The Democratic Party: Let it Burn

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The DNC is crumbling. They’re on fire and they’re desperately putting water on it while pretending everything is fine. They put the blame on the voters, even though it’s a fact that their demise is their own doing. If you don’t listen to the people you’re suppose to represent, they won’t vote for you. That’s how democracy works.

People who are progressive democrats like Nina Turner, are desperately trying to restore the party to the way it was. I personally don’t think it’s worth the effort. Democrats only make up 30% of the registered voters. They’re not even a majority! You know what is? Independents. They make up 43%! A lot of people don’t know this. People have been programmed that only Democrats and Republicans can win elections but don’t realize that those parties aren’t the size they use to be. Republicans only make up 26%. Republicans and democrats know…

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3 thoughts on “The Democratic Party: Let it Burn

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  2. What happens if the D.N.C., totally burns up? What then? Hillary is still the nominee for November. So what will have changed? There is so much money, lobbyists,influential democrats,republicans, corporate sponsors, mainstream media and the President, all behind her. I want it to burn completely, but something uglier perhaps, will rise from the ashes. Hopefully the American people, will rise to the challenge, seeing the D.N.C. wounded and finish them off and any offspring, by electing Jill stein and Green Party candidates. In reality though, people mostly do not respond to do the right thing, until their backs are against the wall and must do so, in order to survive.

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