Can’t make it to Sacred Stone Camp? Here’s how to help #NoDAPL in your home state.

The Schulenburg Forty-Eighter

I know a lot of people who have expressed regret that they could not join in the protest again the North Dakota Access Pipeline. Well many of the companies involved with the pipeline have local offices around the U.S. Protesting at these locations is great support if you can not make it to North Dakota. At the bottom of the blog post are two images to share that give information about donating material directly to the protestors in North Dakota. Each link goes to articles establishing the companies connection to the Dakota Access Pipeline. I will be adding more companies as I discover them so please feel free to share any information or tips you may have.
– Kenny

***Amnesty International USA to Observe North Dakota Pipeline Protests***

***Update – Protest Announced in Dallas, TX for 9/2/16***
The American Indian Movement of Central Texas Pipeline Protest
September 2…

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