then for 7 days; then for 30 days. Then when the 30 days expired Facebook BLOCKED me for a further 30 days – before I even made one comment/’post’. I remain BLOCKED. I know why.

    I have ‘posted’ comments on Facebook containing Scientifically Proven Facts and the Biblical TRUTH which ‘point’ the BIG BIG Church Leaders and Evangelists as following Satan, NOT JESUS, Re this very very Important Subject of Vegan ism. Billions of Christians right-around-the-whole-wide-World follow Satan, NOT JESUS, Re this very very Important Subject of Vegan ism. Simple BUT the TRUTH ….

    Zuckerberg and his ‘gang’ are NOT Christians; Zuckerberg and his ‘gang’ are NOT Vegans …. NEED I SAY MORE …..

    Lord Bless, love Michael.

    Liked by 1 person

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