The Animal Movement is Doomed

Animal Rights advocates believe animals have the same right to be here as do humans.
Animal Rights advocates believe animals have the same rights not to be exploited, enslaved, or murdered as we humans claim for ourselves.
Animal Rights advocates believe the test of the value of life is not intelligence, reason, or speech, but whether or not one can suffer.
Animal Rights advocates believe all sentient life is equally valuable and should be protected.

What do we know?

We know that more animals are suffering and dying now than ever before in history.
We know that the Animal Holocaust is increasing.
We know that 60 billion animals are murdered in slaughterhouses every year.
We know that figure was 15 billion fifty years ago.
We know the human population is growing faster than we are recruiting animal activists and vegans.
We know that capitalism is the primary cause of animal exploitation, slavery, cruelty, and death.
We know most of the world’s governments are owned by capitalists and multinational corporations.
We know that socialist societies murder and consume half the animals per capita as do capitalist societies.
We know the average non-vegan indirectly is responsible for the murders of more than 300 animals per year.
We know that not a single government on Earth recognizes the rights of animals to not be enslaved, exploited, or murdered.
We know that Animal Rights activists are at odds with all human societies, most people, all governments, every major religion, and most of the minor ones.

What are we doing?

Unfortunately, almost everything we are doing has nothing to do with ending the Animal Holocaust or changing the world.

We jump from brushfire to brushfire, we try to awaken our friends, our families, our neighbors. We save a few animals. We call about legislation, we email, we sign petitions, we share Facebook posts and blog articles. We cross-post, we rescue, we foster, we transport, we beg, we cry, we pray.

What we do matters to those few we actually help, but for most of the victims of human cruelty, it is as if we Animal Rights advocates do not exist.

The animals keep suffering, They keep being murdered.


What should we do?

There is only one course of action open to Animal Rights activists. It is a long term project, but it offers the only hope for animals.

We should plan for revolution.

Only by bringing down our political, legal, and economic systems will the animals have a chance.

The enemy of animals is the status quo. The existing paradigm. The way things are.

The world’s religions. The world’s governments. The world’s legal systems. Capitalism.

Each feeds on the others, shores up and justifies the others, each is a prison bar for the animals trapped in the world’s food system. Each is a knife, a bolt gun, a bone saw.

The Animal Holocaust could not occur without the participation of, and cooperation of, each.
The religious doctrine of dominion over animals gives the world permission to consume and use animals.
Our legal systems allow for people to own animals, and do whatever they wish to them.
Capitalism rewards those who enslave and kill animals.
And our governments protect those who do.

The Animal Movement cannot succeed under capitalism. While we save the few animals we can, billions more are beyond our ability to save. And the number we cannot save keeps increasing. For animals trapped in the food system, it is as though there is no Animal Movement.

As long as capitalism exists, the Animal Movement is doomed. And so are the animals.



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13 thoughts on “The Animal Movement is Doomed

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  2. I did watch the film recommended by fallopia tuba and what jumped out was the population crisis was never linked to climate change, or even mentioned. No effects on any species but humans was mentioned, even though they realized poorer people will suffer sooner and more than those causing the most damage. But the idea was never extended to include those who contribute nothing to environmental catastrophe, yet suffer the most; namely other life forms—- at least those we haven’t already extincted. Every day that goes by I think more and more that human extinction is the only valid way to save the rest of the earth’s inhabitants. We’ve proven ourselves too selfish and stupid to deserve to survive.


  3. All it will take is for the Voluntary Human Extinction Movements plan to ”Live long and Die out” by not breeding. In 100 yrs humans would be extinct!! And then its back to Paradise for the whole of creation, without this human pestilence.


  4. Roland, your work and writing which exposes the
    unimaginable numbers of suffering and murdered
    animals on this planet is to me, regardless of any
    religious affiliation or lack thereof on your part,
    doing God’s work to save His divine creations in
    any way possible. Universal rights of all species
    includes freedom of or from religion to me. Choosing good over evil is the essential element
    of human value. Religion cannot guarantee anyone’s
    personal choice of good nor is it a requirement
    as you clearly demonstrate.

    Liked by 1 person

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