If They Were Our Children in the Slaughterlines, What Would We Do?

slaughtered childrenAnimal Rights advocates prattle on about animals having the same rights as we humans claim for ourselves. We argue that animals have the same rights not to be owned, enslaved, and murdered as humans have. The same right to be on this Earth.

We argue that every creature values its life as we do ours. That every sentient being is equally valuable. That all lives are precious.

But do we really believe all that?

Because if we did, we would act much differently than we do.

If the baby calves and baby pigs trucked to slaughterhouses were baby humans, how would we act? What would we do?

I venture not one of us would be complaining about it on Facebook. We wouldn’t be signing petitions, holding signs, or emailing anyone.

We would be in the streets with guns and bottles and bricks.

We would throw ourselves in front of the trucks.

We would shoot the drivers in their cabs. We would storm the slaughterhouses, free the children, kill anyone trying to kill them.

We do not.


Many of us rationalize that being in prison would not be helpful. Others reason that sporadic vigilantism accomplishes nothing in the scheme of things. Many believe that taking such action would merely provide the state with the justification to further oppress the animal movement with more draconian laws and regulations.

Big Ag and their political hacks in Congress have already given us the Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act, which equates animal activists with the Oklahoma City bomber and ISIS. Two of the most corrupt member of the Senate, Dianne Feinstein and James Inhofe, sponsored the bill at the orders of their owners, and it was signed by none other than George W Bush. It remains one of the more outrageous pieces of legislation on the federal books.

Even with such weapons levied against us, were children the victims of Feinstein, Inhofe, and Bush, we would nevertheless do all we could to stop them from being murdered.

Rather than open confrontation with police at the stockyards or SWAT teams at the slaughterhouses, we would employ stealth and strategies to disrupt the slaughter.

There are many links in the chain of slaughter, some much weaker and more vulnerable than others.

The most vulnerable are the owners and managers of factory farms, feedlots, stockyards, slaughterhouses, and meat packing plants.

They have addresses, routines, schedules, driving routes. They have families and children of their own. They are murdering innocent creatures everyday to pay for their lifestyles.

These people are no different from or any better than those who ran Hitler’s death camps.

If they were killing our children, would we have any reservations at all about stopping them?

Wouldn’t we take them out at any opportunity?

Were they to be attacked en mass across the country, several things would happen almost immediately. Stocks in animal murdering enterprises would plummet, cattle futures and pork bellies would sky rocket, and Herculean efforts to provide security for executives in Big Ag would occur overnight.

None of that would stop the slaughter, of course. Capitalism is profit driven, and profits are sacred. The killing would continue, but the costs to the murderers would increase dramatically.

Our job would be to cost them even more. Their lives, their families’ lives, their peace and security.

Anything to stop the murders.

Vigilantism alone will not end the Animal Holocaust. Capitalism will continue to murder animals even if profits are down.

Bringing down capitalism is the only avenue open to those who wish to even slow the slaughter.

Replacing capitalism with socialism would halve the deaths.

Socialist societies kill and consume half the animals per capita as do capitalist societies.

Were the entire world socialist, 30 billion fewer land animals per year would be murdered. 1250 billion fewer sea creatures would die each year as well.

Given that the entire animal movement has saved on average only a million or so animals per year, socialism would save THIRTY THOUSAND TIMES as many as the worldwide animal movement has saved each year for the past 50 years.

The animal movement is not working.

Our efforts, by and large, are futile and failures.

More animals are dying than at any time in history.

We save a few lucky animals, but for most victims of human cruelty, it is as though the animal movement does not even exist.

If we really believe what we profess to believe, we have no moral avenue open to us but to attack the animal abusers themselves.

It must be done as a coordinated effort. The movement must stop talking to itself on social media and organize into cells, develop skills at urban warfare, surveillance, weaponry, drones, computer hacking, telecommunications, etc.

If they were our children in the slaughterlines we would do no less.



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8 thoughts on “If They Were Our Children in the Slaughterlines, What Would We Do?

  1. Much as I would love to see mass slaughter of those who profit from the suffering of animals, I agree that most people just don’t care, because there’s no chance of them being treated like they willingly treat other species. Now if someone could get some kind of permanent birth contol into the water or air supply, that would be great. It would take awhile, and we might destroy our home before any effects were felt, but being unable to breed would be the best solution to our destruction of all other life on earth. When I read “Children of Men”, I couldn’t figure out why anyone would go to such trouble to reverse the human infertility, as it seemed like such a perfect way to relieve the planet of our toxic presence. We can only dream.

