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PaineMost people who advocate for revolution contemplate it in the abstract. That is to be expected, as few believe revolution is imminent. Details and logistics need not be a pressing concern.

But revolution in the 21st Century against the most powerful nation on Earth, with technology and weaponry unavailable to the public, will require some semblance of planning and organization. Much will depend on the reluctance of local police and the National Guard to kill their fellow Americans. We can hardly count on that, of course, and must proceed with the full realization that the power of the state will be wielded primarily by use of local police. As the local police are unable to contain rebellion, the National Guard will be called into play under declarations of emergency. Failing that, the US Army will be deployed against Americans under federal martial law.

We cannot begin to match the state in weaponry and training. Success of rebellion will lie in sheer numbers of participants standing up to the state.

Organizing that opposition and neutralizing police will be the first orders of business.

We need a resource for revolution. A source of information, leadership development, strategic planning, a group of people who are experts in areas critical to improving the odds that revolution will succeed. Here is my suggestion:

Thomas Paine University.

Thomas Paine was America’s first revolutionary.

His tract, Common Sense, galvanized the American colonists against the British crown.

After helping America secure its freedom, Paine participated in the French Revolution.

It is altogether fitting and proper that Paine’s legacy continue in the Second American Revolution.

The one I am hoping becomes a reality.

Thomas Jefferson opined that revolution should occur every twenty years or so, that the tree of liberty must be nurtured with the blood of tyrants and of patriots.

Thomas Paine University is a paen to the great man, and an umbrella organization to provide the knowledge, tools, and strategies that could prove useful in civil strife and social revolution.

Thomas Paine University is unlike any university in the world. It awards no degrees, and it has no campus. It is dedicated to teaching radicals the fundamentals of social revolution and how to bring revolution about.

It also does not yet exist.

Revolution, when ignited, will pit the people against the state. The state, in the persons of local police, the National Guard, and the US Army, has the tools, training, and weaponry to make short work of an untrained, albeit armed, citizenry.

Thomas Paine University will be designed to train the armed citizen to be the equal of the state’s armed thugs.

It will offer courses on sharpshooting, weapons handling, explosives, urban warfare, drones, cyber warfare, and self defense.

Developing expertise in being snipers and in piloting drones may be the two most important talents developed by TPU.

Drones promise to be the most effective platform for attacking animal exploitation industries, personnel and facilities.

Drones can carry surveillance cameras, guns, and explosives. They can be deployed against the enemy at great distances and without detection.

Thomas Paine University will offer training in piloting drones, using them as remote weapons, and in using them for surveillance and intelligence gathering.

Once organized and launched, TPU will offer courses in revolutionary theory, politics, economics, and social administration.

It will hold field training at camps across the country to teach marksmanship, weapons handling, explosives, demolition, telecommunications, computer hacking, and urban guerilla warfare.

And it will be open to all enemies of the state.

No one will get a degree. No one will get a job. No one will become famous.

But everyone may get their country back.



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7 thoughts on “Thomas Paine University

  1. Good one! I wish we could get a group of dissidents who would give town halls on the Internet. If ISIS can recruit that way, why can’t we? It could be the start of TPU.

    It’s hard to see how anything short of revolution would really help now. But I have concerns about revolutions. They are a little hard to control. The French Revolution started out getting rid of Louis XVI and ended up with Napoleon. The Russian Revolution splintered, and Trotsky ended up in Mexico with an ax in his head. We’ve done well compared to those revolutions, but things aren’t looking good now, with capitalism run amuck and grid-lock polarization.

    So even if enough disenchanted people actually brought about revolution, I’m concerned that the factions resulting would still be governed by the same selfish interests. The vegan faction would not likely be big. And socialism does not have a good history of success.

    If wishing could just make it so. Maybe the way the country is going now, there is hope.


  2. This is just a note regarding a small typo that I noticed. 🙂 At the very end of your post it says, “Just $3 per month will allow is to advertise”!

    *** will allow US to advertise

    *It makes the movement look more organized if all the little things are ironed out. I greatly look forward to hearing more about Thomas Paine University and Animal Rights. Thank you for giving America a chance to retain our freedoms. God Bless the USA.

    Liked by 1 person

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