A Memo to the Intellectually Challenged

Armory articles are frequently shared on Facebook. As most are controversial, it is not unexpected that they evoke strong reactions, both pro and con.

While reasoned disagreement is welcome and encouraged, oftentimes the articles are dismissed as not being from a credible news source.

For the more dim-witted, the Armory is not a newswire.

Armory articles are political and philosophical analyses. They are my own opinions, or those of guest authors.

To refute an analysis requires that a more credible analysis be proffered.

That usually requires a certain amount of thought and argument.

Such an expenditure of mental cognition seems all too infrequent in response.

My simple admonition is that if you do not agree, please explain yourself. Merely resorting to name-calling and childish epithets are hardly acceptable.

I am old enough to know that I do not know everything, and I am occasionally wrong about things. I welcome being enlightened where I am in error.

But I expect anyone who wishes to comment to be as intellectually honest as possible.

Just as I try to be.


11 thoughts on “A Memo to the Intellectually Challenged

  1. It’s discouraging. I read a lot of comments sections in newspapers and blogs. Most go off topic and degenerate into name calling. Much of it comes from the technology of the digital age with texting and the 140-character limit of Twitter. A lot of it is just laziness, including that of both teachers and students who don’t want to teach/learn grammar, writing, or rhetoric.

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