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  2. Another way of looking at it is that if it were our children being sent to slaughterhouses then the public would be outraged, despise those involved, and fully support those willing to confront those responsible. However, this is not the case about animals being enslaved and slaughtered; we are in the exact opposite situation.

    The animal rights activists willing to confront those involved are and will be despised as the subjects of public outrage, as has been and will be the cause. The public have and will fully support the animal industry; in fact it only exists because the public actively supports it (i.e. financially). Yes this us utterly shit, insane, and evil, but most people haven’t opened their eyes to see it for what it is. The animal industry can be brought down just by convincing enough people to open their eyes and to stop supporting it.


    • Convincing people to open their eyes and stop supporting the animal industries is an impossibility. We only have revolution an human extinction as possibilities to reduce or end the Animal Holocaust. Carnists are reproducing faster than we can recruit activists or vegans, The Animal Holocaust has been increasing every year. It now claims upwards of 60 billions victims each year. The animal movement hasn’t put a dent in it. It is up 40 billion per year since Peter Singer published Animal Liberation


      • In another 40 years the oceans will be depleted and with the collapse of its ecosystem we lose a major oxygen source. If by some miracle that doesn’t cause our extinction, I’m sure the destruction of enough rainforests that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen will. Or running out of fresh water. Or land to support both the human population and grazing lands. All the current flesh and/or dairy related cancers, diabetes, mercury poisoning, high blood pressure, parasites, obesity, salmonella, etc., are nothing compared to what will happen if people don’t change.

        It is inevitable that enough people open their eyes to the truth as otherwise we as a species are toast. We’ll likely take the rest of the planet down with us, too. We don’t even need to convince 100% of the public in any given nation – a critical mass of just 10% should be enough to turn the tide. And this is already happening given that veganism is growing at its fastest rate ever world-wide. Truth is better than propaganda, and a permanent change in consciousness is better than coercion (even if morally sound).


  3. But there are no children in the slaughter lines, and there never will be. There are no human beings in slaughterhouses, on transport trucks, on factory farms, in gestation crates, or in laboratories. Speciesism demands an unbridgeable chasm between us and THEM. As long as people never have to fear for their lives and their safety, as long as they never have to fear the kind of suffering inflicted on animals, they will not care. Socialism may (or may not) reduce the number of animals killed, but it is not likely to human nature and make most people willing to sacrifice their pleasures for the sake of powerless beings to have nothing to offer but their very bodies.

    As we have all lamented, there aren’t enough vegans to make a difference. It is hard to believe there could ever be enough snipers and assassins to make a difference, i.e., reduce the huge number of animal exploiters and killers. Much as animal advocates want to see the end of the animal holocaust, we find it hard to be hopeful.


  4. We would act exactly like the masses acted when Hitler shipped Jews in cattle cars to their deaths and we’d act exactly as we acted when the Chinese ran over people in Tiananmen Square and we’d act exactly like like we acted when even Hutu Catholic nuns were chopping Tutsi people into pieces with their machetes we’re acting now watching the children of Syria dying. We would sit quietly, complain about it, but do very little.

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    • There is the arrogance of the civilized, who consider themselves morally and otherwise superior to all others, and who therefore may exploit or exterminate these others with moral impunity (and immunity). There is the arrogance of the humanists, who believe us separate from and superior to nonhumans, who may also be exploited or exterminated at will. And there is the culture’s death urge, pushing us all to end all life on the planet while simultaneously driving each and every one of us as much out of our bodies as we are out of our minds. – from Derrick Jensen, Endgame, Vol. 1: The Problem of Civilization

      I’m really no fan of Derrick Jensen, but he is a terrific writer who challenges your unquestioned beliefs. He has said, over and over and over in his books (“The Myth of Human Supremacy” his latest) that the civilized are insane, that industrial civilization is a Death Star.

      Endgame, Premise Six: Civilization is not redeemable. This culture will not undergo any sort of voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of living. If we do not put a halt to it, civilization will continue to immiserate the vast majority of humans and to degrade the planet until it (civilization, and probably the planet) collapses. The effects of this degradation will continue to harm humans and nonhumans for a very long time.

      Endgame, Premise Ten: The culture as a whole and most of its members are insane. The culture is driven by a death urge, an urge to destroy life.

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