Animal People: Please Remove Heads from Asses Long Enough to Read This!



Neither Hillary nor Trump will be able to get anything of consequence through the divided Congress. But the president does have the constitutional authority to cancel treaties, which is what our trade deals are. Trump, with the stroke of a pen, will save more animals than has anyone in history.

Over the course of his four year term he will have saved more animals than has the entire animal movement over the past century, BY A FACTOR OF TEN.

Trade agreements kill animals. Hundreds of millions of animals every year die specifically because of our trade agreements, which make it cheaper and more profitable to produce animal corpses. Using Third World labor, US companies ship animals overseas to be tortured, slaughtered, butchered, and returned to the US for sale in American stores and restaurants. Trade agreements require that nations forbid Country of Origin labeling to prevent consumer boycotts. The Obama administration has already enacted such a ban on labeling. Trade agreements override US labor, environmental, and anti-cruelty laws. They make it impossible to ban live export for slaughter of for animal sacrifice in the Middle East, dooming hundreds of thousands of sheep, lambs, goats, and calves to imprisonment in ships’ holds for weeks before being cruelly murdered by religious zealots.

Trump opposes trade agreements. Hillary Clinton supports them.

And Trump has promised to repudiate and abrogate every trade agreement to which the US is a party.

If Trump does what he has promised, it will mean tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of animals saved every year.

It will be the most sweeping blow for animals in history.

And it will be accomplished by someone who does not really care about animals.

Electing Trump should be the primary goal of every American animal activist. It is more important than anything the animal movement has ever done.

Many in the animals movement have been bamboozled into believing that Hillary Clinton cares about animals and would actually help them. She never has, aside from pandering to animal people during her term in the Senate. Once she moved on to Secretary of State, she never once did ANYTHING for animals. She never even opened her mouth to criticize the horrific treatment of animals by people and government around the world.

Poaching of endangered species? Hillary was silent.

Whaling in Japan and the Faroe Islands? Hillary was silent.

Sealing in Canada and Namibia? Hillary was silent.

Bullfighting in Mexico, France and Spain? Hillary was silent.

The killing of dolphins in Tajii? Hillary was silent.

The dog meat trade in China, Korea, Vietnam? Hillary was silent.

The ivory and Asian voodoo medicine trade? Hillary was silent.

Wild horse roundups by the US government? Hillary was silent.

The palm oil trade that is causing the murders of orangutans? Hillary was silent.

Trump, of course, does not give a shit about animals. Like Hillary, he supports hunting. Unlike Hillary, Trump himself has never actually hunted animal, but he did raise two animal serial killers in his despicable sons.

If animals are you priority, you have no choice but to vote for Donald Trump. But if you are like most people, you have priorities that are more important to you than the animals.

Most animal activists are politically progressive, and many are swept up in the euphoria of the prospect of electing the first woman as president. For those with such an agenda, the fact that Hillary Clinton is perhaps one of the greatest enemies that animals have is unimportant. Clinton’s support of trade agreements causes the suffering and deaths of hundreds of millions of animals each year, yet she manages to pay lip service to animal welfare concerns on her website and thereby silences many activists who do not take the time to carefully look at the policies or her record.



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    • Hillary also supports hunting. More importantly, she supports our trade agreements, which kill hundreds of millions of animals annually. Trump does not. His entire campaign has been focused primarily upon trade, and his pledge to reject every one of our trade deals if elected.

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