Direct Action at Your Local Store!

Mice_on_a_glue_trapA few guerrilla tactics to help save animal lives.

Most restaurants, fast food joints, malls, storage facilities, etc, have baited rat traps on the premises. They are plastic boxes, about two inches high by ten inches square. Dousing them with gasoline will stop rats or mice from entering and being killed.

Keep a full gas can in your car to sabotage rat traps as well as to help you out if you run out of gas!

Many stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc, carry rat and mouse traps. Many are glue traps, perhaps the cruelest invention in history. Carry a soda cup of oil into the stores and pour on the traps. No one will buy them!

Complain to the store managers about glue traps. Demand that they discontinue selling them.

Palm oil is depleting the rainforests in Indonesia and the Amazon. Palm oil production is causing the deaths of orangutans. Bitch at the managers of your local supermarket about them carrying palm oil products. Pepsico is a major importer of palm oil. Be sure to cite Pepsico products in your complaints.

Organize a few of your animal activist friends and invade you local supermarkets and remove all palm oil products from the shelves and put them in shopping carts.

Call your local television stations and announce that a major protest is in effect at the store. Tell them animal activists are protesting palm oil. That there are great visuals and lots of protestors willing to be arrested.

Then leave.

I’m sure that you get the idea.

Cost them money. Make it public. And keep it up!



Author’s Notes:

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8 thoughts on “Direct Action at Your Local Store!

  1. Thank you for giving us the truth! I read your blog so I can learn the truth about all the crap they do to our poor animals! No other place that I can think of anywhere will tell it like it is! I thank you for that. I hate China the most! I wish we could have someone run for president who would boycott all Chinese products. Have you ever thought of running?


    • I wouldn’t stand a snow ball’s chance in Hell of being elected to anything! I am an atheist, a Marxist, and I support the overthrow of capitalism! But I do appreciate your kind words. Thank you!


  2. Please , can you tell me if german markets also sell this mousetrapps ??? And where can i get information in german !!!!!????? Thank you for helping !! I am shockt about this information !! Sabine rabeneck


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