Politically Correct Liberalspeak

being_politically_correct__think_capThe typical liberal reaction to anything or anyone which challenges their worldview is to attack the heretic as a racist or an ablest or a misogynist or a xenophobe.

Using politically incorrect language is an unpardonable sin, whereas actually doing harm to others is frequently ignored.

The most telling example of this bizarre behavior can be observed in liberal abhorrence of Donald Trump over his frequent insulting comments about Mexicans and Muslims. Yet that Hillary Clinton has actually helped kill Hispanics and Muslims is treated with aplomb.

Hillary supported the coup that ousted the democratically elected president of Honduras. The junta which took over the government plunged Honduras into an abyss of chaos and murder, becoming the murder capital of the Americas. When frightened families sent their children north to find sanctuary in the US, Secretary Hillary Clinton ordered them returned to the killing fields of Honduras.

As a US Senator, Hillary supported the Iraq war, which killed a million Muslim men, women, and children. She continued the killing spree as Secretary of State in Libya and Syria. She famously chortled about the sodomization of Moammar Ghadafy by knife. She directed drone strikes against civilians in countries with whom we are not at war. She murdered civilian families.

But that is all OK, because she didn’t make any racist or bigoted remarks about her victims,

Hillary Clinton’s foreign policies are indistinguishable from those of Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, or Condaleeza Rice. Her trade policies are the same as those of George W Bush. Were Hillary to be running as a Republican, liberals would be up in arms about the body count, about her Senate votes, about her ties to the Koch brothers, about her bribes from Goldman Sachs, her support of the death penalty, her opposition to legalizing marijuana, her donations from the private prison industry, her ties to the royal family of Saudi Arabia, her approval of arms sales, her super PACS, and her mercurial stands on a host of issues, including gay marriage, TPP, black youth, etc.

But Hillary is running as a Democrat, and has the blessing of the Democratic establishment. Therefore, critical thinking and common sense are not required, and are in fact discouraged.

Liberalspeak is employed to keep the minions preoccupied and in line.

The horrors of a Trump presidency are constantly postulated, dire predictions of reversing a century of social progress, racial divides, and even Armageddon, are invoked.

And Hillary’s record is defended by hurling politically correct epithets at her detractors and critics.

Hillary supporters are thus relieved of any requirement that they actually think.



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12 thoughts on “Politically Correct Liberalspeak

  1. Facebook user Karen Burgess is accusing me of “ablism” because I pointed out Stephen Hawking’s lack of intelligence for being pro-natalist, non-vegan. She says I can’t “see the person.” What a moron.


  2. Remember the owner of the Vegan In San Diego blog tried to say I was ablest for calling a cyber-bully a psycho. I think she loves cyber-bullies. The political correctness po-po should STFU.


  3. Have you heard about the new complaint, “cultural appropriation”? (Shouldn’t it be “cultural misappropriation”?) First I read that Justin Timberlake was accused of it for tweeting that he was “#inspired” by a speech on “cultural appropriation.” Then I read about a university student accused of it by another student because he had dreadlocks. Then I read about Khloe Kardashian being accused of it for Instagraming a photo of herself wearing a South African do. I think this new line of “political correctness” is gonna backfire.


  4. Unfortunately, political correctness can be fast and easy–suited to Twitter and comments sections. The PC police can sanctimoniously toss their verbal grenades and run without having to explain or justify their opinions.

    The sad thing is that PC can be effective for the mindless audience. When the accused try to explain why they are not elitists or xenophobes or bigots or they come across like Nixon denying he was a crook.

    The PC crimes of Trump are drummed home by media. They make easy slogans for signs and chants and generate further publicity.

    Hillary’s wrongdoings are more complicated. Being aware of them requires keeping up with the world news and reading (horrors!) behind the headlines.

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