Words of Wisdom from Jesse Jackson

jesse jackson3Jesse Jackson once confided to me that he had more respect for an ignorant racist redneck than he had for a limousine liberal pandering for his endorsement or his vote.

Jesse Jackson met with George Wallace in 1984.

I was there.

Wallace was my mentor and friend. And he was apologizing to Jackson for the positions on civil rights he had taken during his political career.

Fast forward 32 years and nothing has changed but the date. And the fact that liberals have become PC nazis.

The typical liberal reaction to anything or anyone which challenges their worldview is to attack the heretic as a racist or an ablest or a misogynist or a xenophobe.

Political correctness is mental paralysis. It is an antidote to thought. It is anesthesia to reason. And it is wielded by the intellectually lazy and the philosophically fraudulent.

As a radical socialist, I find most liberals to be uninformed, illogical, bigoted, and myopic.

Liberals are for income equality, but not quite enough to support a government which would deliver it. No demands for guaranteed minimum annual income, no requirement for a maximum income.

Liberals are opposed to racism and police brutality, but not quite enough to pay reparation to blacks and Native Americans or to disband police forces.

Liberals bemoan our neocon foreign policy and military aggression, but not quite enough to demand an end to arms sales, an end to occupation, and end to foreign military bases, or an end to spending US blood and treasure in foreign wars.

Liberals are capitalists. And as capitalists they support the exploitation of workers, the exploitation of the environment, and the exploitation of the citizenry.

To paraphrase Jesse Jackson: I have more respect for an ignorant racist Republican than a Democratic neo-liberal pandering for my vote.

I am an admirer and supporter of Jesse Jackson. I supported his campaigns for president in 1984 and 1988.

He should have been our first black president.

Jesse would have pursued the legacy of MLK, rather than the legacy of Ronald Reagan, as Obama has done.



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