The Republican Workers Party

workers partyTrump and his populists have taken over the Republican party. The insurrection he led effectively stripped the Republican establishment of power and influence over their nominee.

No Republican candidate for president has been as despised by Wall Street and special interests since Teddy Roosevelt ran in 1904.

Until The Donald, the GOP was the party of free trade agreements, military adventurism, cutting capital gains taxes, corporate welfare, tax loopholes, trickle-down economics, super pacs, and lobbyist influence in campaigns and government.

Trump has ignored establishment orthodoxy and repudiated establishment priorities.

Trump has been able to take his message condemning military intervention and perpetual war to the people without the need to raise campaign money from the arms manufacturers, munitions lobbyists, warship builders, and the aircraft industry.

Trump has been able to fight trade agreements like NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) because he does not need bribes from multinational corporations, Wall Street, and banking lobbyists.

Trump is too rich to be bribed and doesn’t need to steal.

His populist, anti-establishment message is resonating with a growing segment of the American public.

Establishment politicians, media talking heads, political pundits, and corporate insiders are nearly unanimous in parroting dire warnings of imminent doom should Trump be elected.

Attacks on Trump come from both Republicans and Democrats, candidates and office holders, conservatives and liberals.

The talking points are nearly identical: Trump is a racist, a bigot, a fascist, a joke, a misogynist, a xenophobe, a blowhard, a con man.

The establishment is in full panic mode.

Should Donald Trump be defeated in November, it is more than likely the Republican party will return to being a wholly owned subsidiary of Big Business and billionaires.

But if he is elected, the Republican party will become a populist party, free of the control of right wing ideology and corporate bank accounts.

The Republicans will have done the unthinkable. They will have become the party of the working poor and the middle class. Those demographics were traditional constituencies of the Democrats, until Bill Clinton and the Democratic Leadership Council turned the party into the Wall Street party it is today. In doing so, Clinton and his henchmen turned their backs on labor, the middle class, and the working poor.

For years, middle class, lower income, and poor Republicans have voted against their own economic interests, because their social values have been held hostage to the interests of billionaires and Wall Street. Doctrinaire conservatives extorted support from evangelicals, anti-abortionists, gun nuts, and bigots, with their checkbooks.

The Republican establishment is terrified of Trump. Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the munitions manufacturers, defense contractors, the host of special interests, and the lobbyists and lawyers who serve as their bagmen will all lose their influence over the Republican party if Trump becomes president.

The establishment is enlisting the help of those politicians it bribes and owns to join in the denunciations of Trump, so we see both liberal and conservative recipients of Wall Street funds and special interest largess attacking Trump in unison.

Trump is appealing to a populist base that is distinguishable from the populist left only on social issues. And Trump is far more attractive to blue collar Democrats and left wing populists than is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary supports trade agreements. Trump does not.
Hillary supports military interventionism. Trump does not.
Hillary supports corporate welfare. Trump does not.

Hillary supports the positions of the Obama administration, and has made her lock-step embrace of Obama’s policies central to her campaign to secure the allegiances of African American voters.

Obama’s policies regarding animals has been abysmal. Obama has continued the brutal wild horse roundups of the Bush administration. Under Obama the Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services agency acts as a wholly owned subsidiary of the cattle industry and murders millions of wild animals each year that are seen as inconvenient to cattle ranchers.

We need to judge Trump vs Clinton on what the effect of their stated policies would be. That analysis breaks in favor of Trump. Trump’s position in opposition to trade agreements, which take a devastating toll on both wildlife and animals trapped in the food system, is much more animal friendly than is Hillary’s support of the Obama war on wildlife.

The contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will almost assuredly re-align the political parties.

Wall Street and billionaires will flock to Hillary, as their influence in the Republican party will be substantially diminished.

We have already witnessed the beginning of the re-alignment with Charles Koch’s endorsement of Hillary over Donald Trump. As corporate interests rush to Hillary, Blue collar Democrats, independents, populists and workers will embrace Trump, as the Democratic establishment has been at odds with their interests.

Depending upon the outcome of the election, the result could mean a complete redrawing of party lines.

It is quite possible the Republicans will become a populist right of center party, rejecting the political right as advanced by such politicians as Ted Cruz, whose philosophy is heavily influenced by Wall Street, Big Oil, and pharmaceutical money.

The Republican donors will have nowhere to go but to Hillary Clinton and the Wall Street Democrats, in effect creating a centrist party dominated by billionaires and Wall Street bankers.

If Trump wins, progressives could wrest control of the Democrats from Wall Street. With Hillary out of the way, she could not stack the DNC as Obama did, nor will she be able to thwart Bernie’s political revolution.

If Hillary wins, progressives could build a democratic socialist party from the ground up, appealing to Sanders voters and various minor third parties, such as the Greens, Peace and Freedom, Socialists, etc.

There has not been such a political shakeup since 1854, when the Republican party was organized out of the Whigs and the Northern Democrats.

Time will tell if such an opportunity will present itself. For the left, it would mean a political vehicle that actually advances social justice and egalitarianism.

For those in the animal movement it would mean a potential ruling party that actually embraces Animal Rights.

Progressives, occupiers, anti-war activists, social justice advocates and environmentalists would be part of a party that could control the US government.

And it will be thanks to Donald Trump.



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2 thoughts on “The Republican Workers Party

  1. Trump is too rich to be bribed and doesn’t need to steal.

    While I like this article and your thinking. You can take this to the Bank:

    Trump doesn’t need to steal but has found it an acceptable way of being and doing business throughout his life.

    Hillary is about as awful as they come. What she has done has been far worse than stealing.

    I read your column everyday and share your frustration with the Democrats. I voted in the Florida primary yesterday to support Alan Grayson. Soon I will be leaving the Democratic Party as I can’t in good conscience continue my support after what has been revealed during this election cycle.

    Keep it coming and I will keep on reading.

    Liked by 1 person

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